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1st February 2007, 09:20 AM
So Gus is friend to all, runs up to everybody, but lately with all the trips to the vet he is starting to get cautious. Today at the vet he sat under my chair and peeked around my legs. I felt bad for him, but it was a little funny. Then when my vet was showing me the x-rays, Gus would stand behind me hiding from the vet.

He did the same thing at doggie daycare. He would sit in my lap, like if I am sitting on you, you can't leave me here!

1st February 2007, 10:06 AM
The first time i took my two into the vets they were fine...didnt wince or whine through the needles at all..there tails were on full blast...licking every1..2nd time (just casual check up) both fine.....then Milo damaged his eye... we had 2 go in about 5 times every couple of days for that...he was oblivious at first but then he would pull away from the lead when entering the vets place...in the waiting room he sat on my lap without his tail wagging at all (extrememly unusual 4 him!)....he whimpered when i took him into the vets office and sat between my legs the whole time with this sad puppy dog look on his face and his ears drooping...it totally broke my heart....so from now on officially Milo hates the vet!
Monty still hasnt been in anything serious so he thinks of it like any other place..and loves it :flwr:

Bruce H
1st February 2007, 12:02 PM
I would suggest taking him to to the vet once in a while and have the techs just play with him for 5 minutes. Then take him back home. That way he has some positive experiences at the vet too. We know a couple people who do this and the techs (and occaisionly the vets, depending on shedule) are more than happy to spend a few minutes with the dogs.

1st February 2007, 03:26 PM
I don't let my dogs play on the floor in or around a vet clinic. I actually try to plan puppy shot for first thing in the morning, before any sick dogs come in. sandy

1st February 2007, 03:33 PM
I used to take mine in to weigt them as the scales were in the waiting area, but they've remodeled! It was a good way to just drop in -- I'd walk them there then take them swimming in the nearby canal. Mine all are fine at the vets -- they all jump on to the seats in a row like patients waiting and mainly trot around sniffing things in the exam room. I often hold Jaspar though as he likes seeing what is going on and gets whiny on the floor. Normally I'd ignore that if possible but I don;t like his whines to aggravate the vets! :roll:

1st February 2007, 04:10 PM
Duncan is so great, even the vets comment on it. He will get up on the table and roll over arms and legs spread waiting for his exam (massage).

Duncan had an inguinal hernia not long after he was neutered and we had a bad vet experience. We have since changed vets and left that bad experience behind us. Now he loves to go.

Arthur is another story. scared, tail between legs, pathetic look on his face. He looks as if he is pleading with us...'please don't let them stick that thing up my butt' His colitis that lasted almost a month has caused this.

1st February 2007, 09:59 PM
indy is such a funny dog---he LOVES the vets! he bursts in with great enthusiam and greets them with licks, but i recently started keeping him in his kennel while we are in the waiting room. he gets overexcited and won't sit and wait patiently----only slightly embarrassing as the 12 week old puppies etc...sit quietly under their owner's chair like perfect little ladies and gentlemen! :sl*p:

indy doesn't know that his first round of training classes is on the way!

he's quite good during the examinations though...he sat quietly through getting his anal glands expressed this week. didn't move at all---just sort of looked at me like, 'why are you letting her do this to me??'

i actually never thought about the fact sick dogs are spreading their germs around the floor just like at the doctor's office. maybe i should keep him in his kennel even when we get him better trained.....

Joanne M
1st February 2007, 10:33 PM
Tucker was once described in a vet's notes as "rambunctious" it wounded me a bit at first, but it's the truth. He craves the attention of everyone in the Vet's waiting room. I hold him securely on my lap, he whines, cries and carries on. Usually no one in the waiting room is familiar with cavaliers and they often comment on how cute he is and then they ask "what's wrong with him, is he crying, is he frightened" and I explain "no he just wants to say hello to you" I usually have everyone in the waiting room asking questions and patting Tucker. Depending on how long I wait, it's an explanation I often have to give several times. Though every one of Tucker's exams have been painful for him, shots, getting fecal samples taken, doctors special eye examing tools, etc. he tries to lick the vet the whole time. The vet he usually sees, is very competent, her vet-tech/assistant is a battle axe kind of woman, though she is a sour-puss even she reluctantly smiles before we leave. The staff do not make much over Tucker. I often feel his carrying on in the waiting room and drawing so much attention is a nuisance to them. It's tough having a rock star dog.

Barbara Nixon
1st February 2007, 10:58 PM
Mine are angelic; even Teddy. I think they thought I was telling porkies when I said he could be aggressive, because he let them take blood wothout any restraint being necessary.

The larger of my two springers used to be a nightmare, because , as soon as she set foot in the vets' yard, she would lie down. She was a very large springer and somehow managed to stick to the ground like a limpit, so vet visits were a two person operation. She always saved some wee for the consulting room and when she had her spay, they begged us to collect her early, as she went mad , if any personnel went near her pen.

Cathy Moon
2nd February 2007, 03:07 AM
My cavs like going to the vet because I give them yummy treats before, during and after anything uncomfortable happens to them. :lol:

2nd February 2007, 05:44 AM
...She was a very large springer and somehow managed to stick to the ground like a limpit....She always saved some wee for the consulting room.....

:lol: what a character!

2nd February 2007, 06:03 AM
zack of course loves going to the vet. first of all, there are OTHER DOGS there. other dogs drive him wild with ecstacy and love. cats are exciting too. And then of course, there are the people, those are another favorite, second only to dogs and cats.

Zack has had many vet visits between the two illnesses and the accident he had, quite a few involving various shots (only one of which was a vaccination), blood drawing, xrays, caging, anal gland squeezing, microchipping, and of course, neutering when they brought him out groaning. But he doesn't seem to associate the vet office with the pain and unpleasantness. He strains at the leash to get in the door. Going to the vet is a major treat as far as Zack is concerned.

the last time i was at the vet was when i took him to Jean Dodds's Hemopet clinic for a consult, titers and complete bloodwork. Soon after we entered the waiting room, while i was filling out a form, various clinic staff people started streaming into the waiting room, surrounding zack and making all kinds of affectionate sounds. The front office secretary laughed and said "You'd think we never saw a dog before." :lol: i don't know if they act that way with all their patients, but it was a nice warm fuzzy feeling for Zack.

Then, when they took his blood, i guess it was the jugular vein. I helped hold him still. He wasn't enjoying that part but he was relatively cooperative, as with everything else. Afterwards, the woman asked if she could give him a treat. It was the first time i ever heard of Pegetables. Zack laid in my lap chewing a carrot shaped one while i sat and chatted with the vet and clinic manager about Zack and other things. No wonder he enjoys the vet. When we left, they gave him their last Pegetable, to chew on in the car, and Jean held up a plate of chocolate chip cookies for me to take one as we were leaving. :)

That was the nicest we've ever been treated at a vet, but all his vets have been sweet to him. No wonder he's happy to get in the door.

2nd February 2007, 06:17 AM
Wallis grew up being taken to work with me, so a vet clinic is kind of old news to her. She would sit in a cage and watch what was going on; as I've said before she is very laid back.

I took the Cavs for an exam the other day and of course Sasha had to ride along. Tibby and Sasha were happy lying on a bench beside me; Wallis was a little restless but not bad. They are fine with the vet; Sasha was the most nervous of the group and he didn't touch her.

Today when I took them in to board they naturally thought that everyone in the waiting room would want to see them. There was a woman there to pick up a cat who made it very obvious that she did not like dogs. It was interesting trying to keep all 3 dogs away from her when she kept bobbing and weaving around.

BTW, I've never worked anywhere that didn't clean down a room after an animal had been examined. That was just a part of the routine. If we had a Parvo dog come in, the exam room it had been in was cleaned with a bleach mixture and was not used for the rest of the day; the floors in the rest of the clinic (and the scales) were cleaned with the mixture too. Then the evening cleaning included another wash down with the same mixture of the entire clinic - and there was always one nurse (or tech) assigned to that dog and that person did all the meds, etc., and stayed away from others so as not to cross-contaminate.

2nd February 2007, 12:38 PM
Toby is ok at the vets, he has been down their so often, even though the vet always looks at his rear end first and Toby has had his anal glands removed he is still fine with it all. The last time we went they took lots of blood and the poor love just sat their with his paw up looking at them as if to say ' Have you finished yet??'

Taffy is a different matter. As soon as we enter the road leading to the vets he sits and whines and whines. He does this in the waiting room as well but it gets louder and louder and louder. Also he has to be carried into the vets office as otherwise he refuses to move. We also have to sit away from the door as if he get the chance he is off. We always have him on a lead and sat on our lap.

The nurses are very good at the vets, they often take time to talk and pat the dogs. We also often have our vets 3 cavvies there too, so as you can imagine its quite a mad house.

2nd February 2007, 04:45 PM
Dylan has only been once for a little check up after I 1st got him. He fell asleep on the vets table! :slp: (I must be tired, that icon made me yawn!)