View Full Version : peeing on her bed/blankets?

12th February 2007, 09:37 PM
For the last few weeks Padden has been pretty much potty trained. The only accidents she had were due to me not letting her out in time. Over the last few days though she has been peeing on her blankets and beds. I watched her today and she ran over to her bed peed and went back playing. It was weird. She did the same thing on friday. She peed on her bed and then later peed on her blanket.

What should I do when she does this and I catch her? She's still just a puppy and isn't to the point where she lets me know that she has to go. Do I tell her NO? take her outside?

She is an antibiotics right now and this has only happened while being on these. She's been drinking more water and therefore going twice as much as she has been. Her potty schedule is all screwed up. I guess I just need take her out more often but when I do catch her going where she's not suppose to what should I do?

& why does she do this only on her blankets and bed? It doesn't seem to be just an accident like in the past where she would just go wherever she happened to be.

My Wesley
12th February 2007, 10:13 PM
I can't say why, but I would say make sure you wash them right away. Maybe she had a few drops come out one night on the blankets and she can smell that now or something..... ?

12th February 2007, 10:37 PM
I'd say that the antibiotics are a culprit if they make her drink more water. You may want to double check with the vet on this. Why is she on antibiotics?

Once they've pee'd somewhere like the blanket or bed, they are likely to go back there. I would agree with washing them pronto, then be very diligent about taking her out more often. (And I know how hard that is to do.)

If you can catch her in the act I would say a firm "No" then take her outside to the area where she usually does her business. And if she's already sprinkled on the blanket it's back to the washer!

I'm no expert here - just a suggestion.

12th February 2007, 10:46 PM
she has a cold so the vet put her on the antibiotics. Only 4 more days left!

I have been washing the bed and blankets after it happens. I even spray it down with natures miracle to get rid of the smell. I'm hoping that its just the antibiotics and that I don't have to confine her to her crate to
re-train her. She gives me no warning though! No sniffing or circling. She'll be playing and on her way to chase something will just squat down.
But when she does that, its my fault. When she goes and seeks out her bed to pee on that concerning.

12th February 2007, 11:27 PM
Is it a soft bed or blankets on a crate tray? If it's the latter I'd replace the blankets altogether. You could also buy a box of biological washing powder and wash all the dog stuff (blankies etc) in that as well as using the enzymatic spray....? Alternatively, if the bed is in a crate, just close the crate up when she's with you so she *can't* get into it and pee.