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23rd February 2007, 10:13 AM
I've been looking for some hints on feeding up my dog Eryn so she can put on wait really fast ,she went through a really picky stage of only eating what I fed her by hand ,I eventually got her eating but it was only chicken and rice with a few dog biscuits in between, which actually came in useful when she suffered with that gastro last wk.I've seen the recipe for satin balls but i don't fancy feeding her raw meet,is there any other food out there that will put the weight back on quick.

23rd February 2007, 12:43 PM
Here's the toughlove talk :) :

You really MUST get her on a more balanced diet than chicken, rice and dog biscuits. You've already realised how terrible a habit feeding by hand is!

No dog is going to starve itself and if she isn't eating, then she likely is happy at the weight she is at. I would suggest before making any assumptions about her weight, that you get her into the vet to make sure 1) that she is actually underweight. *Very few dogs are underweight unless they have been or are ill*. (Most people are so used to seeing FAT dogs that they think a normal weight pet is too thin!) 2) that she therefore isn't ill and this isn't a medical problem that needs to be addressed.

A cavalier SHOULD be lean -- it will add years of life if you keep her lean, which means with a *distinct* waist when viewed from above.

Please read through:


As for feeding:

Get a high quality kibble -- eg NOT something you can buy at the supermarket. I recommend Royal Canin 27, James Wellbeloved, or Burns but there are others.

Give your dog the amount she should be fed, *in a dog dish* -- usually between a third to a full cup for a cavalier.

Put it on the floor with *no fuss*. Do not talk to her, look at her, or make a big deal of it.

If she eats, fine. If she doesn't, fine. Do NOT react to either. Give her 15 minutes. At that point lift the bowl, and put it away *til the next scheduled feeding*. NB: Do not give a SINGLE treat during this time or for at least week or two while you work to get her eating a normal nutritious diet and without holding out as she has been doing. **If you feed treats or biscuits, this whole effort will be pointless and she will not learn to eat properly.**

At the next SCHEDULED feeding, repeat the above.

Most dogs realise within days that they either eat or they get very hungry. It is very important not to give your dog what she wants instead of the food -- your fussing and attention! So this is why you absolutely must just put the food down and lift it, and not offer treats as treats only enable her to continue indefinitely the feeding behaviour that is so frustrating to you and unhealthy for her. But please have her medically checked first, if you truly believe she is underweight.

Do NOT resort to trying new foods or something like Satin Balls to tempt her as this will only continue the bad pattern she is in right now. I cannot stress how important it is for you to get her onto a healthier eating regime though as her health WILL suffer from not getting a balanced diet. Once you have her eating on a regular schedule you can reintroduce occasional treats -- like one or two items a day, not a substitute meal! -- and add some more interesting things to her kibble (see other threads on feeding).

23rd February 2007, 12:52 PM
she has been medically checked and they did say that she was under weight, but most of that was due to her illness last wk, looking from Eryn to Megan there is a signifficant difference in their weight ,but since posting this i have been looking at photos of rubies and they all seem to be on the slim side ,is this just the way rubies tend to look?thanks for the advice Karlin

24th February 2007, 02:08 AM
I think it is important first to get her on a balanced diet that will include all her necessary vitamins and minerals, protein etc whether you choose a good quality kibble or home cook.
From there follow the 15 minute rule with feeding (I feed 2 smaller meals a day so the tummy is never too full or empty) and once she is consistently eating her normal food with no fuss you can then start to add lots of things to bulk up the weight if it is still necessary.
Grated cheese, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs occasionally, yogurt (natural) and so much more.
Just having some extra calories on top of her normal food will gradually increase the weight without being excessive. Obviously stop or do a lot less frequently when she has reached the desired weight/shape, but maintain being firm when feeding and keep to the 15 minute rule.

Hope this helps ? If she has a sensitive tummy some things may not be appropriate and you may need to trial and error to find what works for her or talk to you vet and see what they suggest. Good luck. There is nothing worse than a hungry doggy.

24th February 2007, 11:09 PM
I have to feed Alfie the Royal Canin Puppy Skin & digest which I have to get from my vet because he was very poorly to start with. Now I have changed to this I have to be really careful of any other bits I give him in case it upsets his tummy again. To make it a bit more interesting every week or so I give him a little of the Royal canin tinned meat added to the kibble. I get this from my vets but I think the tinned meat is availbale on line. It is very light and it is what our vets give to dogs after any op as it only contains chicken and rice. I find it gets him interested in dinner again.