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17th January 2007, 05:10 PM
i put some vet bed in lady's crate and left her in it while i cleaned the bathroom came back and saw that she had a small piece of the white side inside her mouth she was trying to spit it out i took it out her mouth and couldn't see anything at the back of her mouth. I can't see any bits missing on the vet bed but wondering if it will pass straight through her system. I rang up the vets and they said to watch her and see if she still playful which she is at the moment as playful as normal and to check if she poos over the next day if she hasn't pooed by tomorrow afternoon then take her too vets. Can anyone suggest anybeds that will fit inside her crate and are pretty much destructable and washable as she's really chewing like crazy at the moment. I give her kongs, nyablbones she gets through the flexible one's quickly but the durable ones have lasted longer is this normal for a puppy aged 15 weeks. To be able to bit off chunks of the flexible one.

17th January 2007, 05:12 PM
We had to use a large bath towel until Arthur would stop destroying things...like his bed

17th January 2007, 05:15 PM
i have given her frozen knotted flannels and she pulls at the threads on them once they start to defrost i am afraid that she would pull at the threads on a bath towel and swallow them. She only just started really chewing like crazy on stuff. Could her milk teeth be ready to fall out soon.

17th January 2007, 06:25 PM
She's about the right age for teething. Is there something she especially loves to chew that you could give *only* when she's crated/in bed? Amber loves beef flavoured flat rawhide strips and is happily chewing one now, despite the fact that she is penned for post-spay recovery and would usually be kicking up a fuss about it! Incidentally, she chewed tiny pieces of her vet bed but never had any problems. Then again, she has a cast iron stomach.

17th January 2007, 07:08 PM
am glad ambers ok, did you get her spayed before first season? Are the flat rawshides ok to give i thought that the twisted sticks were better i might go have a look at pets at home tomorrow, She's had a poo and a wee and eaten all her tea and had a mad hour. So i thinks she must be ok. She's fallen asleep now must have been emerdale that bored and sent her to sleep! And lady does have a cast iron stomach the only thing that seems to upset her and give her loose poo is when she had vacs and worming tablet. Sorry re read post i talk about poo far too much what would freud say!

Cicero's Mummy
17th January 2007, 07:14 PM
I like chilly bones and the other things you can freeze for puppy teething.

As for bedding, you might just want to stick to comfy fleece blankets all bunched up. I got some cheap ones at Target to stick in Cicero's crate. I got 4 so he can always have one while the others are in the wash (if needed).

17th January 2007, 07:26 PM
yeah i have fleece blankets about 5 so that as you say there's one ready to go while the others are in the wash ,essential with my mucky pup. I might but some of her toys in the freezer then they might help soothe her gums.

17th January 2007, 11:21 PM
Hi Natalie,

If you are looking for some sort of crate mat for various sizes of crates, do you happen to live near a Lidl's or Aldi's store? We bought our Cavy one yesterday.

If you do Lidl's have fleece blanket/mats in red, black, blue and a mustard yellow. They are priced at £3.99!!! and also have some cute dog beds for £5.00. :yikes

We originally had an old duvet cover at the bottom of the crate for our pup Rio but wanted to remove this after sometime as it was just a substitute until we found a reasonably priced mat, as many crate mats are very expensive in pet shops. It's thick enough and fleecy. I would buy it if you have a large crate for Lady.

Oh yes they also have a portable dog home, fold up suitcase kennel priced at £15! You should have a look at them too if you travel alot.

Hope that helps

P.S. Lady is adorable :flwr:


18th January 2007, 12:52 AM
Amber is bouncing back very satisfactorily, and I'm glad I caught it before her first season. I had one season with Holly (due to mixed info about the best time to spay) so was eager not to repeat. Amber's 6 months old this sunday.

Rawhide: I think either the flat strips OR the tightly rolled cigars are fine. Avoid the bone shaped ones like the plague though, as they can break off in chunks. No matter what you get, I'd take it away once it becomes either very soft (let it harden again before giving it back) or once it's been chewed to a smallpiece- bin it. It all depends on what kind of chewer your dog is!

18th January 2007, 10:08 AM
Melissa: i will go have a look at the beds, blanket tonight after work and see what they have in store.
Lisa T: thanks for info on the rawhide she's had the twisted ones before and it took her ages to get through it. I need to check where there made the post with the pics of cats and dogs been used for the rawhide freaked me out. and am going to talk to vet about best time to spay they keep saying after first season so that she's more mature and an early spay before first season can lead to incontinence.

18th January 2007, 01:08 PM
be very careful with rawhide - I would not leave them with that unsupervised - they can bite off and swallow large pieces which could cause an obstruction.

Please be especially careful with the twisted ones - they can have sharp ends. I know of a Cavalier who lost an eye when he was a puppy, after one of his litter mates ran into him carrying one of these, it pierced the eye and it couldn't be saved. :(

19th January 2007, 09:48 PM
thanks yes i always watch her when she's chewing anything that's terrible about the puppy loosing an eye to rawhide so sad.