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27th February 2007, 05:47 PM
B&T in Dunbdalk pound. This dog WILL be killed in the morning first thing unless someone can contact the rescuers to get him out. He was surrendered for supposedly biting or nipping but this is often a case in which children were taunting the dog (we all know how rare it is for a CKCS to be aggressive). There is offer of foster on the thread for this dog but if ANYONE can get this dog from the pound tomorrow and liase with the rescuers to at least get him safe Tara and Lisa can temperament test and we can make further decisions on this dog.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help or this dog will be dead.

Please note I am NOT the contact on this dog as I leave for the US in the morning -- there is offer of foster in Portlaoise and if someone can simply get him out before he is killed we can all work to sort him out after that.

Ann is the main contact on this dog (rescuer working with Dundalk Pound).

This is the thread and there is contact info there:


As this is a surrender and time is crucial please RING them, don't email:

Ann - (086) 8237208
Emma - (087) 7699133

Please only ring them if you can DIRECTLY help this dog as the top priority is to remove him from the pound and for them to know he can come out this evening or he may not get any chance at all -- they pts first thing in the morning.

27th February 2007, 05:58 PM
Have spoken to Ann. We are going to try and persuade pound to let him out; if anyone can help with transport to Portaloise tomorrow or just collect him please liase with Ann at the number above and they will try to get things sorted for him. Mideel aged dog, nn says he was very sweet and docile; she cannot believe he is aggressive, may have been harangued by kids or this is just someone's excuse to dump him. :(

1st March 2007, 05:47 PM
Karlin or mods please close/move this one :(
We tried to get him but to no avail.


1st March 2007, 06:46 PM
Details and ideas on how to move forward positively from this, here: