View Full Version : Beginning agility, Ireland: starts Thursday!

6th February 2007, 02:06 AM
Anyone wanting to try out agility with their cavalier, a new class starts at www.dogtrainingireland.com this Thursday evening. Agility only comes up now and then as an offering so if you are interested in doing this weekly with your dog, this is a really fun and friendly class. I will likely be doing this class with Lily. :)

You can book online at the website. I think agility is the single best class to do to create a really strong working bond with your dog and is the most enjoyable of all classes to do as both you and your cavalier will feel such a sense of achievement! This is great for shy dogs for that reason and for building confidence and manageability in any dog.

Lily hardly needs confidence, but she does need manageability. :roll: