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Harley & Carley
14th January 2007, 01:31 AM
my puppies are 17 and almost 19 weeks and I am ready for the 7 days of training. I do have a few questions from those who have used this method. Please keep in mind I am trying to train both at the same time.

1. They allow 15 minutes to potty. Does that mean you give them 15 minutes of outside time outside to "go"?

2. If they dont pee & poop after a meal in that 15 minute time period, I am to crate them for 15 minutes and go out again. How does this affect the time schedule? Do they just get less play time?

3. Should they always pee & poop after a meal, and do I keep crating and going back out until they do?

4. They are "crated" in a playpen that is closed off to a small space. When I crate them for the several hour intervals, can I put them together in this space?

5. If I have to crate them because they did not potty, would it be better to keep a crate beside the back door (one without amenities like beds and toys) and just put one or both in it for that 15 minutes or put them in the playpen "crate"?

6. I dont put water in their crate with their meal. I keep it in the kitchen. They dont usually drink alot and rarely when they eat. The book says to offer water, but what if they dont get much? Should I put it in their crates with their food?

Thanks so much.

Harley & Carley
15th January 2007, 04:27 PM
Anyone with experience on housebreaking useing this book as guide????

15th January 2007, 08:24 PM
No, never heard of the book......but have house-trained animals before.

If they are puppies, put them outside right after every nap and about 15 minutes after each meal.

As they grow, put/take them out every 3 hours and when they are adults, take them out approx. every 4 hours.

You do have to watch them at all times, while training....keep them with you or crated, so that they don't have accidents.

We got our Charley as a baby, he only ever had one accident and it was our fault.....we waited too long before taking him out.

Cavaliers are very easy to house train.....they just need enough opportunities to "go" outside.

Good luck.....but keep them with you til they're successful. :flwr: :flwr:

15th January 2007, 08:29 PM
I read your second question first.....lol

I don't think I'd crate them....just give them plenty of time to do their business outside.

You don't want them to think they're being punished by crating!!

If you go to the Showing and Training threads, there's plenty of information about potty training.

If I knew how to make a link, I would have....sorry.

Doggies only poop a couple of times per day....so they won't poop every time but should be peeing much more frequently.

I see they are puppies, so I'd take them out every two hours...extend it as they get older.

Good luck!! :flwr: :flwr:

15th January 2007, 09:02 PM
I know you want answers from those that used the book (sorry just reading it myself) but I do have an understanding on some of your questions.

The idea is they have been in the ex-pen set up with access to a crate leading up to 16 wks - but you have should have still been incorporating potty breaks about every hr during that period.

When you are ready at 16 wks to do the 7 day training (although most say it does take longer than 7 days), You literally use the crate when crate is mentioned not the ex-pen/crate set up.

So typically they wake up and go out (if they pee, give a bit longer to see if they have to poop which can be up to 15 if you think its about time they did, then back in feed if time and right back out, then play 1/2 hr, put back in CRATE and repeat. Obviously these works best if your at home, but as you know the book shows you how to work around it if not.

The crate is not meant to be punishment, but rather shows that when they go the reward is playtime (and a treat) and when they dont go, your not mad its just a fact they go back to the crate. From that point of view if you want a second crate by the door they go out (which might work since you have 2 and one might do it while other doesnt) I would think you need to establish first that the 2nd crate is a nice place too and not a confined punishment area - like going to your corner.

So many people here have posted on this book as well Karlin has put up links to dees training which I found really helpful also. I'm sure those people with experience will be along shortly to give their accounts of exactly how it works.