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19th January 2007, 12:28 PM
Had all my three in to the vets last night -- I hadn't had Tanis, one of my favourite Anicare vets, in ages so it was fun to see her. The boys had their lepto shots (Lily isn't due til summer) and all three got kennel cough as they will be boarding a few times in the next couple of months while I am travelling.

I weighed them all:

Lily, 5.8kg, 12.8 lb
Leo, 6.6kg, 14.5lb
Jaspar, 6.8kg, 15lb

Leo always holds steady, Lily is down around where she should be again after putting on weight while in kennels recently, and Jaspar is down almost a lb and a half!! :shock: He doesn't look thin and I'm not feeding him any less; but have tried to control the amount of treats more closely. Mainly I think he is just so incredibly active that he has shed some weight. I can't believe he and Leo are only a half pound apart as Jaspar looks a lot bigger than Leo, but Leo is very compact and solid while jaspar is lanky.

Had the vet do all their anal glands too; what fun! Interesting that although all three scoot regularly, none had really full glands except Jaspar. Lily probably scoots the most. Just seems to be a breed that scoots!

They were all sitting in a group on the waiting room chairs and people actually were stopping to look in at them from outside. :lol:

19th January 2007, 12:37 PM
I can't believe that Lily is less then the boys - well done Karlin and Lily... your lot are so great. Busta always seems to sit on the chairs at the vets, he is probably thinking if I am sitting up here then I ain't going in that little room. :D

19th January 2007, 07:36 PM
oh bless them - glad you've managed to get Lily's weight back down. I think poor Jasper will be holding out for extra rations :lol:

19th January 2007, 08:06 PM
Speaking of anal glands (were we??) Sasha had hers permanently removed at a very young age and she still scoots. I figure it's an itchy thing....

I'm impressed you have gotten everyone's weight down. I'm still trying to work on Sophie's weight, but with so much snow in my area now I can't seem to find any space to walk the last couple weeks. Ugh.... I also have her down to 1/4 cup food 2x day with a little bit of froz. greenie beans and some morning banana. Any other suggestions?


19th January 2007, 11:13 PM
Well Lily only got 1/4th cup total when on her diet, plus some green beans and veg treats during the day (not many); remember she started at 18lbs and is around her right weight now at 12.8 (yes Nicki it was a bit of work to bring her back down again after she regained (and re-snored!) while in kennels. I was really pleased to see she was back down to her right weight -- she could probably even drop to about 12.5 or 12 as she is small). If a dog isn't losing and you can't get enough exercise I'd just cut food by another third.

I am not sure where Jaspar's weight went though -- I am guessing his agility etc has made him leaner. I haven't weighted him in a long time.

20th January 2007, 06:19 AM
If they all sit as pretty as they are in your avatar, no wonder people were stopping to stare! They are all so gorgeous and look so well-behaved! :flwr:

21st January 2007, 02:08 AM
i would think generally, as long as they are healthy and energetic, less is more. :thmbsup:

does a dog's fur ever account for much weight? zack seems to be growing fur, it's getting longer and looks thicker, and the last time he was weighed, he was up a pound. he looks thicker in the middle, but when he has a sweater on, then his waist seems to go in properly.