View Full Version : Training Day 3

30th January 2007, 04:06 PM
The third training class was a breeze. I honestly think that most of the dogs would pass the CGC right now! Well, the pug is still a bit excitable and jumps a lot, and the beautiful golden jumps a lot too :roll: . The loose lead walking is probably going to be an issue for most of them, but they're working on it. Even the cocker is relaxing and walked in front of everyone (she was reluctant last week). After class, three of the owners (who have become friends) let there dogs play, and there was a pile of legs and tails.

Even Ben, the rottie, did well in her private one-on-one. She's a very bright dog, and she does very well with her basic training. Her owner is getting much more assertive, which is wonderful. Its clear that Ben's responding well. It's very promising. Hopefully, the breed legislation (we have another committee workshop meeting with the commissioners tonight) does not put an end to the lessons. If a breed of dog is labeled dangerous per se, our club insurance will not cover that breed being in our facility---even if its a 8wk old pup!

31st January 2007, 08:09 PM
Glad to hear that everything is going well with your classes! I would love to be near enough to go to you as a trainer. Good job.

Upsetting that the breed specific legislation could prevent young pups from going to training that they so need. I wish the legislators would spend their time solving the big issues of today, not legislating the pet stuff ineffectually and potentially creating more issues than they solve.

31st January 2007, 09:18 PM
Thanks! The city commission had another workshop on the Breed specific legislation that is being proposed. We organized enough community speakers to convince the commission to post-pone the legislation so that our community group and work with the city staff to create another proposal that is not breed specific and does not over-burden the responsible dog owners. So the issue isnt resolved, but we clearly have the commission leaning our way!