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6th February 2007, 09:28 PM
In tonights puppy class our trainer mentioned that puppies need to be restrained in a car, she told us some terrible stories about dogs and owners loosing there life because dogs were allowed loose in the car.
I know this is bad but whenever we are in the car lady always sits on my lap in the passager seat. What's best a crate, a harness that clips to the seat belt. I want her to be secure in the car in case we ever had an accident. I am thinking a harness would be eaiser for us less bulky in the back seat. What's the best make?

lolas mum
6th February 2007, 09:32 PM
Hiya,Sorry not much advice for you but im sure the others will on this site :D
But i just wanted to say Hi as i see your from Lincs too!
Im in Skegness where are you?

6th February 2007, 09:34 PM
I always put Lily in her travel crate in the back seat when we are in the car. It has loops that the seat belt goes through to secure it.

6th February 2007, 09:34 PM
hi i am in lincoln so were not far away from each other at all, how exciting do you want to meet up and go on a cavvy walk?

Cicero's Mummy
6th February 2007, 09:35 PM
I am using a Celltei pet carrier that has the ability to be strapped in once Cicero comes home... I am also looking into a pet harness (saw a nice one for sale at petsmart the other day).

6th February 2007, 09:37 PM
shay: is it a soft crate or a wired one? and have you always put her inside the crate when you travel in car from day one if not how did you get her used to it? thanks

6th February 2007, 09:40 PM
Raven i love those carriers they look like normal handbags, quite pricy though are they well made? I could justify it if there worth the money. Just thought of another question how much movement does the dog have if it's in a harness? Anyone know.

6th February 2007, 09:43 PM
mine all go in a large travel crate if all 5 are with us
if not i have 2 harness's i use

lolas mum
6th February 2007, 09:43 PM
Hi Sure we could do that.
The kids have some holidays coming up so we'll have to arrange something

6th February 2007, 09:49 PM
Hi Natalie...It's a soft crate. We started putting her in it about a month after we got her. Now she associates it with going in the car. I keep it in the garage, and put it on the floor next to the car and unzip the front flap. She goes right in by herself, no problem. When we get where we are going, mostly my Mom's, we bring it in. When it's time to leave, we say let's go girl, open the flap and she flies right it. She never makes a peep when she's in it. For long trips, it would be too small. I would use her hard sided crate for that. But for short trips it works great. She knows now that if she is going with us, she has to get in her carrier. :)

6th February 2007, 09:53 PM
i am going to look into a soft carrier at least then she can lie down and will probably get used to it quicker as she's used to been in the crate in the house.

6th February 2007, 09:54 PM
lolas mum yes sounds good to me.

6th February 2007, 10:06 PM
We use a seatbelt harness for Mary Alice.

It doubles as her walking harness as well.

The seatbelt goes through the back, we tighten the seatbelt once it's connected, so that she can either sit or lay down.

The only problem, if I leave her in the car, she can escape in less than a minute!!! :shock:

But, it's better than having her loose in the car.

For longer trips, I make her use the hard crate but she hates it! :flwr:

6th February 2007, 10:13 PM
Chester rides in the back seat in a seatbelt harness ALWAYS.

Why you should always have your dog secured in the car: My Aunt lost her beloved little Pomeranian some years ago when she got into a very small fender-bender accident. She was at a stop sign when some idiot ran into the back of her car at a low speed. Her little dog was sitting un-restrained in the passenger seat and he was slammed into the windshield and died instantly from a broken neck. Horrible and definitely preventable.

Cicero's Mummy
6th February 2007, 10:20 PM
Yep... they are quite well made... I love mine..

Cathy T
6th February 2007, 11:13 PM
Both of mine sit in the back seat and are seat belt harnessed.

6th February 2007, 11:26 PM
Mine all sit in their Lookout Carseat . They love it because they sit up high so they can see out of the window and they can also lie down and take a nap if they want to !

6th February 2007, 11:29 PM
I ordered a Lookout from Roxanne last week and can't wait for it to arrive!!!

Lucky is too big nowadays for a normal carrier and loves riding and going places with me. I hope the Lookout is as great as I think it will be. :flwr:

7th February 2007, 12:08 AM
We just hold Grace when she's in the car. We don't let her loose and we never drive alone with her.

7th February 2007, 12:23 AM
We use a soft sided crate for Molly & Max. (it does have a metal frame to support the sides) I bought a small rectangle pet bed from LL Bean and that fits perfectly in it. I seat belt the crate into the back seat so it won't fly around if we should get into a crash. They seem very comfy in the car with this arrangement.....many times when we get home, they don't want to get out! I used to put toys in it too for them...but not now. All they want to do is sleep when it's time to go in the car.

7th February 2007, 12:45 AM
Chester rides in the back seat in a seatbelt harness ALWAYS.

Why you should always have your dog secured in the car: My Aunt lost her beloved little Pomeranian some years ago when she got into a very small fender-bender accident. She was at a stop sign when some idiot ran into the back of her car at a low speed. Her little dog was sitting un-restrained in the passenger seat and he was slammed into the windshield and died instantly from a broken neck. Horrible and definitely preventable.

That's a horrible story, Monica! :( Your poor aunt must have felt awful. How scary!

We use the a Lookout too (that I got from Roxanne ;) ). Both girls fit in one seat and do fine.

7th February 2007, 12:45 AM
My girls have carseats that seatbelt in and attach to their harnesses.

If you hold your dog in the front seat, please be aware that if an airbag deploys, it could kill your dog. Even if the airbag doesnt deploy but you're bumped, the dog could easily fly from your arms, no matter how carefully you think you're holding it.

We've talked about this issue before, so a quick search of the board will probably give you several threads to read through.

7th February 2007, 01:09 AM
Safety is everything to me. So from day one Riley has always been in a hard crate which has a place where the seatbelt attaches to it to keep it secure. It is always on the back seat of the car. There is a nice soft pad in there and he usually just sleeps while we go on longer trips. Sometimes he doesn't even want to get out once we arrive at our destination! I have decided that this is the way that he will always travel in the car. I won't take any chances on his getting hurt. I know that riding this way, he is as safe as possible. Plus he loves his car rides!

7th February 2007, 01:18 AM
Holding the dog is risking its life and yours and AGAINST THE LAW IN THE UK according to the UK highway code.

Here is some basic physics that have to do with the impact force generated by an object thrown forward in a collision.

A 15lb dog (eg a very small cavalier) in a 30 mph minor collision if unrestrained has a collision force of UP TO 300LBS. A 50lb dog (eg border collie or small lab) would be thrown forward at that speed with HALF A TON OF FORCE!

The basic formula is the force generated by a body is up to 20 times the mass (weight) of the body being thrown in a collision. If the dog is on your lap even in a residential street collision at this relatively slow speed, it will likely go straight into and possibly right through the window, the dashboard, the back set, and most likely have its skull crushed and neck snapped.

If your cavalier is sitting on a lap in the back seat or loose inthe back seat, it is likely to be catapulted into an airborne missile. If a dog of 15 lbs hits the head of the driver or passenger with even 50 lbs of collision force, it will break any human neck or potentially, at 300lbs of force, even decapitate you.

This is why it is no longer legal in most countries to carry children unrestrained. And in many it is illegal to carry dogs unrestrained.

Every motor safety organisation says: seatbelt the dog or crate it. Please do NOT leave a dog loose in a car or on a lap.

Please read:


from this article from a UK vets:

Few commercially available harnesses have been independently tested. The ultimate endorsement must be to establish whether the harness you are considering has been subjected to similar crash testing as used for human seat belts and proven to be effective.

That means booster seat type seats with attached harnesses are most likely not safety tested (and to me have always looked potentially risky as they raise the dog even higher putting human passengers at risk if the restraint system fails). MOST dog restraint systems sold in the US, UK and Ireland are untested as well.

The article states:

Various reviews of the canine safety harnesses have been undertaken some of which can be found on the Internet. There appears to be two clear leaders in the field that fulfil all the above criteria.

Ruff Rider Roadie - This harness has been tested in the States and exceeded the standards for human seatbelts. Some users suggest that it is slightly harder to put on than other systems. Available in the UK from Company of Animals (www.companyofanimals.co.uk). The manufacturer's web site is www.ruffrider.com.

Champion Canine Seat Belt System - A tested harness system that receives consistently good press. The official distributor in Europe can be contacted at (www.caninesafety.co.uk). The manufacturers web site is www.CanineAuto.com .

A crate that is the right size for the dog (eg not too large, in particular, and seatbleted into place) is also a safe form of transport.

7th February 2007, 01:44 AM
I currently use a hard crate. It would do an adult small to mid cavalier. Should my puppy grow larger once an adult I will most likely purchase a seatbelt constraint as I only drive about town. For longer trips/hwy I would then have the option of using the metal crate - which for now, is too large for a puppy in a car (too easily thrown about).

For now, Kodee loves and I mean loves her little carry crate - I have to leave it open beside her metal crate as she likes to go in it to play. I also use it to carry her upstairs when I want to put her in the bedroom with me as I make beds etc.. I do this becasue on the third day she was here, while carrying her down the stairs she literally almost lept from my arms - freaked me out enough to not carry her up them anymore!

Cathy T
7th February 2007, 03:21 AM
Lanie - you'll love the lookout seat!! We used it with Jake when he was a baby. Unfortunately he outgrew it.

7th February 2007, 04:42 AM
:eek: ! I hope Lucky doesn't outgrow it ... he's outgrown everything else so far .... We did get the oversized one though and that is supposed to be for dogs up to 30 lbs ... :xfngr: