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15th January 2007, 01:16 AM
Thanks again for all your support and encouragement everyone :D

Im actually having some baby concerns right now and its making me scared for the lil peanut thats inside me (Ive been bleeding since yesterday...no cramps though) so I am happy to have another baby on the way to distract me from my worries about the other baby I have. So in this whirlwind of events I thought Id ask you all to help me figure put what to buy for my new girl thats coming. I hadn't looked into buying anything yet as I wasn't expecting the pup for another 5 months or so. What crates and harnesses and such do you guys recommend. Im asking my breeder to send me a list of things she uses but I thought Id also scout around and see what else is good to use. I think I would like to buy a puppia since all of you rave about them and wanted to know what size to get a 6 month old doggie. Lastly I was wondering about perhaps changing her name. I read some of you said that wouldn't be a problem as dogs catch on quick. Its not that I dont like the name Libby its just its not really my style and I dont imagine I would call her Liberty. Im still unsure what I would name her. Ellie has always been my name ofr a girl doggie but I kinda imagined Ellie my entire life as a tiny puppy so Im not sure if Ill see her as an Ellie. Im toying around with a few other names in my head though and will let you all know what I decide. Thanks again

15th January 2007, 01:29 AM
So wait, what is the update? You are getting a 6 month old cavie? Did I miss that post? If so, that sounds like a great idea so you can skip the early puppy phase. I'm really glad that you will be able to have both!! When are you getting her?! :D :D :D

That is scary about the bleeding...what does your doctor say? That must be scary for you...I really hope everything is ok. Please keep us all posted. You and your little peanut are in my prayers.

As for the harness, it really depends on her weight and size as for which puppia to get. A medium is usually a safe bet, as it expands to be pretty big or small if need be.

I can't wait to hear more!!

Denise G.
15th January 2007, 01:37 AM
I wouldn't worry about changing her name. I brought Mia home at six months and her name was Sienna. She actually answered more quickly to Mia than Sienna. They seem to catch on quick--especially when the new name is said while holding out a treat. :)

As for supplies--I have a 30" wire crate for Mia. She sleeps in that one and during the day she stays in Wrigley's 48" when I'm away from home. Of course, you'll need something cushy and comfy to go in the crate. It might be a good idea to get something from the breeder that smells like her old surroundings. Might help her adjust more quickly to her new home.

I'm sure others will have many more suggestions.

Congrats again--I know how excited you must be!

As for the bleeding--a few of my friends bled a bit early on in their pregnancies. Seems to be normal for some people...

Best wishes!!

15th January 2007, 01:49 AM
Oh, congrats!! I'm so glad that you are able to adjust your plans to work with the unexpected pregnancy without having to abandon them completely! A 6 mo old puppy will still be very puppy-ish but it will be much more manageable!

You can certainly change her name. You can wait and see what she seems like before you decide. When Willow came to live with us, her name was Torie. As a mill rescue, she didnt know her name well, but it actually took me longer to adjust to her name than it took her!

If you REALLY like a name, though, you might want to reserve it for the baby!

As far as materials for a 6 mo old pup--the standards for the pup are very similar--crate, bowls, leashes, collar and/or harness, toys toys toys. The dog will be more chewy than a younger pup, so you'll want to have some strong chew toys, like a kong. (Plush toys could be destroyed, depends on the dog.) The size of a crate and harness will depend on the size of the dog. The breeder can give you the best advice.

Don't forget to take tons and tons of picks!!

(Aside: I have never been pregnant, but I know my mother had bleeding early in at least one of her pregnancies. It doesnt seem to have hurt my brother any...)

15th January 2007, 03:20 AM
I don't think changing her name is a big deal. She'll catch on pretty quick. And when it's your pup you want to choose her name and all that sort of stuff.

As far as the bleeding goes, it's true that a lot of women bleed in the first trimester and it is perfectly normal. However I would consider getting it checked out, especially if it persists, gets worse or cramping develops. And definitely rest and take things easy. 1st trimester can be a risky time, so take it easy and don't hesitate to get a check up, just to make sure that little peanut is ok.

15th January 2007, 03:52 AM
Definately Kong toys; I'd get the one with the curvy outside (our dog loved dog cookies stuffed in these and would also drop it, bounced and chase it. Also the one with the lines on the outside to smooth yogurt etc onto and then stuff inside to keep in freezer for moments you want them to be distracted longer.

Also a ball to learn to play retrieve, frizzbe and they do destroy stuffed toys but how our lab at 6 mths loved to attack a big fluffy one (just be around when they have it).

You dont need to get it all at once, I'd start with the basics and add as you get to know each other.

Spotting can happen during the first trimester (it did with my first and she was the healthy one!) but its also a good idea to keep your doctor up to date and have things checked.

matties mum
15th January 2007, 07:28 AM
Yes you can change her name I charge my rescue dogs name from what it was to Sam when we had him about 3 weeks ago and he comes to me
Hope everthing is alright with the baby----Aileen

Joanne M
15th January 2007, 10:50 AM
I'm very happy for you Jasmine. Here's what I discovered in shopping for supplies for Tucker.

In comparison shoping between Walmart and PetCo or PetSmart, the exact same item can often be found at Walmart 25 to 50 percent less. Tucker loves the mini tennis balls. If you want to provide a stuffed/plush toy I recommend something from the Fisher Price line also at Walmart. Tucker loves Winnie the Pooh and Cookie Monster, they are intended for children 18 months and older. Stuffed toys sold as "for dogs", rarely last more than a day and are lots more expensive. Nylabones for chewing. Walmart has really inexpensive squeeze toys that Tucker likes, they last and are only about two dollars each. I bought his dog bed there too, and it's washable.

I love the puppia harness I got from Tia Bellas. But you can also find inexpensive ones at Walmart. They do not look nearly as cute, but are good for a backup. For Christmas I bought him an air kong-jack, it's made out of tennis ball material, shaped like a jack and we both love playing with it. I got it from:


I also buy his kibble from them. But I'll let someone else advise you on what's best for a six month old.

Oh yeah, and I love the name Ellie. I read somewhere recently that names ending in the ee sound have a more pleasing sound that dogs respond to.

15th January 2007, 01:55 PM
Jasmine, so glad to see you on here posting about getting a pup. :flwr:

First off, obviously keep your doc alert about all the things your body goes through, but don't dwell on them. I have had 3 of my closest friends have children in the past 4 years and each one of them had spotting a lot of the time. From what I was told by them, it is especially common with your first pregnancy. And if you are a nervous wreck throughout your pregnancy, you will have a nervous baby which = no fun! :flwr:

Second, it is so hard to know what size Puppia a pup that age will wear. I have found with my dogs that they go through an awkward stage where a Puppia doesn't fit well. It seemed like it was around that time that I had to go back to a normal harness for Izzy. She has a teeny tiny head and you cannot adjust the neck on those so she slipped out of a medium easily, but she was too big for a small. You may want to wait to get her before spending the money.

The crate I use is the one that they carry at Walmart. I don't know the demensions on it, but it the size Small crate (they only carry one brand that I have ever seen.)

And I changed Izzy's name (she was Daisy when I got her, and I have always preferred human names for my pets) and she jumped on Izzy like a champ. It should not be that big of a deal to change.

Keep us up to date on what it going on! :flwr: :flwr: :flwr:

Coco's mom
15th January 2007, 03:57 PM
COngratulations again! I am so excited for you. A cavvie and a baby all in one year!!! And 6 months is a GREAT age!

I would ask the breeder about the puppy's measurements before getting the puppia. I agree that every 6 month old puppy is a different size. My Coco is now 6.5 months old and she still wears a small puppia.

Besides toys, a collar, harness, bowls, food, and treats, you may also want to pick up essentials for grooming such as tearless shampoo, nail clipper, ear cleaner, poopy baggies, combs/brushes, toothbrush/paste, etc. Maybe a seatbelt harness. You probably already thought of her ID tag. Oh, and stain and odor cleaner- because even at 6 months, you never know.... :roll: ;) :)

I hope everything is going well! Stay healthy! :flwr: :)

15th January 2007, 04:00 PM
Midwest Life Stages is the brand of crate we have. We bought the 18x24 and it also had a divider panel in it to keep it small enough for a little one.

I love the puppia harness. We have medium for both dogs and it has worked pretty well for Arthur (8 months) the last few months although a bit too big.

If you are concerned about $$$ (i myself am saving for a baby and new house) - here are some tips. 1-800-PETMEDS (call or online) is great for heartworm and flea/tick medication. They sell them in 6 months supplies so the outlay of cash is big upfront but they are cheaper and have free shipping. They have to confirm with your vet that the meds have been prescribed but thats it.

Also, some cavvys just don't do the cuddly toys real well. At least mine haven't kept one "alive" for longer than a couple weeks. While I love the idea of them having real soft cuddly toys it just isn't a reality. So $100+ and 15 plush toys later I will tell you to try it but stop before I did.

And I know that I will get a lot of flack for this, but we have chosen not to get insurance on our dogs. It may be that we will regret this one day, but we have decided that at least for now they outlay of cash monthly is not something that we want to handle. My logic was $40/month/1 dog * 10 years = $4800. My DH and I are in our highest income earning years and would rather pay that kind of cash when it is needed, if it is needed, for our dogs health than to pay it over the course of their life.

Again, a VERY personal decision, but you and I seem to be in similar situations so I thought I would give you just ONE and ONLY MY point of view on the subject.

In case you can not tell, I am very sensitive to providing my thoughts on this and the backlash that may result from those who find insurance to be a very valuable investment. This was a tough decision and one you must make for yourself.

I am so excited for you and your growing family - CONGRATS!

15th January 2007, 08:56 PM
woooooo Ashley that is dangerous territory!!!! :lol: I happen to agree with you though, and as I have three dogs imagine how much "just in case" insurance that would be!!! :yikes

My hubby and I put a large percentage of our incomes into savings and also have a "just in case fund" for the dogs. It seemed to make more sense to put the money into an account, let it earn interest and that way we have it if it is ever needed, instead of giving it to a company that we mayy never need until the boys are older.

This again, is my personal opinion and I think that if you feel safer with the insurance and can afford it, by all means do it. It just financially makes more sense for us to put it away diligently, as if it is a bill.

15th January 2007, 10:39 PM
I do the same thing Monica. It is basically just a personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer. :flwr: