View Full Version : Back to the crate for Maddy

16th February 2007, 12:43 PM
Well, about a week ago Maddy was on the patio. There had been a wind and the flowers out of the flower box lost some petals. She ate them!
I called the landscaper and they were not poisonous to dogs. But they did upset her stomach and she had some diareah.
Since then she has firmed up but seems to need to go much more often.
The last 3 nights she was sleeping with hubby (as usual) but needed to go out twice each night. A couple of times she just jumped off the bed and pooed on the bedroom rug. Hubby wears a cpap for sleep apnea so he is not as alert (the mask is noisy) as he needs to be. Before all of this happened she would lick his face till he woke up when she needed to go.
It is as if her need to poo is so urgent she cannot take the time to lick him till he wakes.
I will be back home tonight for nine days so I will be able to work on the issue a little. I plan to go to boiled chicken and rice with a little pumpkin.
Meanwhile, he set up the crate in the bedroom for her. Last night she needed to go out at midnight and 3am. She screamed loudly! So it is back to the basics for her.
By the way, her jumping is becoming olympic! She takes a flying jump onto the couch whereas before you had to pick her up. So jumping off the bed was also new.

16th February 2007, 03:15 PM
poor little maddy hope she feels better soon, and cav's definetly love to jump lady's learn't to jump from the sofa to the arm chair who needs to walk on the floor! this week so that's her new trick am so scared that she will fall, she's getting really cocky at the moment. Must be going through a rebelious stage. We crate lady at night so i can't really help maybe she was desparate to go potty because of the petals she ate. She might take a while to get back to normal. You might have to start setting the alarm clock to take her out during the night.