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31st January 2007, 04:39 PM
Yesterday morning I woke up WAY before it was even light outside at 3:30AM.. Although most mornings my alarm clock taunts me and when I hit sleep the minutes seem to go by faster and faster yesterday morning was different. I think I woke up at 12.. 1 something.. 2 something.. and then by 3 I was just kind of closing my eyes and saying “is it time yet is it time yet?!” :roll:

When the alarm clock finally went off I think I got what is something similar to the “puppy zoomies.” I JUMPED out of bed and was running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I had all of the papers right and that everything in my house was puppy friendly. I came upstairs to give Kosmo his morning walk (we all know we can’t count on the males while we’re out!) :lol: and Kosmo was laying there like he was dead. I had to put his harness on him while he was lying down and as soon as I clasped it he ran right back under the covers, LOL. Then I drug him downstairs and put his booties on and he ran straight to his crate and went to sleep. Do any of you guys have dogs that act like lazy old men in the mornings?! Holy cow he is a chore!! After I got back I took a shower and threw on some clothes and then it was time to leave (4:45 is when we got out the door.)

I arrived at the airport with butterflies in my tummy about 5:30 ~ the dude at the ticket counter was not impressed because international flights are supposed check in 2 hours before departure – whatever. That was as early as I was gonna make it there and that was that. I checked in and then was sent through customs – Of course I never have a problem getting into the US so they let me through without a hitch. Upon rounding the corner to security “check-in” I noticed a rather tallish older looking guy giving me “that stare” :*gh: “YOU he said ~ and he pointed towards gate #4” I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but gate #4 was not with the other gates so I knew it couldn’t be good. I put my carry on suitcase on the roller and it went through the machine. Mic’s cavalier blanket was in there and when it came this chick goes “Sharon – get this one” Great. “Mam is this your bag? Can I open it?” They took it out and completely unfolded it after it had taken me about 10 minutes to stuff the darn thing in to begin with! Then the next one – “Mam you know you’re not allowed to carry any sort of liquids on the plane ~ I’m going to have to confiscate this honey”.. then my purse which she didn’t even ask about – she just opened and rifled through it. I then got “wanded” and was sent on my merry way. I tell you guys – it’s starting to get to the point where if I don’t get searched and everything gone through by customs I’m going to think something is wrong!! They must have my name on some sort of list.

Take off went great – the whole flight I was trying to sleep (sleep? Yeah right!) and my OH was nice enough to surprise me by putting the entire new Chris Daughtry CD on the iPOD. That whole CD is just fantastic. When I got to Memphis I could barely wait any longer. I boarded the plane to little rock and had a great time just looking at the scenery from Memphis to LR. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s also very bizarre – lots of rice fields and irrigation fields for rice. I was pretty surprised at how flat it was, but I guess it could have just been the area. That flight went so quickly – that is exactly what I needed. :)

When I arrived in LR I was just certain Mic was going to greet me coming off the plane. Then I remembered the new security measures and that I was going to have to go outside the airport. Ugh. So I get out there and she was running a little late because there was a wreck on the freeway but she said “wait 5 minutes and I’ll be there!” 5 minutes! :yikes That was probably the longest 5 minutes of my life.

When I seen Mic pull in I got so excited. I didn’t tell her this but I’m telling you it was an emotional experience for me – I was tearing up on the whole way to the car! She got out and had Faith in her beautiful little camo carrier and she made me WAIT to see her!! She told me that I wasn’t allowed unless she was able to take pictures.. of course I sacrificed and we had a photo-op.

When I opened the bag I saw the most beautiful little girl face I think I’ve ever seen in my entire life. At the moment that her eyes met mine I knew it was meant to be and everything was worth it. I can’t properly describe how I was feeling but it was just complete euphoria.


After our little meeting we went in to check Faith in and make sure everything was alright with the luggage and check in. She was such a good girl. I could barely take my eyes off her the whole time I was there. I had a hard time concentrating on talking to Mic I was just so excited to finally have Faith.

Then we went to PetSmart and PetCo and Mic replenished her nature’s miracle supply. Apparently Faith had her using all of hers in 3 weeks! :yikes I got her another petstages toy, a pink coat from PetCo and some booda bimples for the plane ride home.


Then we went to Mic’s house – and let me tell you guys – her house is absolutely gorgeous!! ;) I got to meet Abby and Cappy when I was there – they are so adorable!! I got lots of puppy kisses and hugs from the two of them. They are both very well behaved (good job Mic!!)

They are SOO cute!:


It took me a long time to go through all of my boxes I had on the table. I didn’t think I had bought that much stuff but boy was I ever surprised!! It took me a lot of Ziploc bags and “shifting” to fit everything in my small suitcase together. In the midst of this Mic took it upon herself to make me a beautiful lunch. ;) It was wonderful – I never like anything to do with bell peppers but Mic – you go girl your food was great!!

After everything was done we loaded back up into her car and went to get her daughter from school. Her daughter held Faith on the way to the airport. It was a bitter sweet feeling for me. I was a little sad that I was taking this little girl from all that she knows and loves, but I was so happy inside for myself. When we got to the airport Mic’s daughter took Faith for a pee and she went TWO times! I spent my time checking in my bags and getting everything ready for “dog-travel.”

Then we gave hugs and parted ways. The Little Rock Airport was MUCH nicer to me than Toronto! They had me take Faith out of her carrier and that with my carry on bag (full of TOYS!) went through the screener while I held her and we passed the metal detector. ;) I waited for about an hour before leaving to Memphis and I had a wonderful experience with her on the plane. She slept the whole time. I was planning on taking her out of her carrier but I looked in and she was belly up passed out so I left her. That flight is short anyways. I tried to convince her to go to the bathroom on a pee pad at the Memphis airport but she was having no part of that. She tried to escape underneath the bathroom stall and completely scared the “pee” out of a lady! (get it?! HA!) I ended up accepting her fate – if she was gonna potty in the carrier, then she was gonna potty in the carrier – I’d just have to deal with it and go from there.

Departing from Memphis took another hour. I had fun with Faith in the bathroom:


I did get a glimpse of the plane we were riding on before we got on and BOY I almost had a heart attack!! This looked like a SMALL fedex plane or something ~ I was freaking. I decided to board the plane with the disabled people so that we could be settled by the time the rush hit. Faith could have cared less what I did. The lady sitting next to me on the flight home seen her in the carrier and had a cow!! She made such a commotion holding her and playing with her that by the time they closed the doors half of the plane’s passengers were standing at “9A.” They absolutely loved her and her story. ;) She was passed around like a hot potato and she loved every second of it. ;) It was really gratifying for me to see a puppy who was supposed to not be here be so happy and with so much love.

As soon as we were level I sort of put my coat over my lap and scooped Faith out and put her on my lap. She’s such a funny girl she was sleeping on my lap upside down for most of the flight. She didn’t make a peep once. I think I Might have briefly fallen asleep too but I was sharply awakened by the HARD bite of puppy teeth.. The dragon had awoken and she was “up and at em!” She was biting the carrier, my coat – anything she could think of. Thank God I had so many toys in my carry on bag. When she got tired of biting one I would rotate it for a new one. I went through 2 petstages toys, 4 different nylabones and a booda bimple. At one point a flight attendant came by and let me tell you ~ so much for the “keep the dogs in the bag in the airplane” rule!! She stole her and got some puppy kisses for herself. It was adorable. I put her back in her carrier with about 30 minutes to go and she fell fast asleep again. ;) Then we landed.

Coming off the plane sucked – it was so small that they parked in a certain spot, made us walk down some stairs and then catch a bus to customs. The bus was so packed that people were like sardines. Then we went off to customs – no bathroom break time. I was incredibly nervous that customs was going to make me pay duties and taxes (up to 28%!) on “the value of the dog” and my US purchases going through. To make matters worse, when I gave them my customs card they “R94’d” me. I asked her what that meant and she’s like “you’ll find out when you get there.” Great…

I walked into this little room which I remember was used for “luggage inspection” as I’d been in there once before. Surprisingly it was quiet. I made my way up to somebody that looked like a teenage guy with 3 girls sitting around him. I figured he’d be the nicest to me. So I came up and proudly declared “I’m here cuz I have a dog.” (I didn’t want to take the chance of him going through my crap) He asked me for her rabies vacc and I told him that she was under 12 weeks and her story and he and the females seemed totally smitten with her. Then I said “Do you want to see her? Come on I know you do!” And he’s like “anything that fits in that small of a bag is NOT a dog” and while he was saying that I pulled her out and shoved her over at him and, of course, he fell in love. Then he said that dreaded question “How much money did you spend” and I said what I spent but then I said I went on a shopping spree for the new rescue puppy because she deserves the best after her ordeal and I think I made him feel bad for me.. not that that wasn’t the point ;) He told me “technically you should pay but ~ she’s cute enough I’m not going to make you… so :w**h**: !! I got through customs and didn’t have to pay!! Oh AND she didn't soil herself the whole time!

I then met avi in the car and he brought Kosmo with him. Oh Kos was SOO excited to sniff her and be with her. It was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen. On the way home I heard this sound and I just started cracking up – SHE WAS SNORING!! :jmp2: LOL she snores SO loudly for being such a tiny girl! We got home and she did a poop and a pee outside, one inside, and she played with Kosmo for about an hour. He loves to play with her – they have so much fun together. I had to call Mic late last night to say “hey listen they are barking at each other” LOL we were having fun.


She settled in nicely last night and didn’t have an accident from 12-5 – I didn’t stretch it any longer than that. I have figured out now that she is a complete FOOD mongrel and she LOVES charlee bears. She will pee outside and if she sees me going for the bear she’ll run and pee at the same time with her tail going 100mph. She doesn’t like the cold snow too much but I’m hoping that her muttluks fit her soon.


Anyways thanks for listening to my drawn out story of Faith – she’s doing GREAT!! She’s had a few accidents but man this girl can drink with the best of em!! She pees clear – lol. I’m off to take her to the vet tonight and then I NEED to get some nature’s miracle for her. I’ve sectioned off the dining room and kitchen so that I can watch her a little better while I’m in the kitchen doing whatever. She’s just perfect ;) She’s already learned the role of a cavalier – she’s passed out on my lap right now. ;) :lol:

This is my favorite picture of her:






31st January 2007, 04:50 PM
Sara, she is so pretty - congratulations! She is sure worth the trip. :flwr:

31st January 2007, 05:03 PM
Thank you for all the wonderful details and pictures. Faith is absolutely the cutest little puppy ever! Have you taken off some time from work to make Faith and Kosmo comfortable with the changes in their lives? And also so you can play with the the 2 of them. :lol:

31st January 2007, 05:11 PM
Your beautiful story of Faith's homecoming trip had me in tears (of joy). I loved the pictures and she is just adorable! You have much joy and happiness ahead. Glad Kosmo is getting along with her so well. Hooray, Faith is home!

Denise G.
31st January 2007, 05:15 PM
Yea Sara! Glad you're home and settling in. Thanks for sharing all the excitement and details--makes us feel like we were there! Little Faith is quite the looker--and looks like she's a pistol, too! She'll give Kosmo a run for his money I'll bet.

The pictures are great--she's such a cherub! Looks like she came home to lots of great loot, too! Great job picking out jus the right things. She blends in with her leopard bed. She's so small you might lose her in there--lol!

Have fun and thanks again for reporting in so soon!

31st January 2007, 05:20 PM
So, the all important question....is her name going to be Faith!?

What a wonderful trip you had! She is just gorgeous and congrats on letting Faith flirt your way through customs!!

31st January 2007, 05:24 PM
Holy crap!! What an adventure!! I am so thrilled that you finally got her home!!!! I am sure everyone on the plane was completely smitten with her. I love that the guy let you off the hook. Way to go Sara!!!!

Damn Damn Damn, I am really going to start cursing in a second because, once again: I am the only one who can't see your pics!!!! How does this happen??!!! All I see are little red x's in squares where the pictures are supposed to be. :swear: Sometimes I can see them, some times not, but this is killing me!!!! :( I want to see Faith too!!!

31st January 2007, 05:30 PM
oh sara i was nearly crying reading that story it has a great ending!! oh she is fab, and u can see just how much u love her! :flwr: wish u all the luck in the welcome with ur new edition and not forgetting Kosmo :flwr: :flwr: :flwr:

31st January 2007, 05:36 PM
The best days are the days when babies come!! She's beautiful, as if you don't know that. You're so lucky!!

Just a side bar - do you have a passport to travel back and forth across the border? I've been checking things out online and have found out that we will have to have ours to get into Mexico in April. They are changing the laws so that basically anybody who travels is going to have to have one. The website said that Mexico, Canada and some of the Islands are going to be the first to require them, gradually adding in other countries. Another thing on our list of things to do!

Lucky you - I wish I had a baby. :D

Joanne M
31st January 2007, 05:50 PM
Dear Sara and Faith,

I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing your story. You'll be able to treasure it in the passing years whenever you wish to recall the details of how your lives together began. Mic is an amazing person for rescuing Faith and taking such loving care of her until you, her forever Mummy, could get Faith in your own arms. I'm happy for all concerned. I'm not surprised you were able to charm the young man at customs, you are not only beautiful on the outside but the inside too, which is what shines through. I look forward to each new post, and every picture you share. Congratulations to kosmo and Avi too. What a wonderful family you have. Faith is the perfect addition to it.

Oh and one more thing, I can tell by the pictures that Faith has that feisty b/t personality, she'll be ruling the roost in no time :)

Lots of love,
Joanne and Tucker

31st January 2007, 06:00 PM
She's sooo gorgeous! I want her! LOL

I'm glad your trip went well and she's home with you now! I love the pictures, and Kosmo looks like the proud big brother already! :D

Are you sure you got enough stuff for her? :lol:

31st January 2007, 06:03 PM
What a terrific day for all of you! Thank you so much for sharing the joy of adopting a rescue puppy - especially a beautiful Black and Tan!!! It's no wonder she stole your heart, she is a doll baby. I'm so happy you and Mickey were able to make this miracle happen.

31st January 2007, 06:24 PM
She is a special little girl, your story is so heartwarming. Wishing you many years of joy with little Faith and Kosmo. :flwr:

31st January 2007, 06:50 PM
Thank you Ashley for emailing me the pics so I can see too :lol: . She really is perfect Sara!! You both are so lucky to have each other!! :lotsaluv:

31st January 2007, 06:54 PM
i have been thinking about you all day and couldn't wait to get on the web to see if you had her home. So glad that everything went ok. Love the pictures of kosmo and faith together. I bet you can't take your eyes off her at the moment hope you have some days off work so you can spend some time with her. It's going to kill you having to leave her for the first time.

31st January 2007, 06:55 PM
She's just fabulous

31st January 2007, 07:20 PM
Glad you had a safe trip, Sara.

Faith is beautiful....what's her new name?? :) :flwr: :flwr:

31st January 2007, 11:46 PM
Thanks for all of your wonderful support guys!!

kosmo is not getting along as well as first thought. He's played with Faith twice today but most of the time he wants to sit down and be depressed. His tail no longer wags like it used to nor do his kisses seem as sloppy as they once were.. I guess you could say he's a bit of a depressed little boy!! :lol: I give him 2 weeks to be back to normal. ;)

I just got back from Faith's first vet visit. The vet changed her name from "Jane Doe" to "faith" and I don't know what comes next, LOL. We still haven't changed her name - she comes to Faith and that's a good thing. I like the name Faith ;) We'll decide within the next 24 hours I suppose ;)

She's been pretty good potty training wise today ~ of course I've gotten NOTHING done throughout the house but ya gotta give a little to get a little, right? For my OH not being too excited about getting another dog he sure seems to have stolen Faith pretty quickly! :roll: That's how it always works, right? No poops inside so far so YAY! That's a good thing because she's gotten a little runny today if ya know what I mean.. ;) 2 pees inside but they were both caught ~ had to change my clothes on the second one again but it's all worth it to get her to go outside. Outside were several more than 2 so I am proud of her for that. ;)

Mic were you giving her cookies for going potty outside?! I think she's a smart cookie - she's put 2 and 2 together and as soon as she squats and hears "GOOD GIRL!" she wags as she's squatting and immediately hops up on my leg for her treat. She's not dumb, that's for sure! :wink:

I am still exhausted. American Idol tonight and then - it's BED TIME! :D

The vet tech's scale was 5.5 lbs :shock: Mic took her in the day before she left and they said she was 4.7 - so I don't know whose scale is wrong!

Her heart and knees are fine - she didn't mean to say the pet store vet was nuts but she sort of told me there's absolutely no problem with her knees.

31st January 2007, 11:53 PM
Hmmmm - sounds almost like her name might be "Cookie"!! :D

I'm glad (and green!) that you're having such fun with her and that she is being such a good girl.

1st February 2007, 12:05 AM
Oooh I like the name Cookie too :D

1st February 2007, 12:48 AM
Wow Sara

That is quite the play by play story, you are good. ;) ;) ;) ;)

She sure is a sweet sweet little darlin, when I spoke with you today I told you that Kosmo would most likely get a tad upset. :yikes

It is all normal, remember this is all new to him and he is thinking to himself okay now when is she leaving. He will come around just give him sometime, Dudley had his nose out of joint for almost 4 weeks before I would truly say that him and Darby bonded the way I wanted them too.

Now they are best buddies, it will happen. :D :D :D

She sure is a little darling, glad everything went great at the Vet's and her knees are fine. Bet you are relieved, did you like the Vet. ??????

It is most likely going to take you till the wkd, hope you get some sleep.
:slp: :slp:

I love the name Cookie too, or Kookie. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Get prepared for that spunky Solid Colour Personality, it is wonderful.
I wouldn't change a thing about Darby or his personality. :D :D :D

1st February 2007, 01:14 AM
What a lovely little story. She is really sweet looking too.

1st February 2007, 01:25 AM
She is beautiful Glad you had a nice safe trip and came home with your new baby

1st February 2007, 01:34 AM
So glad your trip went well and that its all over ! Now the FUN begins ! Yay !!!

Pam ! I just noticed Madeleine's new kaleidoscope star tag in your avatar !!! It looks AWSOME on her ! I PM'd you for a pic for TiaBellas ;)

1st February 2007, 02:58 AM
Oh you must be zonked! Come on... tell us now... IS FAITH GOING TO STAY FAITH! I still call Kodee, Hannah sometimes - just seems their first names will be part of them too. So glad Kosmo is having a puppy love moment with her also.

1st February 2007, 03:06 AM
So glad that you got her home safe, Sara! I like the name Faith. It is very fitting ;) She is precious! :flwr:

1st February 2007, 03:14 AM
sara--thanks for so many photos :D
i love the name faith on her, maybe it's just because i'm used to thinking of her as faith. that happened with zack, i knew him for about three weeks before i got him and although zack was not a name i ever would've chosen for him, i was so used to thinking of him as zack, it felt natural to call him that. who named her faith? i was told that zack's call name was casper but the 8 year old daughter of the woman i got him from didnt' think casper was right for him, she thought he should be called zack. so that's how he got to be zack.
happy puppy time!

1st February 2007, 07:41 AM
awwww.. she's ado-ra-ble! :shock: do upload more of her pics with your lovely Kosmo! =) thank you for sharing and making my day!

1st February 2007, 08:01 AM
Oh Sara!!!! Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story with us...even half way across the world I could feel part of it :) Faith has become a part of us all. She is such a lovely little darling. Try not to worry too much about your precious Kos, he will eventually come round and accept his new baby sister. Love all the goodies you bought for her. She sure is one lucky little girl but then why not spoil her and you spoil Kos the same way (maybe not all at once though :D ) Enjoy your babies and thanks again for sharing the story in such detail with us and thanks too to Mickey for all her hard work in all this :flwr: :flwr: :flwr:
Julie and the girls

1st February 2007, 08:06 AM
Wow you had quite an exciting trip!!!!!!!!! sounded fun! Faith is SOOOO scruptious!!! i could just eat her all uP! thanks for all the wonderful pictures! they were lovelY! Glad to know that she seems to be settling in well...and im sure Kosmo will lighten up after a while..poor guy must be jealous of the attention she's getting instead of him always being in the spotlight! ;) ...You must be so tired after your trip...but then again one can never be tired when theres a new puppy around...too much fun!!!!!! :p

1st February 2007, 08:52 AM
Oh Sara, what an amazing story, I am sooooo happy for you and so pleased that everything is going so well.

I had goosebumps reading your story, it was so touching :flwr:

Sending lots of :hug: 's to kosmo, bless him, Im sure that in no time at all he'll be loving the company and love of his little sister, who is soooo adorable :lotsaluv: Its a good job that you live so far away or you would have had so many visitors, oh well maybe a holiday is called for! :lol:

Thank you so much for sharing your story, hope you catch up on your sleep soon, and I cant wait to see even more pictures and share her growing up experience! :flwr:

1st February 2007, 08:58 AM
am sure kosmo's tail will be wagging at 100 mph soon it's a big change for him but i am sure that he will get used to faith or cookie pretty quickly.

1st February 2007, 10:47 AM
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and Faith is just too cute for words. I look forward to seeing the pics of her growing up.

Cicero's Mummy
1st February 2007, 12:33 PM
I love the photos! What a cutie!!

Glad everyone made it home safely! How did you like the carrier??

1st February 2007, 04:55 PM
Oh if you look up the word adorable in the dictionary, I am SURE you will see Faith's picture...what a sweetie pie! You are so lucky and I am so glad everything is working out! Kosmo will come around in no time! Keep us posted and post LOTS of pictures!!


Coco's mom
1st February 2007, 09:07 PM
Good to hear you and Faith made it back safely! You must be exhausted after that long trip, and now you have a little puppy to housetrain! Seems like she is doing well though.

I loved all the pictures- you look so happy to be with her. Kosmo seems excited to be with her too; too bad that was short-lived. I'm sure you are right in that he will turn around in a couple of weeks. :flwr:
They do look very cute together. I loved that she stole his bed!

I'm glad to hear that her vet check was all clear too. If you need any advice on where to buy girly stuff for Faith in Toronto, you know who to ask!!! (although it seems that she has enough stuff to last her a LONG time!) I think you will love having a girl.
Enjoy the puppy days!

1st February 2007, 09:47 PM
Her heart and knees are fine - she didn't mean to say the pet store vet was nuts but she sort of told me there's absolutely no problem with her knees.

Well I think Faith should send a nice copy of her vet check, a photo of her beauty and happiness just to %&*# them off! OH I hear a press release coming up for a story op.... pet store rejects a healthy, beautiful and loving puppy - thank goodness as she got the home she deserved!

1st February 2007, 10:24 PM
Congratulations Sara and Faith!! :jump: Now you have your little fur baby girl. Kosmo will come around, he just has to get used to his new little sister. She is absolutely precious! :luv: Thanks for including all the pics. It will be great to hear how she and Kosmo get on, and what kind of personality she shows in the days to come. :D

2nd February 2007, 12:52 AM
Yep that's a celltei pet-on-the-go carrier. It's big enough for her although I don't know if Kosmo would fit in it.

I LOVE that carrier - I think every "parent" should have one.. :lol: It's wonderful - it has a loop to put a seatbelt through, its comfy, and it's discrete. Faith LOVES it in there too so I have no problems.

thanks guys you are what kept me going on this journey. :)

Well little Miss Faith had me breaking open my nature's miracle tonight (like that was even questionable! :lol:) We did manage 24 hours without an accident though but she seems to be making up for that :roll: She could pee every 5 minutes on rotation.

I have no time to get on here anymore, lol. She's been keeping be busier than ever.

I don't think Kosmo was feeling great yesterday but he seemed to come around a bit today. They were just playing for a bit in the middle of the floor and she took a bite at him and then squatted to pee. .. on my carpet. :yikes :yikes She's been "banned" from this area now for at least another week or two and hopefully by then she'll have learned a little more control in the "bladder control" department.

Dropped off her fecal at the vet's office today and then took her to meet her new trainer. She was absolutely in love with her. She grabbed her out of my arms and ran around the store with her showing her to everybody - associates and customers saying how she'd helped since she was a reference, LOL. ;) She had fun. Our first training class starts a week from Saturday.. wish us luck! :)

2nd February 2007, 01:31 AM
Glad you're having fun, Sara. :)

I love the new avatar.....Kosmo doesn't look jealous in the photo!

Good luck with your training....we're all getting attached to her name being "Faith", it suits her very much. :flwr: :flwr:

2nd February 2007, 02:28 AM
YAY!!! I can see the pics! I love the new avatar. I can't get over how much Faith and Zoey look alike! They are both little pistols!! :lol: Believe me, the Arm and Hammer puppy pads have been a LIFE SAVER!!! I have never seen a dog take to a puppy pad as quick as Zoey has. It may help Faith. Now if I could just get Wesley and Cody to stop ripping them to pieces when I am not here!! :sl*p:

2nd February 2007, 04:05 AM
I can't get over how much Faith and Zoey look alike! They are both little pistols!!
You know, I noticed that when you posted your first picture of her - they really do look alike!

2nd February 2007, 10:46 AM
:hug: {{{{{{{{Sara}}}}}}}}:hug: I've only just found your thread :yikes

I am soooooooooooooo pleased that everything went OK for you on your long journey to get Faith :flwr: She is a complete darling and I can see why nothing is getting done - I too would be far too busy playing to be bothered with anything else :lol:

Don't worry too much about Kos, he's just going through the 'nose out of joint' phase that siblings go through - even human kids go through it too :lol: He'll soon accept her to be his lifetime sister and not just a visitor who is taking up his Mamma's time :lol:

Bet Mickey's house is quiet without that feisty little one now - I laughed so much when I saw she was biting you on the plane - that's what you get for falling asleep :lol:

Honestly Sara, I was in tears of joy reading it all and I know how excited you were about getting Faith and also so worried too. BUT, your home is beautiful and so are you, Avi and little Kosmo. There is no reason that little *ng*l won't fit right in :flwr: xxxxx

Gracie's Mommy
2nd February 2007, 04:49 PM
Sara, I'm a bit late to the party! Just wanted to say that Faith is absolutely adorable and I so enjoyed your play-by-play! What an adventure you all have had this week! Can't wait to see more pics and hear how Kosmo is taking to his new sister! :flwr: With all hte news of Faith (and Zoey), I think there are quite a few of us pining for a B&T baby next! :D

Glad that your trip to Arkansas was great too, and that the airline treated you well! I can't speak for the TSA or Customs, though! icon_whistling You're right about the Memphis to Little Rock connection...it's pretty scenery and quick, which is great after such a long flight!

You are such an angel...thanks for keeping us an updated!

2nd February 2007, 06:02 PM
Thanks guys!

Northwest Airlines was great with accomodating the little one. They didn't fuss over the size of the bag, what was in it or anything else. I would higly recommend travelling with them (just make sure your flight is not on a northwest airlink jet as they are SMALL!)


What are arm and hammer puppy pads?! Where do I find them and what's the difference between that and a regular one? How is Zoey doing today? Are you about to pull out your hair yet?! :lol:

Donna ~

I am sure kos will come around. He did much better yesterday and they even had a play time of about an hour together. It made me happy to see them playing together and pawing at each other although she doesn't know how to play nice sometimes. She bites the bushy hair on Kosmo's tail and locks on.. :lol: I have to pull her off and say "no biting!" and then let them have another go at it. Kosmo is the farthest thing from aggressive and would never bite or growl or snap even if she was killing him. :sl*p: Thanks for your kind words - it really means a lot to me.

Thanks for the new avatar compliment Zippy - that's the closest they will sit to one another.. LOL :flwr:

2nd February 2007, 06:07 PM
:updte: :updte:

After much thought and watching her run around the house I've decided that I think the name "Trixie" suits her well.

I love the sassy yet "seductive" sound to that name.

If you all don't know~ Kosmo was named after "Cosmo" the Fairy God Parent of Timmy on the Fiarly Odd Parents (Nickelodeon cartoons :D ) and Trixie is also a character in that show. She's the girl that all of the boys are crazy over and she loves to snub them and rub them off. She's popular but a big snob. :lol:

Trixie also means "bringer of joy" and I find that extremely appropriate because she's brought us so much in her short time with us so far.

So what do y'all think?

2nd February 2007, 06:12 PM
Thats a really cute name! YAY!

Cicero's Mummy
2nd February 2007, 06:18 PM
:updte: :updte:

After much thought and watching her run around the house I've decided that I think the name "Trixie" suits her well.

I love the sassy yet "seductive" sound to that name.

If you all don't know~ Kosmo was named after "Cosmo" the Fairy God Parent of Timmy on the Fiarly Odd Parents (Nickelodeon cartoons :D ) and Trixie is also a character in that show. She's the girl that all of the boys are crazy over and she loves to snub them and rub them off. She's popular but a big snob. :lol:

Trixie also means "bringer of joy" and I find that extremely appropriate because she's brought us so much in her short time with us so far.

So what do y'all think?

Timmy Turner is soooo in love with her! I am glad you didn't name her Vicki or Tudie!

Poor Kosmo will be lost without his Wanda... but I can see your reason for choosing a different name... Wanda is a little too heavy for such a qt-pie!

I love FOP and Jimmy Neutron (there seems to be nothing else decent on during the day, I hate soaps)!!

Coco's mom
2nd February 2007, 06:27 PM
Yayy! You chose a name! :jmp:
I love that "she's popular but a big snob"!!!! :thmbsup:
That's awesome! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I read your first post and wondered where the update was about her name! I first figured that I needed more sleep! I'm glad I'm not going crazy!

Nice to hear Kosmo and Trixie are playing again. From what I've heard, Kosmo will be fine with her- he seems very patient and gentle.

2nd February 2007, 07:13 PM
Well I dont know the show at all, but I think it neat they are named after characters on the same show. AND Trixie really does suit her - it has that mischieveous sound to it that gleams in her eyes! Nice choice!

2nd February 2007, 09:14 PM
Well she is officially yours now - you have christened her. icon_welcome Trixie.

2nd February 2007, 11:02 PM
That's a lovely name and the meaning "bringer of joy" is just right. :flwr:

Cathy Moon
3rd February 2007, 12:02 AM
I like the name you chose too. Hugs to Trixie and Kos! :hug: :hug: It won't take long before they are best friends!

3rd February 2007, 12:18 AM
Trixie! i love it...it fits so well with Kosmo...congrats on the new name and again on your addition

3rd February 2007, 02:38 AM
I love the name Trixie and the connection to Kosmo and the cartoon as well as bringer of joy, well, it is a perfect name!

3rd February 2007, 04:48 AM
:wggle: welcome TRIXIE!
that is an inspired name for that little girl! Perfect fit.

3rd February 2007, 08:54 AM
Little Trixie Tang!! :lol: :lotsaluv:

Andrea&Diva´s mom
3rd February 2007, 09:40 AM
Love the name :D

icon_welcome TRIXIE

3rd February 2007, 02:41 PM
She absolutely looks like a Trixie, full of tricks :lol: The name fits. cl*p

3rd February 2007, 04:14 PM
My first dog as a child was called Trixie.

3rd February 2007, 04:40 PM
{{{{{{{{Trixie}}}}}}}} that's a lovely name Sara :flwr: Big :hug: ssss for that gorgeous Kos too. Tell him that his sassy little sister will soon learn some manners but he has got to learn to tell her off as well :lol:

My two would never even sit anywhere near each other Sara but as I type this they are both snuggled up and snoring together in a basket that really is only big enough for one of them :lol:

3rd February 2007, 04:41 PM
Trixie is gorgeous, and so is Kosmo too. :D

3rd February 2007, 04:46 PM
welcome home Trixie...sounds like the name fits her to a 'T'

3rd February 2007, 05:13 PM
well little miss attitude made it through the night last night. ;) Half the night she slept in bed with us and then when it was time to take her out she came back in and started having a hay day biting avi's hair so I gave her a few chances and ended up having to put her in her crate.

I am having a hard time calling her trixie! Although I love the name my grandma and mom seem to think it's a "stripper name" and I think she's been branded already as Faith. I'll take her outside and say "Go potty trixie!" and then "good Faith!" :roll: Im confusing myself! I'll have to have a talk with my OH later tonight and whatever we decide is to be her for sure name we'll have to stick with regardless. I LOVE the name Trixie and I had planned to change her name but Faith kind of seems to have stuck.

We just came back from Kosmo's first advanced class. We had a good time and Faith was a doll in her little celltei carrier. I am telling you guys - if you ever get another puppy this celltei carrier thing is a MUST! http://www.celltei.com/gobasic.html I have the camo one and you can't see inside of it and she is just an angel inside of it. No whining or crying.. no accidents even! She can see outside when she's in it and it opens from 2 ways. It's wonderful.

Later on today we're going to a "puppy seminar" and then next week starts class.

Does anybody have any opinions on puppy pads? We don't really "use" them except for when we're out of the house, but I'm wondering if they are scented or not if it makes a difference?? I also saw some "spray" to attract them to use it - what do you guys think of them?

3rd February 2007, 05:58 PM
Both names are perfect for her! I love "the bringer of joy" meaning but Faith is such a beautiful name too! I am so happy for you.

3rd February 2007, 06:19 PM
hi sara

thanks so much for the lovely story---i've had such a great time reading about trixie/faith's journey home! i like both names---'trixie' is only a stripper name if it's a person :lol: it's prefect for a little girl puppy!

about the puppy pads---i used these when indy was about trixie's age and they worked very well----the first pack that is....

i bought a second pack a couple of months later (they are very expensive and i'd been trying to get by with newspaper). for some reason the smell that attracted him at first made him go nuts and every expensive puppy pad we put down he ripped to shreds like it was toilet paper (his favourite) so just be aware that this could happen.

good luck and love the new avatar----they are so sweet together!


3rd February 2007, 06:39 PM
Sara, you know from my dogs that both use the pee pad well but the downfall is they also will pee on my throw rugs in front of the sink, stove and tubs =/

Don't know if thats irregular behavior but it seems to be a pattern for them so I took away the pee pads completely unless we are gone for a long period of time, then I remove the rugs and put down the pee pads.

Just a thought.

3rd February 2007, 09:39 PM
Thats so true !! my chi's never did this until I started using pee pads !

3rd February 2007, 10:53 PM
zack did that too, i ended up getting rid of the kitchen mat (i think i got the idea from karlin's example) and i started closing my bathroom doors all the time so zack wouldn't be tempted. He only did it once in a great while, but that was more than enough for me.

When zack was a puppy, i used Four Paws Wee Wee pads, i still have a supply of them from back then. He took to them from the beginning, they must have some kind of scent? or maybe it's visual, or both. I got them along with all the other supplies the night i brought him home. :l*v: (sigh..always a sweet memory, and a shopaholic's paradise).

Using wee wee pads were not optional for me. Zack had chronic diarrhea from the first night i had him for over a month, and i have wall to wall carpet. He got most of it on the pads, though some would miss the target, So, i would put three or four of them together to cover a large area, by the front door and by the back door. wee wee pads made life a little easier during that ordeal. i kept an eye on him, to put him outside when he started to go,and most of the time he went outside, but it only takes a few seconds of looking the other way, especially when there is the frequency of colitis. sort of like murphy's law.

3rd February 2007, 11:18 PM
I bought one of the washable pads for when we go out. I have been putting her in our bathroom with her crate when we are gone. I sprayed the pad, but she will not use it. She holds it the entire time we are gone. She has been doing really well with going outside and goes to the door now to let us know she wants out. Hardly ever any accidents in the house anymore. If she does have an accident, it's our fault, because we missed her going to the door. I want her to use the pad when we are out, instead of holding it that long. How do I get her to use it when we're out?.

3rd February 2007, 11:22 PM
.. my grandma and mom seem to think it's [Trixie] a "stripper name"So, you your mom and grandma know a lot of hookers named Trixie? :p
Just kidding! She's your dog, so you name her. Trixie is a great name for her...maybe not a great daughter's name, but let's not forget that who we're dealing with: a little, spunky, nippy, hair-biting, pee-pee machine of a pup. Go for it...what ever you want!

3rd February 2007, 11:38 PM
Sara, Faith/Trixie is adorable!

Whatever you name her, she's going to be a delight! :) :flwr:

3rd February 2007, 11:42 PM
I have this theory that if an animal already has a name then you keep it. Unless it is really horrible of course. I find that the animals that have kept their original names have been around longer than the ones that I changed. :lol: Of course just a silly thought really. Plus the fact that I have a Faith and she is to be 11 this year. She was a real ratbag when I first got her. Apart from anything else she was 6 months and had very little human interaction. And managed to persuade the breeder to give her to me. It took ages for her to settle down and learn dog to human etticut. But now she is one of the best dogs that have ever owned me. So in my opinion I would keep your girls original name. Its pretty and you can always sing George Michaels song " You Gotta have Faith" to her :lol: .
But what ever you decide she is beautiful anyway and nothing can change that.

4th February 2007, 12:16 AM
Welcome to little Faith / Trixie. Personally I think Faith fits her better, but Trixie is cute too! She is absolutely adorable and I look forward to seeing more of her! :flwr:

4th February 2007, 12:46 AM
A stripper from the 50's, maybe, when they weren't even really strippers! I could see if you were going to name her.... HoochieMama or something :lol: But Trixie is cute and feminine and sweet. I like Faith too, though! How about a dual name? Trixie Faith? :)

Ok, I'm clearly no help :p

Does anybody have any opinions on puppy pads? We don't really "use" them except for when we're out of the house, but I'm wondering if they are scented or not if it makes a difference?? I also saw some "spray" to attract them to use it - what do you guys think of them?
We use the training pads a lot, and they've been a Godsend. Bella is in her ex-pen (PetYard XT) during the day while we work, and we don't expect her to hold her pee that long, so, she needs to have something. She uses it, and always hits the pad dead-center. We don't have a problem with her going on mats or anything around the house. She knows that if she's not in her pen, she has to go outside. In fact, one night we were watching a movie and not paying close enough attention, and she had to go (she doesn't go to the door and bark, but that's a whole 'nother post), so she went over to her pen and peed on the outside of it on the floor, right beside where the pad was on the other side. She went as absolutely close to she could get to it, poor thing, LOL.

Scouty girl
4th February 2007, 12:54 AM
I love, love, love the name Trixie. I was thinking about that for a doggie name. After all cavaliers are kind of like little pixie's so it fits. I also like the name Faith, but Trixie is so cool.

4th February 2007, 01:24 AM
Trixie is a excellent name!!!!!!!! love love love it! i think it really suits her!...and the meaning is so true as you said!...Faith is a lovely name too but i think Trixie really suits her face!

I have this theory that if an animal already has a name then you keep it. Unless it is really horrible of course. I find that the animals that have kept their original names have been around longer than the ones that I changed. :lol:

yeah i guess...unless the breeder names the dog "Nancy"..thats what my last dog was originally called..it was horrible!!!..just had 2 change it! (btw no offence to any Nancy's out there...but it just didnt suit my girl!!

4th February 2007, 06:22 AM
Yeah Nancy is a pretty bad name for a dog :lol: .

4th February 2007, 07:40 AM
...She holds it the entire time we are gone. She has been doing really well with going outside and goes to the door now to let us know she wants out. Hardly ever any accidents in the house anymore. If she does have an accident, it's our fault, because we missed her going to the door. I want her to use the pad when we are out, instead of holding it that long. How do I get her to use it when we're out?.

i think it's wonderful that she is "getting it," about inside/outside, this is a great developmental milestone in socialization. when you aren't home, she is quiet and dogs (i learned from discussions here) can more easily hold it for a long time when they are quiet, like during the night, and this is not harmful to them. It's good if they develop a strong preference to go outside. It's good for this to be a very clear distinction for them. Congratulations!!

I can leave Zack all night and when i come to greet him in the morning, he is not in a hurry to go outside, he wants to cuddle and play for a while. On rare occasions, i get stuck at work and don't make it home mid day and he never has a problem with that, and doesn't go to the door to be let out when i first get home, until i say "wanna go outside?" then he runs right to the door. sometimes he doesn't pee right away when i let him out. He goes and checks for squirrels instead. then he pees.

4th February 2007, 08:41 AM
As much as Trixie is a cute name I just see a Fox Terrier or a JRT. I really love her nanme as Faith. I guess we have followed her journey for so long it just seems that is who she is, to me anyway :D She is beautiful though whatever you call her!
Julie and the girls

Claire L
4th February 2007, 11:08 AM
Sara, I've been so preoccupied lately that I haven't had as much time as I would like to come on here. :w*w: what a wonderful story :mexwav:
CONGRATULATIONS !! :flwr: :hug: :rah:

Kosmo and Trixie will be best buddies before you know it!!

:flwr: :hug:

4th February 2007, 11:17 AM
Sara - you and Ari just have to decide which name you want and then use it all the time and your little one will catch on. I completely understand that you want to name her. Personally, I would want the name to be the one that has personal meaning to me and a connection to my other dogs. So for that reason, I am voting for Trixie.

In my history, I have given my female basset hound a boy's name. Talk about confusing people, but she was Humphrey for 14.5 years and everyone got over their initial dislike of the name, once they knew and loved her.

4th February 2007, 11:48 AM
Humphrey is sucha gorgeous name for a Basset. I knew a hose called that and he had the biggest cuddliest head. He was 17hh and a hunter, he was just beautiful. Course he wasnt a girl but I like that for a Basset girl.

4th February 2007, 01:32 PM
Selina - I found an old pic of Humphrey. I'll post it in the picture gallery.

4th February 2007, 03:23 PM
Regarding the puppy pads - I was just wondering how to get her to use them while we're not here?? She seems to want to sleep on them and in her carrier she wants to shred them. I just wonder whether they are scented or not makes much of a difference.

No Accidents yesterday!!! :D :D I was so excited! :) Little missy slept in mommy and daddy's bed all night last night. Wouldn't you know it the little stinker crawled up into the nook of daddy's neck and I think he loved every minute of it. :wink: :wink: :wink:

He wants to name her "brandy" because of her coloring.. So Trixie Brandy Faith, LOL. What do you guys think of that name? He also thinks it fits because Brandy and Cosmo are both alcoholic drinks.. :roll: The best part of this story is that neither of us drink at all.. :roll: She will be Trixie Brandy Faith forever. :lol:

She curled up on the couch this morning with her little brother for the first time ever and he didn't move!!! It made me so excited to finally see them both together. ;) Hopefully they will continue to keep on a snugglin' :)

Today we're lugging both the babies around to avi's daddy's house and possibly the brother in law's birthday party.

I have to give a big huge THANK YOU to Mic for teaching her what the outside was for (pottying) She takes less time to run out and pee than Kosmo does and he's a whole year older. And last night it was really freaking COLD... :yikes

5th February 2007, 03:15 AM

I haven't been online much in the past few months...just catching up. I just want you to know how moved I was with Faith's story. She couldn't have gone to live with a sweeter or more caring person! I am so so happy for you. Congratulations...Faith or Trixie or Brandy :) looks like such a little *ng*l and she has a cool big bro Kosmo. Hugs and kisses to them both :flwr:

5th February 2007, 04:50 AM
sara--i was thinking the same thing, why shouldn't you have it all? You like Faith, you like Trixie--and now Brandy--all three beautiful and fitting names. and all three together seems like quite a noble aristocratic kind of name, don't those people always have several names?

what's in a name? :lol:

I know that Zack will respond to being called Zack, his ears perk up and his tail wags. But he also responds to Dog Man, sweetheart, baby boy, and several others. i do think he does respond in a more special way to Zack though.

that is so awesome that kosmo and ...brandy faith trixie :lol: --are warming up to each other, that is so sweet. You know i have Belle here, for a couple of weeks now, and seeing those two laying next to each other, and playing happily, it's so wonderful, it makes me really happy. i think it's lonely to be an only child and you did a great thing for kosmo when you got him a sister. :flwr:

6th February 2007, 07:50 AM
Didn't we talk about this somewhere else? Other things we call our dogs, that is. If I have a hard time getting Wallis' attention I'll yell "Wallis Ann" as though that's her name - or I guess it is. (Speaking of a girl having a boy's name - I still have to correct them when I board her!) And Sasha, who is much more likely to get into trouble, becomes Sasha Marie. Poor Tibby. She's even TibbyToe to the bird!

My biggest issue with names is that IMO I don't think animals should be given "aggressive" names because they tend to act like the name. I've seen so many dogs named "Bear" that were all aggression and acting up.
Just a pet peeve of mine!

I think that if we give them a few days our animals will somehow "tell" us their names. Any of the ones you have are great. Just gotta pick one and stick with it!! (Easier said than done)

10th February 2007, 10:32 AM
Sara, heartfelt congratulations!!!! :flwr:
I was away for most of the past week so only catching up now. It really is a wonderful story. I bet Kosmo is getting well settled now with her. I know it took Tandie a while but my pair are truly bonded now.

keep us posted on her antics!