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15th January 2007, 07:08 AM
Indiana is almost 11 months old and we decided from the beginning to litter train her and she has done very well with the peeing part of that but we have been unable to get her to do her popping business in the litter box. I haven't spent as much time recently working on that as I should but when I did devote all my time to working with her on it she would literally wait until the exact moment I turned my back (she's a smart one) and go. Has anyone else litter trained and have suggestions for me? She seems to be a lot pickier about where she goes #2 but I am at a loss? Thanks for your help in advance!

And if you're wondering why we decided to litter train it is because we live in a 4th floor apartment and also in the Seattle area where it rains a lot for half the year so it seemed the easier thing to do. I haven't regretted that decision I just wish I could figure out how to go about this! We have read a lot of online info, etc but nothing has realy worked so far.

matties mum
15th January 2007, 07:21 AM
I have not litter trained my self but both of my cavaliers go round the garden until they find just the right spot ----Aileen

15th January 2007, 08:46 AM
Have you tried putting some of her poo in the box so she knows it "belongs" there? Also, don't give her that moment that you turn around on her. If you can't watch her every move, she must be confined! When she finally goes in the box, whip out the her favorite treats and lots of praise.

Has she ever pooped in the litter box? Where does she usually poo?

Harley & Carley
15th January 2007, 03:52 PM
do you use pine pellets? Our puppies came to us "litter trained" in a large litter box with tall sides and the breeder used pine pellets. it worked great for both of them. we did have to keep it a little distance from their food/crate, and they seemed to want it in an out of the way area like a corner.
they are both going outside now, although with all of the rain we are having right now, it sure would be nice if they still used it!!

15th January 2007, 03:56 PM

Covers litter training as well. As noted above, you need to never have your back turned during housetraining. If she isn't using the box for poops you need to start from square one and make sure he always uses it from now on, following all the usual advice on housetraining (eg dog never out of sight, always supervised, crated, on a lap or tethered to you when not asleep). Good luck!

Dogs only generally do two-three poops a day; some only one; do you really need for her to be trained to do this in a box rather than on a walk? A housebound dog really needs at least one good walk daily and ideally, two, regardless of weather (the breed came from the UK where it rains a lot more than in Seattle! Also rains a lot more here in Ireland too... :lol:) so it would be easier perhaps to save the litter box for emergency pees and be sure to get her out for poops. She may just dislike using the box for poops?