View Full Version : bell training and apartments

18th February 2007, 03:47 PM
hi there

indy's housetraining is coming along pretty well and i really like the idea of bell training.

do any of you with bell-trained dogs live in apartments? i'm just wondering if indy can make the connection between ringing his bell and doing his business after the whole process of leaving the building and going round the corner.....blah blah is finished.

we also have the balcony set up with a linoleum floor and i've put newspapers out there but he doesn't really like to do his business there (he prefers the kitchen floor :yikes ) but bell ringing for the balcony could maybe be an option as well if he needs to go in between his walks....

any ideas/suggestions???


18th February 2007, 08:30 PM
We actually just started that with Ellie (and now Teddy). The trainer said that they don't automatically associate it right away with needing to go to the bathroom, but they start by associating it with just going outside of the door. Then eventually, they connect that when we go out the door, we go outside, and then we go to the bathroom. She said it works and it is a good option! So we'll see how it goes. :)