View Full Version : Ellie and the Rotty (double post sorry!!)

21st February 2007, 05:02 PM
Sorry for the double post!!

This morning we ran into a Rottwiler though and that scared her I think. It was walking across the street and she started to growl so I started telling her it was just a big puppy and not a big deal. The owner saw us and decided to walk over to have them meet. He kept saying he wont hurt you sweeti and I tried to walk her by him talking the whole time but she was barking and trying to run. I pet the Rotty and talked to her but she wouldnt come closer. I was going to pick her up at that point but the other owner I think felt bad she was scared so he walked away from us. After he left she was better but when she saw him in the distance she would growl a bit and I kept telling her in a sweet voice that it there wasnt anything to fear.

I guess this goes along with my other post about the growling. I can understand this situation of her being afraid as a Rotty is huge compared to her and this is probably her first time encountering another dog this much bigger then her. Plus when she was her breeder she was always out with more then one Cavalier so now she was all alone to encounter something like this. Still Im worried about this grolwing issue as I dont want her to be afraid of everything. Im trying to show her there is nothing to fear and trying to expose her to different situations in hopes of breaking this fear thing. Im thinking of signing up for a class or trainer who can assist me with this as she is my first dog and Im worried that if she doesnt get a push in the right direction soon she might be like this forever. Im trying as hard as I can talking to her and not being afraid myself and trying to show her its ok but I cant get her to stop grolwing at certain things :( Am I going to scar her forever?

21st February 2007, 05:55 PM
thats lovely to hear

i feel in love with a rotti called Cleo this weekend she belongs to a lady down my road and i deliverd her 9 puppies Friday night she was a lovely girl