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Gracie's Mommy
17th January 2007, 03:33 PM
On the same line of thought as My Wesley's post...for other working cavi parents, how do you handle only being home for a limited period at lunch? I go to work around 8:15. My husband leaves for work around 11 and I'm able to come home for a bit at lunch. I work 15 minutes from home, so in order to leave enough time to get there and back in an hour, I only have 25-30 with Gracie at lunch. The first thing we do after I take her out of her crate is go outside to potty. We usually go out one other time right before I leave. I also try to play with her to some extent, but am always concerned that I'll get her too worked up before putting her back in the crate...seems unfair to get her all woken up and ready to play more before putting her back to bed for the afternoon. So, I guess I'm asking what kind of games you play in that short interval that would stimulate but not over-stimulate?

17th January 2007, 04:13 PM
When I have little time, I make sure he's got a good run and he's very tired afterwards and thankful to go lie down a bit. Run around the house, play fetch, hide and seek and have a run outside!he mostly gives up after about ten minutes, and I get some exercise too! :D

17th January 2007, 05:02 PM
I would try to wear her out as much as possible! That way she will sleep until you get home and then she is ready to start all over! :D Just be sure to give her a treat and some safe toys in the crate, just in case.

18th January 2007, 10:42 PM
I'm in the exact same situation as you - I work about 10 min away from home, so Remi gets about 45 min of quality time before I have to pack her back up and head back to work. As soon as she gets out of the crate I take her out for potty time, then we eat right away. After that she runs around, chews on all of her toys, runs up and down the stairs a few times, etc. We'll also do "school work" sometimes - practice sitting, laying down, staying, etc. Sometimes she has so much energy that she'll take laps around the kitchen and living room while I'm eating lunch! :roll: :lol: Then there are days when she just wants to chew on her bone and sit in my lap. I kind of let her determine how active she wants to be.

I never feel bad about putting her back in her crate though, because before I leave I prepare a kong for her with some of her dry food and some peanut butter and she just loves it! If she could push me out of the door faster in order to get at that kong I'm sure she would! :lol:

I'm in Minneapolis too, with a 13.5 week cav! It's always nice to see other people from my area on the post!

18th January 2007, 11:59 PM
i understand your feelings about not wanting to rouse her up for such a short time and then put her back. But i agree with the others, the more exercise, the better. You just do your best, it's a hard situation. Why not get an xpen and put it around the crate and leave the crate open so she can stretch out a bit more when you're not there?

It's nice that you go home at all. It breaks up the day and the boredom and communicates your love. :flwr: