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21st February 2007, 09:15 PM
Are there any Cavalier moms/dads who work full-time? We're considering a Cavalier because we love their temperament, and we have a resident medium sized dog of average energy level. After attending 2 dog shows, I found out many breeders will not place their Cavaliers where both mom & dad work.

We have no children. Our dog is our child and we dote on him big time, lots of walks, hikes & cuddle time. Our dog child sleeps in our bed. We have many dog friends & socialize a lot with our dog. I feel sad that I'm excluded from Cavaliers, but I want to do the right thing for all. We wouldn't dream of leaving the Cavalier at home alone when it's not the best thing. Is this really only a dog for those "at home" only?

Thanks for your patient instruction...I'm new & not sure where was best place to post question...

Cicero's Mummy
21st February 2007, 09:21 PM
We are getting our little one this weekend...

Both my hubby and I will continue to work (I am only working for about 4 more months -- on and off). But we do have a doggie "daycare" that we will be taking Cicero to so that he is not alone and has socialization and human contact throughout the day.

Talk to various breeders about your situation.

I know every breeder we talked to asked us about our situation and I said that even if I was out, Cicero would be in some form of human supervision... through our "puppy nanny" (a friend who loves our dog as much as we do) or through our puppy daycare. It was very important to us to meet our dogs needs!!!

Each breeder feels differently I am sure... and they are saying this for good reason!!! Cavaliers love the human contact and are bred for companionship!!

I am counting down the days until I stay at home full time (just waiting for the family I nanny for to find a new nanny). DH is a med student, so sometimes he works a 7 day week, sometimes a 4 or 5 day week... :)

21st February 2007, 09:28 PM
Both my boyfriend and I work full time. Padden is now 17 weeks and up until this week I was able to bring her to work with me. I would crate her in the mornings and then pick her up at lunch and she would stay with me through the afternoon. But things have changed and I can no longer bring her with me everyday so now she is crated from 9-12. Then I go home everyday for lunch to let her out and walk/play with her for 30-45 minutes. Then she goes into a closed off hallway with her toys, food, and crate from 1:30-6. Then one of us is home to let her out. She stays up with us until we all go to bed around 11. She won't lay down to sleep for the night until we are both in bed!

She's done fine so far. Granted she's potty trained now and she never goes potty in her crate or while out in the blocked off hallway. I don't think we'd be where we are now in terms of potty training if I hadn't had the chance to be with her majority of the day. She honestly slept majority of the time that I had her at work. So I'm sure she does the same at home.

I will eventually take her to doggy care a few times a month as I think she will really like that.

I know other people who work full time that have cavaliers, but they are also able to get home to them at lunch and are with them in the evenings.

I'm not sure what others on the forum do & I'm curious to find out! Glad you asked!

21st February 2007, 09:32 PM
My breeder was quite relieved when I told her that I would be bringing my Cav to work with me. She says Cavies are prone to separation anxiety because they are "love sponges" and that can lead to destructive behaviours. Actually, I don't know of any breed where separation anxiety isn't an issue.

I've also heard from some people that leaving a toy breed alone with the expectation that it hold its tiny bladder for eight or more hours is asking a lot - but I don't know about the Cav specifically because it is a little on the larger side of toy.

Ideally, we would all stay home and hang out with our sweet pooches, but the reality is most people choose or need to work.

Most dog trainers will tell you that crate training your pup so he/she is at least in a safe place where he/she can't do any harm is a good solution. Over time, your Cavie will get used to it and settle into the routine. If you can find a way to break up the day by coming home at lunch, that would be good.

Or as Cicero's mum mentioned, perhaps a doggie day care may be an option?

21st February 2007, 09:34 PM
A cavalier is an extremely attached to his/her family members. If left alone for long periods of time, they can have issues. A pup can't usually hold its bladder for 8-10 hours either. If a person has a plan for dealing with a pup-- and then a cavaliers eccentricities, a dual working household can work.

21st February 2007, 09:42 PM
Josh and I both have full time jobs. Spencer and Izzy can both hold it 7-8 hours and are fine during the day. Tilly is doing really well with holding it too. The fact that you have another dog is good so that it will have company. I would hate for you to be "excluded" from cavaliers just because you both work. Sure it would be great if I could stay home with the babes or bring them to work, but that is not a reality for me. Mine seem fine and are definitely not "emotionally scarred" from staying at home without me. :flwr: :flwr: :flwr:

21st February 2007, 09:42 PM
Hi SFCAdogmom;

Great question.

First of all I am single and work full time. I have gone through 2 different breeders and they knew this about me. When I lived alone, I dropped my 2 cavaliers (Pippin & Merry) at doggy day care while I worked. So they got plenty of attention and playtime while I was at work.

Then 2 years ago, I bought my parents house and they live with me. However, my parents often take their camper for 3-5 months a year and hit the road. So my adult cavaliers are home by themselves while I work. I believe if you have more than one dog, they have company and are not lonely.

A puppy though, I would never leave home alone while I am at work. I take my current puppy to doggy day care every day, while the 3 adult dogs are at home. My work is an hour away from home, so I cannot go home on my lunchtime.

Since currently my parents are traveling, I am also taking a different adult dog once a week to daycare. They love the exercise and the interaction with other dogs and people. It is great socializing for them.

I have used doggy daycare for 3 years now. It is great.

Once the puppy is fully grown, I will not be taking him daily to daycare, but every dog is different and I have no idea when my current puppy (Jolly) can be trusted at home with the other dogs. He is 8 months now and I don't even think he will be ready at 12 months. The few times I have gone shopping and left him home, he has chewed something up. He is OK in his crate, but I wouldn't leave a dog in a crate for the 12 hours I am away each day.

Since I already did daycare with Merry & Pippin, I believe Merry was 18 months old before I could leave her and Pippin at home. Before that, they all went to daycare.

21st February 2007, 11:16 PM
Thanks for everyone' stories.

We both work literally 6 minutes from home. Going home for lunch or more often is easy, as part of my job is not desk bound. Plus I can easily take our dog to work as I need to. I still had one breeder say this is not an acceptable solution and I have not talked to many other breeders. It was discouraging because I wish breeders who have this crieteria would state it up front, so I wouldn't even have to take up their time asking questions.

We crate trained our resident dog so I'm also well aware that puupies cannot hold it.

21st February 2007, 11:27 PM
Both my husband and I work full time as well though my husband is a teacher and thus has a bit more free time then most. I am currently trying to work my way into education as well so we can have similar schedules. When I first started looking into Cavaliers I was also told by many breeders that they wouldn't sell to me because we both worked and like you I was very saddened and discouraged by this.

One of the first breeders I met (she is fantastic by the way) told me flat out the first time we spoke she didnt think she would ever sell me a dog because my husband and I both worked. We talked and talked though as she was willing to teach me things about the breed. At one point she asked if I ever heard of SM. I had not at the time so she said to check out a website and to read up on it and then call her the next day. I did just that and called her the next day. I think she was a bit shocked as Im sure breeders get a lot of interested people but once the criteria stack up go the easy way of puppy mills. Well we talked some more and more and she eventually invited me up to met her and her dogs. I went with my husband and we stayed for 5 hours talking and playing with her pups. I know consider her a good friend and even though I didnt end up getting a pup from her she told me she would gladly sell me a pup at anytime when I wanted one so I hope this shows that even though a lot of breeders are picky if you show genuine interest and knowledge about the breed you might be able to change their minds if you keep at it. Breeders want good homes first and forth most so I think if they can see that you will be spending a lot of quality time with your pup when you can they may not be so upset about the amount of time.

On another note it happens that the breeder I got my Ellie from works full time as does her husband so she def understood the full time working needs as well. She spends a lot of quality time with her dogs and I think it more then makes up for the time she is away. She has her dogs so well trained that during the day Ellie stays in her kennel until my husband comes home from work. She is fine with and never has had an accident and is so use to it all you have to say is "Kennel up" and she runs right in herself. And being that my breeder works full time you can see that the time she spent with her dogs is definitely more quality then quantity

21st February 2007, 11:53 PM
I agree, I think a lot of breeders will consider you as long as they think you are the right person for their puppy. I am a teacher, so we all wake up at about 6. My fiance leaves at about 8:30, we have a dog walker come at 12:30ish, and I am home by 4:30-5. I have two, so they have each other during the day, and we have another 6-7 hours of cuddling and playing when we get home. It is like having another full time job, though. They crave you when you are home! I miss them all day and can't wait to get home and play! Also, I have summers off, and I plan on staying home when we start having kids, which will be in a couple years. All that being said, I think having two definitely helps, but as long as you are prepared for the added challenges of working full time, you'll find the right dog for you. You just need to have a plan and an understanding of their needs. My fiance noted that he understands why Cav breeders ask so many questions... these are special and amazing dogs!!! :) Good luck in your search!

22nd February 2007, 01:12 AM
I also think it is a matter of talking to numerous breeders. I know from many reports that it can be hard enough to find a breeder with puppies that will put you on a waiting list regardless. So it is just difficult generally to find the breeder who is the right fit.

It will take the perseverence of talking to lots of people and explaining politely the situation you have at home right now, the efforts you have made in the past, and the arrangements you plan to make. It might also be worth considering a slightly older dog, up to a year old, as a breeder may be more willing to home a dog not in its very early puppy stages.

I home a couple of rescue cavaliers a month on average and I have no issues at all homing to working homes as long as they are clear on how they will successfully manage a dog home during the day; and it helps if they have another dog already for companionship. However I would have more concerns if I were homing a puppy for the reasons some have noted -- it is just really a long day for a small puppy and for the owner and dog, so much easier to take a slightly older dog (say at least over 6 months).

I've never understood the 'rule of not homing to a working home or unless the home has a fenced yard/garden. Some of the best homes I know are gardenless full time working homes. Some of the worst I've taken rescues from, are homes with someone there most of the day -- who keeps the dog out in the garden all day long. :(

22nd February 2007, 01:55 AM
I think each individual should be assessed on their merits rather than painting each group with a broad brush. There are families where mum & the kids are at home and yet the poor dog just gets thrown his meal & ignored for the rest of the time. On the other hand there are working folk who though may not be home during the day, include their dogs in all their leisure activities.

If I were placing a puppy I know which family I would choose.

Anyway, didn't you say you already have a dog? If the existing dog is of the size & temperament where the CKCS can eventually be with him then he will not be alone but will have another canine companion.

If you haven't already got a dog, then you could consider 2 Cavaliers :badgrin:

22nd February 2007, 06:01 AM
I'm single and work full time..I have a 1 year old cav and a 9 year old lab..I am able to come home at lunch for at least 1/2 hour and they go to daycare at least twice a week...frequently my cav will not potty at lunch even tho given the opportunity..they both do fine.

22nd February 2007, 06:15 AM
I was working when I got my first Cavalier, but it helped that I was working in a veterinary clinic. That's where I met the breeder. Hubby worked too, but the breeder wasn't hesitant to let me have the puppy because she knew that there would be no problem about taking the dog to work with me.

I haven't worked in the past 10 years and have another Cavalier now. Sometimes we are gone for longer than we expect to be, but they are very forgiving girls and just glad to see us when we get here. I had them crate trained but went out of town and "someone" decided that they needed full run of the house. I disagree with this but wasn't able to over-rule, although the older Cavalier will still go into her crate when she wants her privacy.

People are strange, you know? I was at a meeting once about wildlife rehabbers and one of the speakers got up and said that rehabbers were almost as bad as breeders. A bit offensive, but I knew what he meant!!

22nd February 2007, 07:47 AM
That's a problem ! my breeder would not have sold me Ulysse if I had work full time. She was relieved when I told her that he would be with my parents when I go to work. She never sells dogs to people who let them alone because she considers that Cavaliers can't bear loneliness.
The best solution : go to work with them if possible !

22nd February 2007, 08:06 AM
I live alone and work full time. My 5 month old doesn't have any problems really. At first yes, but not anymore.

I have a dog flap on the back door and he lets himself in and out as he pleases.

Sometimes I will come home for lunch (i live 5 mins from work) and have a quick play with him.

When I am at home I make sure to spend plenty of time with him. Walks, beach and plenty of fun time e.g. I sit on the floor whilst watching tv and play with him.

Julie S
22nd February 2007, 08:29 AM
I like these questions. It would be great if we could all afford to sit at home all day, but sadly - most of us simply cannot! My husband works 4 days/week and I work 2, sometimes 3. I consider myself VERY lucky with this arrangement. I commute a long distance those days though, and my DH works juuuust far enough away that he can't come home during lunch. So, until our puppy has outgrown his puppyhood and we think he can handle being alone in the house during the day, my DH will be dropping him/her of at doggy daycare (a great one in our area has a special puppy section) 1 or 2 days a week. Possibly one day every other week we may leave our pup with DH's retired father, but I don't want to impose too much on him.

I know there are LOTS of people that have had issues with breeders not approving them for puppies simply because both people work all day, every day. That is really sad, since I'm sure a lot of animal lovers and potential awesome Cavalier owners may be forced to buy from unethical breeders. :yuk: We never had that problem with breeders approving us, probably since I work part time. (shrugs)

I know people on this board that stay home all day, and also people who work full-time. It's do-able!!

Scouty girl
22nd February 2007, 02:10 PM
I'm single and live alone. My 10 1/2 month old Cavalier unfortunatley has to stay crated all day. I also have a 10 year old Newfoundland, who was brought up the same way. Although this is not the ideal way for them to spend their days, I don't have much of a choice. I, without a doubt, love all dogs from the time I was a child, and I could never live my life without at least one dog. Some people think it's cruel and sometimes I agree, but I feel as if I give them a really good home. I take excellent care of them and feed the best food that I can afford. I spend lots of time with both of them. I rarely go out after work and limit my weekend activities. I guess I'll always be single...LOL. But I do that because I'm away so much during the week. I am so looking forward to the day that Scout can have free roam of the house. I think I will feel a little less guilty everyday.

As someone said earlier some people stay home all day and their dogs are with them, and don't get as good of care or the attention that we try and make up for due to the lack of time spent at home due to work.

22nd February 2007, 04:29 PM
I work full-time and crate my dogs during the day. My breeder would not let me have a puppy unless I had two for company. I'm not sure if this was the correct thing but it works well for us. They definitely keep each other company and seem not to have separation anxiety. I have a dog walker come in during the day and walk them and let them out so they do not have to hold it too long. They seem to be happy.

22nd February 2007, 04:44 PM
Sharon, when you say crated all day how many hours straight is that without letting them out.

22nd February 2007, 04:57 PM
We crated our current dog when we first got him (he was full-grown rescue already) and never let him be in there all day. I would come home for lunch to make sure he could stretch his legs & get some hugs.

We only did that for a few months until the communication lines of where to "go" was established.

Now he has full run of the house, bird & squirrel watching or just curling up in any favorite corner. I hope for the same with a cav, except I'd like her to be at the office with me for while so she can go pee more often. I would still crate though even at the office.

22nd February 2007, 06:52 PM
DH and I work full time as well. When we first got Willow, we crated her, and one of us would come home at lunch to let her out. As she got older, we have been giving her more room - now she has the front hall (fairly big) to herself, with a radio playing - she mostly sleeps in there all day. We play with her and cuddle her all evening, and rarely go out in the evenings. When we do go out for a couple of hours on a weekend, we let her have our living room, too (although with the new wire eating thing, I'll be making sure that room doesn't have any exposed wires before doing that again).

I wish we could give her the run of the house, but she's not ready for that - I don't know if she ever will be, but we'll see....

I'm very glad we found a breeder that would let us have her when we both work - we had our hearts set on a Cavalier, and couldn't love her more!


Scouty girl
23rd February 2007, 01:53 PM

I'm sorry to say up to nine hours a day. Sometimes my Mom will come over a let them out, but not very often. I know that's a long time. I've tried to think of other ways, but have come up with nothing. It takes me over 1/2 hour to get to my house from my job.

Some people say that's the reason they won't have a dog, and it's legitimate, but I could never live without a dog. I've had dogs in my life since I was four years old and we kept our dogs to their last days. LIke everyone on this site, I think of them as family, dogs, but family.

I try my best to give all my animals two dogs and two cats a lot of attention. Like I said I spend the majority of my weekends at home with them and rarely go out after work, maybe once a month. Other than that I'm home.

Please if you are going to respond negatively, keep in mind I'm doing the best I can with my situation. I would love to be home my often.

23rd February 2007, 02:03 PM
As a cavie mom who works full time, I completely understand your situation. I am passing no judgement, because not everyone can afford a dog walker, or is in the situation to come home for lunch every day. Is there a part of your home that you could bock off with a baby gate or purhaps put an xpen so scouty has more room to roam? If your home is carpeted, you can get remnant lanolium really cheap at home stores and just put it over the carpet during the day in her area. ;) We did this at my MIL home when we lived with her, and the clean up was really easy.

My cavies are corralled in our kitchen during the work day, so I don't feel so guilty about having them locked up in a crate. A dog walker and doggie day care are just simply out of the question in my household, as we are on a tight budget. It is just a luxury that we can't afford.

23rd February 2007, 02:04 PM

I'm sorry to say up to nine hours a day. Sometimes my Mom will come over a let them out, but not very often. I know that's a long time. I've tried to think of other ways, but have come up with nothing. It takes me over 1/2 hour to get to my house from my job.

Some people say that's the reason they won't have a dog, and it's legitimate, but I could never live without a dog. I've had dogs in my life since I was four years old and we kept our dogs to their last days. LIke everyone on this site, I think of them as family, dogs, but family.

I try my best to give all my animals two dogs and two cats a lot of attention. Like I said I spend the majority of my weekends at home with them and rarely go out after work, maybe once a month. Other than that I'm home.

Please if you are going to respond negatively, keep in mind I'm doing the best I can with my situation. I would love to be home my often.

You may have already looked into this, but my brother worked longer hours than you and hired a neighbourhood youth to come in after school. She wasnt allowed a dog, but was definately old enough to be responsible in looking after the dog. Actually, when she was older a few yrs later and they had their first child she became their babysitter too. Really you are paying the going babysitter rate which is WAY cheaper than paying a petsitter service. Just a possible suggestion that may or maynot be appropriate for your situation.

23rd February 2007, 03:23 PM
Sharon, I dont mean to respond negatively and I understand you have to work, so do I. I leave my dogs in the kitchen together with toys etc for approx 6 hrs a day. Also I am not anti crate mine are both crated at night.
I just believe and I am sure everywhere I have read say dogs should not be crated for that long a period. Do they have water in their crate? Is there nowhere as others have suggested you could give them the run of. Are they crated at night as this would mean they would be crated most of their time. I am sure you do love them and must have dogs but is it in their best interest to kept caged for so long.

Cathy T
23rd February 2007, 03:33 PM
There is absolutely nothing wrong with working full time and having a Cavalier....as long as you make arrangements. Look at all of the people above who work and have made arrangements for their dogs during the day. Honestly....my two sleep most of the day. They will conk out an hour after getting up, I could play with them for an hour midday, and then they are out again for the rest of the afternoon. As long as they are not left alone all day long by themselves with no opportunity to relieve themselves and get some interaction they are fine.

23rd February 2007, 03:39 PM
We both work full time, but have a dog walker come mid-day. We started this when we got our pup, but now that he's trained, we're still continuing our service as they just enjoy it so much.

Harry & Heidi's mom
23rd February 2007, 04:03 PM

i'm single and work full time, but lucky enough to have the best best best neighbours in the whole world who love animals and adore Harry.

They have 3 dogs themselves and take Harry out for a mid day walk as well as letting him out for toilet time, and into their garden for plays with their dogs.
i have asked them how they would feel if i got another cav and they are soooo excited!
they refuse to take payment from me, so i buy dog food and treats (most of which go to harry as he's sooo greedy)

If i didn't have this help i would still have a dog, no question and work around it
harry also sleeps on my bed so we have that connection and he loves his hugs every morning!

Scouty girl
24th February 2007, 02:27 PM
Thanks to everybody for all the great suggestions. It didn't start off this way, not having anyone to let Scout out during the day. My Mom, who lives one door away from me, was coming over to let her out during the day and playing with her. She adores Scout.

About a month after Scout came home, my Mom and I were coming home from a short grocery trip and she came into my home and didn't see my Newfoundland laying on the floor and tripped over her a broke her leg very high up near the hip. She had to have surgery and a titanium rod put in her leg. The this past November she had to have surgery on her other leg. The doctor found a slight break in the same spot as the previous leg.

My Mom is 72 and she is not to keen on coming outside during this bad weather. We recently had a lot of ice and I can understand how she feels. After all I don't want her falling again because of one of my dogs. I felt bad enough the first time.

I've tried to allow Scout freedom in a small part of the house, but she proved untrustworthy. After all she's just a baby.

It will be thawing out soon so I'm going to ask my Mom to continue to let her out.

The idea about a neighborhood child letting her out was great. The only problem with that is my Newfoundland. Although she is great, she is very large for a female and gets quiet excited when someone comes in. Also, sometimes she can be a little stubborn and you have to use your stern voice with her. I'm just afraid it might be a little overwhelming for a child. Everybody in the neighborhood knows her. Newfs have the same personality as a Cavalier, only in a much, much larger package.

I love Scout and want to do what's best for her. Again, I'm doing my best with the resources I have.

I always appreciate all the good information I receive from everyone on this site.....Thank you.

24th February 2007, 03:03 PM
I know where your coming from on your Mom - mine is the same age and fell and broke her pelvis in 3 spots. It was a long long road to recovery physically but also for them at that age it sort of makes them look at things different. Hard adjustment to a changing life as your parents age, not easy. Oh spring is here soon so its not so bad. Try looking at grocery store ads for a large crate - we have an old one from our lab and I was just thinking the other day maybe about setting it up for when I go out. I am nervous leaving Kodee in the xpen as she is too smart for her own good and expect trouble will be found in minutes!

24th February 2007, 03:12 PM
Both CH and I work full time but DH has flexible schedule, then we can combine the time we spend with our Lia.

24th February 2007, 04:29 PM
Scout's mom:
I wish we were neighbors since I am able to come home mid-day. We could have a doggy co-op :)

Based on all the postings I feel cavalier moms & dads at least on this forum are really thoughtful people.

24th February 2007, 06:00 PM
I've tried to allow Scout freedom in a small part of the house, but she proved untrustworthy. After all she's just a baby.

Maybe you could have another try removing the things she can get at. Do you have a kitchen area, maybe you could use a puppy gate. As she is left for 9 hours at a time that is lots of exploring time for her so it is up to you to make it safe. I found these guidelines for crating, maybe you could crate in the morning and your mum could let her out to have the more freedom just for the afternoon hours.

Crating Duration Guidelines

9-10 Weeks
Approx. 30-60 minutes
11-14 Weeks
Approx. 1-3 hours
15-16 Weeks
Approx. 3-4 hours
17 + Weeks
Approx. 4+ (6 hours maximum)

*NOTE: Except for overnight, neither puppies nor dogs should be crated for more than 5 hours at a time. (6 hours maximum!)

Apologies could not work out how to do the quote at the top.

24th February 2007, 06:58 PM
When my little George was a young pup he stayed in my (very small) kitchen with a baby gate and his toys. I have a very tiny chew mark on the door frame and sometimes his furry rug in his bed would be over the other side of the kitchen after he'd played with it bless him. Apart from that he was good as gold. Being in a small room rather than a cage really suited him. Not once did he toilet in there (except when he was very poorly), cheeky thing would wait til I was home and come out of 'his' kitchen to wee on my lounge carpet :wggle:

Me and a friend that I'm blessed to have would call in on him at least three times a day and he would always hop back in his basket when we left, honestly with a bit of effort to make them realise they aren't abandoned they are very happy.

25th February 2007, 04:28 PM
I am a single parent and I work full time. No way I cannot. We have a cavi that is now 8 months old. She did great and had no serperation problems as a pup. Nor does she now. I leave for work at about 6:30-7 am and do not get home until 4 pm. My daughter leaves for school at almost 8 and is home jsut before me. So, Lily is alone for about 8 hours, give or take. I work 45 minutes from home and cannot make that trip at lunch. I fretted over getting a dog and finally decided I could make it work somehow. I know some disagree with this sort of arrangement and if I could work closer to home or at home, I would. For lots of reasons! But I just don't feel it should keep us from having a pup. She gets A LOT of love when we are home and is at my side all the time. She knows we love her and is very well adjusted. Good Luck in finding a breeder to work with you.

25th February 2007, 04:54 PM
I'm quite lucky, I am able to drop my boys off at Grandma's everyday - they are retired and don't mind looking after them. I think secretley they wish they had them all the time. The grandparents are very proud of them both and thoroughly enjoy the attention they get when out with them. Grandad loves to talk about his wuffies!

Even so, on the odd occasion and when grandparents are on holiday, I have left Merlin and Josh (grandma's lab) together for 8+ hours and it has had no detrimental effect on them. They have had a good walk in the morning, they have plenty of toys, the radio on and they are happy :D

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think they key is routine. Whenever mine are left, they always get double love and a treat for being good. I think they understand that sometimes they just can't go with you. I do take mine everywhere I can even if its just popping to the shop, they come with me. I went shopping this afternoon, they came in the car with me. sorry.... I've started to ramble......

Scouty girl
26th February 2007, 02:38 PM
Again, thanks for all the great suggestions!!

SFCAdogmom....I wish we lived closer too, a doggie coop sounds great. Our babies could play together...

Kodee....I did buy Scout a crate big enough for a Golden Retriever. She does have room to roam, but of course not the same as being out. My kitchen has a large opeing about 4 1/2 feet. I would need to buy a really big gate, and I really don't have the room for an expen. She'll be one soon and I'm going to try to give her another try. I just don't her to injure herself.

Yvonne117....My mom was all set to start the new 'let scout out and play with her around lunch day', but we had a nasty snow and ice storm yesterday Now that's been pushed back until the melt.

merlinsmum.....I agree with your statement about a routine. In the morning when I get ready to leave, I take Scout out for the last time, when she comes in she goes directly into her crate and waits for her treats. Talk about a guilt trip!!

26th February 2007, 02:48 PM
It's funny how guilty we all feel about being gone during the day - yesterday I was home most of the day with my two cavs and all morning they both just wanted to sleep. I kept thinking "why don't they want to get up and play since I'm home?" So, routine is the key - I now know every Monday morning the "look" I get for getting dressed to leave for work is just a tactic - they start running in circles over the fact they get a cookie 'cuz I'm leaving :D Then they just settle themselves down for their morning nap....


Scouty girl
26th February 2007, 04:31 PM

I know, isn't the guilt trip horrible. When I get ready for work in the morning, Scout comes into the bathroom her head is hanging down so low her chin is practically hitting the floor, and those eyes!!!

Of course, when I bring out a treat she seems to perk up. Sleep, that's what they do most of the day isn't it?