View Full Version : Starting to get quiet around here

Bruce H
18th February 2007, 05:41 PM
Well, in the last few days 4 of the 9 puppies have left for their forever homes. So we are down to 5 puppies from the two litters plus Gishy, who Kris brought back from her friend. I know it really sounds weird, what with 6 puppies and 12 adults, but it's starting to get quiet around here. I guess everything is relative.

I sure do miss the ones that have left, but am SO happy for the people who now have their new babies home with them. I'm quite sure we'll (those of us on Cavalier Talk) hear from Barb and her Star after things settle down. I'm also hoping we will hear from Holly (the one we nicknamed Halfmask).

We will be hanging on to the tri and blen boys from the two litters for a while. We think they may have show potential. If they do, we will be looking for show homes for them. So between the boys and Gishy, we will have puppies under foot for a while yet.

18th February 2007, 05:45 PM
Awww Bruce Im sure its always hard to say goodbye to the pups just because of all the love and time you put into raising them but Im sure it just makes your heart so happy to know that they are being cared for and loved (and spoiled) by their new families who Im sure are over the moon with happiness with them :D

18th February 2007, 06:23 PM
Isn't it amazing how we can have a house full of animals but actually miss the presence of even one? I guess that just shows the impact they have on our lives.