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Claire L
13th February 2007, 01:09 PM
James Wellbeloved or Burns????
Both Minnie and Cara are eating J.W with a sprinkling of Burns (because I have a bag of each) but I purchased the wrong bag of J.W (I bought Senior Light) and I should have got something else???

Cara doesn't have an allergy to chicken as I have given her roast chicken breast mixed in with her food, as a treat and she was absolutely fine.
I would like to get them both on to one dry food so which one is better, J.w or Burns???


13th February 2007, 01:16 PM
Claire, do NOT give chicken -- she is known to have had vomiting etc after being fed chicken. She may not necessarily react right away or even directly at all, but *please*: do not even consider feeding her anything like this for at least 3 months and you are sure she is settled onto a regular diet pattern and then talk to me then before you try -- this is as far as I am concerned, part of the obligation you have towards rehoming her. These were very specific guidelines on this dog ***who was very ill***. If for some reason you really feel she needs chicken -- and I do not -- she can be carefully reassessed but PLEASE DO NOT FEED HER THIS NOW. It is not worth the risk -- she was in emergency in UCD for three days and on a drip part of that time -- it was quite serious and she was at risk of dying -- and we still do not know why. It *could* be diet related and this is one trigger that was definitely reported by her owners.

Neither of those foods is better IMHO. Just pick whatever is convenient to buy and she seems to like but again, avoid any chicken based diet for the next few months. This decision was made in consultation with vets and it is important and part of her homing arrangement to stick with that approach.

Barbara Nixon
13th February 2007, 01:24 PM
If of equal merit, I'd go for the Welbeloved, as it's more easily available and Pets at Home have 3 for 2 type offers , now and then.

Claire L
13th February 2007, 02:02 PM
Karlin, I didn't know any of this, I just assumed that she had been fed too much chicken and had gotten diarhoea from it. Nobody told me about her being hospitalised . If I had been made aware of that , she would not have been give chicken. I just gave her a tiny amount as a treat with her dinner. She will not be fed chicken ever again.


13th February 2007, 02:32 PM
I'm sorry I didn't make this clear enough. I had mentioned we knew she had been made quite ill consistently after eating chicken, and I am sure I had mentioned she had been very ill and this was one of the problems for the family tht had her -- it was causing problems for them as a family particularly that this had happened over Christmas. I should have highlighted this more distinctly. Maybe it got lost on the general discussion of taking her on as a second dog but was definitely mentioned. I noted that it would be worthwhile to talk to her vet (Pete) for more info as it was likely in their records -- eg that is why she was on antibiotics, because she'd been in ER at UCD -- or they'd have the contact for UCD but I should have made this clearer.

In general if a dietary issue is mentioned there's good reason -- it isn't a casual aspect of any dog's needs -- it is why I said in advance of you taking her that she should definitely not be fed *any* diet with chicken nor chicken as a treat. :thmbsup: You'll recall we discussed that both James Wellbeloved and Burns came in a variety of flavours so it would not be difficult to avoid giving her any chicken. I just am less familiar with what Burns offers but I am sure they are an excellent choice too in non-chicken flavours. I noted that either the lamb or fish varieties of JW were good for dogs that have an intolerance for chicken.

With any digestive problem, allergy or intolerance, it can take weeks of feeding the item for it to cause the dog to react and the reaction can come and go. With Cara we feel her reactions are not due to a virus but more likely a food intolerance. Chicken is a very common cause of this type of problem which can make a dog quite sick. Usually a dog needs to be fed a new diet for at least 12 weeks to see if it improves from a food intolerance/allergy; hence the directions to totally avoid all chicken.

More info on food intolerances and allergies -- this will help explain wht is probably going on with her and why, and why it is imortant to totally avoid the suspect food item :):



Claire L
13th February 2007, 06:27 PM
Thanks for all the info . I was on to Bray Vets and got a printout from them regarding all of her treatment but again, no mention of a near death experience or reference to ER or UCD. I will try to contact Pete tomorrow or if you can PM me an e-mail address for him or direct phone line it may be easier. I DO need to know about this episode and record the details for future reference.

Boy am I glad I put up the first post.