View Full Version : Kodee Figured Out a Fix for Separation of me..

11th February 2007, 03:14 PM
So Kodee is home virtually all day with me. For a little new puppy naturally she looks to me for most things. At night and on the weekend I sort of dump the poor lil girl on my husband and daughter. They want the time with her and she gets all silly and excited to have different people around. BUT...um... she sort of found a way to make the point she misses me! I was shopping yestereday from 1-9pm (lets call it wk long cabin fever relief) and apparantly after a good play she took my shoe (the old runners I keep by the kitchen door for quick potty breaks) into her big bed and fell asleep with her nose in it. OK I was sure they were exaggerating all this. Then this morning I got up about an hr later than my husband and her, and as I came into the kichen he goes shhhhh I look and she is not in her crate - I look over to her big bed and there she is. Asleep lying again with my shoe and her nose stuck up against it. :grnyuk: Perhaps I should give her an old shirt for these moment.... She may not mind the shoe but I think I can give her a nicer scent reminder of me!

On a serious note, I really need to figure out how to get her out more this wk. She is leading way too sheltered life in these early wks of needed socialization. We have had a few people over, she has been exposed to all sorts of things in the house/yard and gone on lots of car trips. But being winter no one is out on the street to meet, I dont want to go to dog allowed stores like a petstore as she hasnt even had her 2nd shots (and wont till 12 wks). Ideas?? Housebreaking I actually find easier in the winter. She already gets distracted enough with the garden when snow covered - twigs etc. But from a socialization view, its way way harder especially since I work (ha havent in 3 wks) from home and she sees only me 80% of the day.

Cathy T
11th February 2007, 03:49 PM
Oh my gosh....that is sooo sweet. If she can't have you you'll have something close (really close!) to you.

Barbara Nixon
11th February 2007, 04:41 PM
I did take mine out before vaccinations were complete, even to pet stores, but didn't allow anyone to touch them, explaining why, of course.

I think it would be a good idea to offer some clothing or Kodee may find it hard to differentiate between your good shoes and 'her' shoe, should she start to chew.

One of muine (don't know which one, though could ahve been two )reverted to puppy ways, last week, because David left a newspaper on the floor, overnight, and , on the way out for first wees, somebody took advantage.

Cathy Moon
11th February 2007, 11:03 PM
Ohhh, that is so sweet - her cuddled up with your shoe! :flwr:

You might want to just carry her in the pet store until her shots are completed.