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24th February 2007, 02:07 AM
We just got our second cavalier last weekend and I can't believe how great everything is going. Colin (2.5 yr old blenheim) and Teddy (12 week ruby) have become fast friends after some initial settling. Having two little boys to snuggle with on the couch is even better than 1!

I've been reading a lot in the postings, but just recently joined. I do have a question for anyone who knows about puppia harnesses. I heard from a someone at the a dog show that using a harness can hurt the dog's shoulders. Has anyone else heard this? They look like they would be more comfortable for Teddy, but I don't want to hurt him!

24th February 2007, 03:39 AM
Congratulations on Teddy. Many people on this board use harnesses, so I am sure someone will be able to answer your question. Sorry, I cannot help on that one, but I do not use them.

24th February 2007, 10:06 AM
Welcome and congratulations on getting your second CKCS. Lots of people use the harnesses so my guess is that they are at least as safe as a collar. The only drawback I have found with the harness is that our Sonny, who has quite a long soft coat, gets terrible knots in his armpits (do dogs have armpits) from it, so now I only use a harness for the car & a collar for walks.

24th February 2007, 10:27 AM

oh i'm so jealous... i'd love a friend for lily but not at the minute though i think i will have 2 maybe next year or so.... maybe when lilys about 18 mth or 2. Is your 2nd cav a rescue??

Joanne M
24th February 2007, 10:47 AM
Hello and welcome dana. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, your cavaliers are gorgeous. Tucker has a puppia harness, his is red and he looks adorable in it. I like the harness for when he's taken for a walk, as it does not put pressure on his neck, either from his pulling on the lead, or from a correction by me with a little tug. With a collar either of these could hurt his little throat area, the vet advised against my using a collar on walks. I agree the puppia harness can mat the hair on Tuckers chest so as soon as he's back in the house I take the harness off. When I'm just walking in and out of the house and putting tucker in the car I usually use a collar, since there is less likely a chance of him pulling or me needing to tug on the lead.

24th February 2007, 03:35 PM
thanks for the information on the puppia. I think I am going to get one as it may be the only way to be able to walk the two of them together. Teddy jumps around when he walks sometimes and the leash gets so tangled.

Teddy is not a rescue, but an 8 year anniversary gift (picked out by me of course!) We were so lucky to have a local breeder have a litter of pups. We were originally wanting a girl and a blenheim, but when I saw Teddy's mother I fell in love. She is deep red, from Sweden and very sweet. His father is a blenheim (which accounts for the tiny bit of white on his head and chest).

Cathy T
24th February 2007, 03:52 PM
Congratulations!!! I just love having two. And he is adorable. I use puppia harnesses with both of mine but only for walking, they don't wear them in the house. Jake gets a little tangle in his armpit (yes, I refer to this as his armpit too!) but it's easy enough to get out.

24th February 2007, 07:07 PM
Alfie & Hubby modelling our latest puppia.

Alfie loves his puppia but was not to keen on a collar. They are so soft and do not rub at all.


24th February 2007, 09:28 PM
sorry must have missed read your initial post, thought u said they were both 2 +.... :?

24th February 2007, 10:27 PM
The only thing better than having one Cavalier is having two!! Nice to meet you and your kids.

I've been puppia shopping too - online, that is. My older Cav is too big for them (but she is on a diet), but my smaller one and my shihtzu would fit them nicely. Let me know if you find a good place to buy them.

24th February 2007, 10:41 PM
Although I live in England I bought my Puppia on an Ebay Store in the states called woof and wag. I can highly recommend their service very fast delivery. The one I ordered was out of stock and they asked if I would like my money back or a more expensive one for the same price.

24th February 2007, 11:03 PM
Welcome!! :flwr:

Harvey's Mum
26th February 2007, 07:12 PM
:w*w: how gorgeous do they look?

Not fair I want another and another and another (I could go on forever I just love them)!!

Anna (Mum of Harvey)

26th February 2007, 07:48 PM
You have 2 beautiful cavs there, congratulations on the new arrival!

28th February 2007, 04:54 AM
I decided to get the puppia!! Here Teddy is modeling it :)

thanks for the help in deciding to get one!

28th February 2007, 07:11 AM
Hey there!! and welcome! :) your cavvy's are both simply gorgeous!! and you avatar is really cute! Glad you decided to go ahead and get the puppia, it looks marvellous on Teddy , the colour suits his fur well.. :flwr:

Oh and Yvonne, Alfie looks lovely in his puppia! love the pattern :p

20th March 2007, 01:07 AM
How hard are they to get on the dogs? I was always hesitant to get a harness in lieu or a collar because it seems like it will be a hassle putting 2 dogs in harness every time I want to take them out. Collars are just so easy, and plus we hardly ever leash them anyway.

20th March 2007, 10:57 PM
The puppia doesn't take much longer to get on than a collar. You just slip it over the head, put one leg in first, then the other and clip. I have not used it for Colin as he does good on a collar.

You should bring one of your cavs to a shop and try them on. They really are easy once you try it!

2nd April 2007, 12:18 AM
Do they carry these harnesses at a Petsmart or Petco? I haven't seen them before. Oliver tends to pull on his leash. We did obedience training and they recommended that we use a training collar but I really like the harness. They are called puppia's?

2nd April 2007, 01:20 AM
Oh no, I would find a class that DOESN'T use training collars! This is the old punish/correct way of training... a cavalier (or any dog) doesn't need this approach and it can really damage their personality and confidence as they are such gentle, happy dogs. Also given the high rate of syringomyelia in the breed several neurologists feel ANY jerking around at the neck has the possibility of encouraging the development of syrinxes or exacerbating any existing but asymptomatic condition. Thus the recommendation that cavaliers be walked on harnesses as preferable to collars, and never to use training collars, choke chains, prong collars etc.

I'd see if you can find a rewards-only obedience class that uses flat buckle collars not training collars and where the trainers are fine with you training on a harness. There is absolutely no difference to using a harness for training rather than a collar, UNLESS you are punishing the dog by leash 'corrections' (which is actually a small throttling of the dog each time to make them fear doing the wrong thing, rather than want to do the right thing -- the latter is the basis for reward/motivational training). APDT certified trainers are a good certification to look out for, for rewards based training: www.apdt.com

PS you can find Puppias on many online sites. :) Smaller dog boutiques tend to carry them; I haven't seen them at the larger US chains.

2nd April 2007, 01:41 AM
Aww Teddy looks so cute!