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29th January 2007, 04:51 AM
I just wanted to share that today is the one year anniversary of when i got Zack. That was such a great day, it was a Saturday, i was so excited and it was the beginnning of a whole new adventure in life, and a relationship.

I went to get him in the afternoon. It was a pretty long drive, i was excited. He came out into the front yard and was running and playing with anothe tri cavalier, Sophie, who was from a different litter, about a month older. The family cat was there too.

Then we went inside to do the paperwork and talk, and he and Sophie were playing in the kitchen were we were. they were playing with a huge bully stick.

Then, i drove him home, he cried and moaned, i held him in my lap, then stopped at an ASPCA pet store to get a leash, and some Innova puppy kibble, the kind the woman had been feeding them, and then we went to a big pet supply place and i spent about $350. Before that day, all i had was the travel crate.

Then we got home, in the evening. He went right into the backyard and peed and pooed, glad he didn't poo in the pet store. Unfortunately he had bloody diarrhea and it freaked me out, but otherwise he seemed to feel fine and was playing with his new toys and especially his bully stick, and when i went to bed, i had him sleep in his crate at the foot of my bed and he was quiet.

so that's how it all started.

I've been looking forward to this day, just because when i remember what date it is, it brings back the happy memories, which feels good.

Do others have memories and feelings like this about the day they got their dogs?

Joanne M
29th January 2007, 12:52 PM
Happy Anniversary :lotsaluv: One year ago today you made a momentus decision that will effect the rest of your life. You'll never be the same, your life has been enriched in ways you probably never imagined.

September has always been one of my favorite months of the year, now it is the best month, because I got Tucker in September. I feel like the decision to get a cavalier was the best decision I've ever made. How's that for momentus. No single decision I'd made prior to that, ever had the instant and positive result this has. I am forever changed.

29th January 2007, 01:33 PM
Happy Anniversary! :flwr: :flwr:

Aren't they the most loving, beautiful little doggies you've ever met?? :)

29th January 2007, 01:48 PM
Judy, I just love Zack and all his freckles. He has such character. :flwr:

I got Spencer the 2nd week of October and that was just the best day. We had to drive about 3 hours to get him and I was so nervous when we pulled into the breeder's driveway. We went inside and there he was! He was so TEENY! He was the runt of his litter, the only boy and the only tri. He definitely stuck out of the pack! He would not come to me at first. He ran right to Josh and I started petting him when Josh picked him up. He looked at Josh, he looked at me, and immediately started clammoring to get to me! He has been my baby boy ever since. He cried a little on the way home, but fell asleep quickly. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. :luv:

Izzy was the total opposite :lol: We got her last April. She was little miss independent, as fat as mud and definitely her own woman. We brought her home and she immediately started wrestling with Spencer. We put her on the couch and she jumped down and made a perfect landing! :shock: Spencer had just gotten over the fear of jumping off of things. We were so impressed! :D

So glad that Zack has given you so much happiness! :flwr: :flwr:

29th January 2007, 02:21 PM
Judy I can't belive it's a year since you brought Zack home - Happy Anniversary :lotsaluv:

Maxx is 7 1/2 and I can still remember the feelings I got when I first set eyes on him. He looked like a guinea pig but not as scary (I have a guinea pig phobia) :lol: A lovely pink belly and very soft fur. His Mamma was so gentle and loving to her babies and she watched me intently when I picked them up to cuddle - making sure I was gentle too :flwr:

How can anyone not love these little furries? :lotsaluv:

29th January 2007, 02:47 PM
:rah: happy anniversary :flwr:

29th January 2007, 03:32 PM
We call the "anniversary" day GOTCHA DAY. Gotcha Day at our house merits a bigger celebration than birthdays. :rah: So Happy Gotcha Day to both Judy and Zack since it the day you both got each other!!! cl*p

Cathy T
29th January 2007, 03:56 PM
Happy Gotcha Day Zack and Judy!!

29th January 2007, 03:58 PM
Oh Judy that's wonderful! You and Zack have been together for one year already. :mexwav: I do remember your earlier posts and now Zack is doing so well and so grown up and lovely. :luv: Well it is only the beginning of a wonderful life together Judy. I'm so happy for you and Zack. cl*p :jmp:

Claire L
29th January 2007, 04:35 PM
:rah: :mexwav: Happy Gotcha Day Judy and Zack :rah: :mexwav:

:flwr: :hug:

matties mum
29th January 2007, 04:59 PM
:rah: :mexwav: Happy Gotcha Day Judy and Zack :rah: :mexwav:

:flwr: :hug:
Me Too----Aileen and the gang(Jazzie --Barney--Sam)

29th January 2007, 11:32 PM
Awww Happy Anniversary!!