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4th February 2007, 09:00 AM
We have had our Cav for just two weeks now and she has really come along well.

The major problem we are having is she wakes up at night and howls until I let her outside to relieve herself. Originally this was just twice per night which is bearable and to be expected for a 14 week old pup but now it is becoming more frequent the last two nights being every 90 mins!!! and we are getting very little sleep. Once she has been outside she happily gets back into the crate and settles down.

She is crate trained and happily sleeps in the crate during the day. We stop feeding at around 7 pm and I am worried she is just getting into a bad habit.

We did try ignoring her barks for a couple of nights but we would find the crate soiled which is even worse for the poor thing.

Any ideas would be greatfully received I think I got just a couple of hours sleep last night and this cannot continue long term. :sl*p:

Cathy Moon
4th February 2007, 02:24 PM
If her crate is not in your bedroom, you might want to move it in and put it near you where she can see you. Cavaliers sleep so much better if you are near.

When she cries to go out take her out, but keep everything low key. Keep the lights down low, carry her out matter-of-factlyand let her do her business. I would not give her a treat at night for doing her business outside. Carry her right back in and put her in the crate. I would not talk to her or pet her during these night time outings, because this could reinforce her wanting to get up and go out with you.

Other than that, make sure she is warm enough and comfortable in her bed. Does she have a soft crate mat? I put 2 crate mats in each of my cav's crates during winter. Maybe give her a few safe toys in her crate in case she wakes up, then she can play quietly, knowing you are nearby.

My 3-4 year olds were getting us up too early at the beginning of winter, and I found that just adding a fleece baby blanket into each of their beds made them warmer and sleepier. Believe me, cavaliers always let us know when they need something!

Also, she may be thirsty; I would let her have water until 8-9pm or so.

Hope this helps.

Cathy T
4th February 2007, 03:55 PM
I'm in complete agreement with Cathy. If she needs to go...she needs to go. But keep it a non-event. My guys don't get greeted if they need to go out in the middle of the night. It's a very matter of fact event. They go out, go right back into their crates, get told "time to go night night" and back to bed I go. The whole thing is over in under 10 minutes.

matties mum
4th February 2007, 05:06 PM
I agree that when my dogs go out in the night they go and then go back to bed normal they are back in bed before me they all sleep in the bed room but not on the bed-----Aileen and the gang (Jazzie--Barney--Sam)

4th February 2007, 06:00 PM
I also found wih Havoc that a soft teddy well dog really helped her as she snuggled up against it.

4th February 2007, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the replies everybody they give me a few things to work on.

She does not sleep in our bedroom and if possible I want to avoid this but if all else fails that is what we will do. I will try an extra vet bed in the crate and see if that will help. Being cold is interesting our breeded had the dogs in a first floor bedroom and we are using our ground floor utility room which is always cooler than a first floor room. The breeder said she used to sleep right through the night! I will cover her up this evening and see if this helps.

I try to make getting her outside as calm as possible and she is no trouble going back in the crate , its just she wakes back up very quickly soon afterwards. I will try to make it more of a none event.

When we started having trouble we bought her a Snuggle pup ( the one which can heat up and with a heart beat) and she loves it, but it does not stop her getting up.

Right I will see what tonight brings and let you all know.

4th February 2007, 08:04 PM
What is she doing when she goes? Wees or poops? Runny poops or firm?

If she slept thru the night before, it is odd that she won't do this now as by 14 weeks, few puppies still need to go out and then, only once a night. She should easily hold herself if you take her out once, if she even really needs that.

So I'd want to make sure there isn't a medical reason for her to wake up so many times and always having to go, especially if she soils the crate otherwise. Unless you've really been showering her with so much attention that she really feels the need to summon you for the good times :) I can't think why she'd be doing this -- especially not when she has to go now several times at night, but didn't before. Just makes me think I'd want to talk to a vet as it may well be medical, not a behaviour/training issue.

4th February 2007, 08:51 PM

When she gets up sometimes she wees and sometimes poops. The poops look are usually soft but it looks like she may be straining. I thought this may just be due to her second vacination just over a week ago?

She does get a little spoiled by my daughter but at the same time we have been making sure she gets some quite time on her own during the day.

Generally her health I would say is good. She is a good eater and is playful and enjoys a short walk now she has completed her vaccinations but given your comments I think a visit to the vet may be a good idea.

I will let you know how we get on.

Cathy T
4th February 2007, 09:36 PM
When either of mine would wake up in the middle of the night I would take them out. If they go potty and everything is okay then they go back into their crates (their crates are in the family room, not our bedroom). If they want out again, I then know they are barking because they want attention, not because they need to go. I'll call out "no Jake" (it's usually Jake :roll: ) and won't respond after that. They then figure out that if they bark, it's out for potty and right back in the crate, and that's it.

Denise G.
5th February 2007, 03:21 AM
Mia soiled her crate during the night a few times when I first brought her home. I realized it was a combination of the wrong food and I think I was also over feeding her. When I finally found the right food and the correct serving size she did just fine.

5th February 2007, 06:58 PM
Well here's the update.

Last night I tried all your suggestions, covering up, not making a fuss when going out, saying no second time she woke and what a result :p

Our little darling slept from 10.30pm until 4.45am, I would have usually been on my third trip out by then! She then settled until 5.45 and started barking I told her no and after a few mins she stopped until my girls got up at 6am.

Fantastic we are all feeling so refreshed and hoping for the same again tonight.

Thanks everyone.

matties mum
5th February 2007, 07:28 PM
Good please to hear :xfngr: this hope it keeps going for you -----Aileen