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23rd January 2007, 05:26 PM
I swear Arthur manufactures poop....there is no other solution because what comes out certainly seems to be more than what goes in.

We have had a healthy boy for about a month now....loving his food, no tummy troubles, growing (FINALLY!!).

The last couple weeks we go out as soon as we wake up and Arthur get his business done and is always so good about it. I am so proud. Then it is back upstairs for some play time while mom and dad get ready for work. Inevitably, I turn around 5 minutes later and I have another little pile on the carpet! (I know ...too much freedom, etc - but he ahd gone literally 5-10 minutes before and hasn't had bfast yet!!)

So, after we go through this quite a few times in the past couple weeks I stayed out longer this morning with them and let them get some playtime in outside before I get ready for work. Arthur went TWICE!! So, I thought I had my problem solved. Upstairs and into the shower only to have a third pile awaiting me 10 minutes later.

SERIOUSLY, he manufactures the stuff. Three times in less than 30 minutes!!!

He doesn't go this often any other time of day so I am not concerned about a health issue....just thought you all would appreciate my little nightmare!!

23rd January 2007, 05:54 PM
does he go before he goes to bed at night!! i think he maybe storing it all for the morning time! :lol:

23rd January 2007, 07:09 PM
My cat is that way. You would think by the looks of my litter box after 24 hours I had 15 cats. :yuk:

23rd January 2007, 07:27 PM
Some dogs like to go more than once on a walk. This seems to something that starts to occur as they become mature. Jaspar almost always goes twice on a walk. Lily sometimes does. Leo almost never does.

If they have been overfed -- which means almost any time I get them from kennels! -- they go and go and go...