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2nd February 2007, 07:50 PM
Lady's done something to her eye this is what happened, i took her outside to pee brought her in put her in pen which only has crate water bowl, a blanket, nyabone and puppy keys in it. Came back a couple of minutes later and her eye looked really strange it looked very watery and on her eye ball i could see a tranparant line the only way i could decribe it is like the edge of a contact lens on our eye. Then her eye seemed to be struggling to keep open and kept closing. I couldn't see anything inside her eye. So i was feaking out because i am really squemish with eyes and kept thinking about the post about the poor dog with it eye popped out. So i rang the vets spoke to a nurse and she said to bring her in if needed get a vet to look at her.
Nurse has checked her over and by this time maybe 15 minutes later her eye looked like it was going back to normal not as runny as before, nurse said that she could have knocked it on something and to watch her tonight in case she ill sick, diareaha (sorry spelling), and lethargic also if a third eyelid comes over which is pink we should bring her in. She was fine throughout had her tail going at 100 mph and tries to jump on the nurse and kiss her all normal behaviour. But what could have caused this? The nurse mentioned that her head and eyes are still growing and that could cause her eye to be strange or something i didn't catch it all. I keep checking on her she's asleep now she been busy all morning and early afternoon had a friend over so she didn't get chance for a nap like normal. Does anyone else have any info on what to do if eye's get teary or strange? Luckily jason's off this weekend we are booked in with vet tomrrow morning first thing because i am such a worry wart the nurse said she didn't want to just put drop in for the sake of it but to wait and see how it looks i admit it looks a hell of a lot better now almost back to normal she does have a little bit of pink on the inside of her eyes in the corner and these are normally white should i be concerned.

2nd February 2007, 11:23 PM
Mine occasionally get a bit of film like this on the eyeball -- they can get a sort of gunk that will sometimes look like a contact. It is harmless and just slides off.

Jaspar and Leo once had a bad scuffle in which Jaspar drew blood -- it was pooling in Leo's eye and I saw a similar line and was sure he'd cut his cornea -- rushed him to vet; he highlighted the 'cut' with the stuff they use and then we couldn;t see it anymore! He too had been sure it was a corneal cut... eventually he went back carefully over his eye and we saw that Jaspar actually had nicked the edge of the lower eyelid and not the eye; the 'cut' was that gunk that sometimes coats their eyeballs.

I bet that is what you saw and sounds like she also got something in her eye that was bothering her -- but even the pros can be fooled!

3rd February 2007, 07:24 PM
We took her to the vets this morning she used some dye to see if there was any damage to her eye and there was no damage thankfully and then washed out her eye. That film has gone back and her eye's back to normal at least i know what to do if it happens again. Eye's freak me out, god knows how i manage to put contacts in everyday.

5th February 2007, 11:50 AM
eyes freek me out too, took me years to try for contacts and when i finally did found they didnt work for me :? jadn had this too and i used some very diluted saline solution (salt and cooled boiled water) to clean his eye out. after a day it was better. i had done this for my kids when they get conjunctivitus instead of the lotions and potions you can buy and unless its very bad it works every time. your tears are naturally like this to clear your eyes so this is just a bit more help. my vet said it was fine as i had used a very diluted version. :flwr:

5th February 2007, 07:41 PM
thanks for that tip