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Heather Kay
1st March 2007, 10:27 PM
I have a little over a month to prepare, and I want to make extra sure I get all the right sizes/best products/best prices out there. This is my first dog and I am taking this very, very seriously! I would love everyone's input!


- 30"h x 24"w Exercise Pen -- should I get a wire or plastic? I worry soft-sided pens are less-safe/more prone to being chewed through :) Another thing is, since I will likely put this in the kitchen area to keep her while I am gone, I am worried a wire frame might tear up the hardwood floors (even if I put towels or newspaper down).

- Medium-sized hard crate (size/dimensions/brands??) - my breeder says it is important not to go too big because the puppy will lose its 'den instinct' and it will be more difficult to train
- Nylon Collar/Lead - SIZES??
- Puppia harness - Size Small or Medium to start?
- ID charm
- Toys/Chewies - no vinyl
- Snuggle Puppy
- Ceramic Food/H20 bowls
- Dog litter box/paper litter -- she will be already starting on her litterbox training when I get her :)
- Crate pads/soft blankets
- Dog Bed (where she will eventually sleep but I will keep her in her crate until she is fully potty trained)
- Grooming supplies (slicker, grooming spray, shampoo, ear oxide)
- Food/Natural Treats - no rawhide!
- Travel carrier (not an essential but I will need this)

2nd March 2007, 03:25 PM
Great list i made a similar one before we got lady i love lists so satisfying ticking each point off. For the pen we have a wired one it's the crufts freedom play pen 900mm and make sure its tall enough so she doesn't jump out. Our has a plastic tray at the bottom so it doesn't damage our wood floors. Also you could put some carpet or lino under the puppy pen to protect your floor if your worries. Also have you thought about getting a puppy gate so that you can divide rooms. And block assess to stairs. Also worming and flea tick treatments. Lady has a small puppia it was on the tightest setting when we got her and now were letting it out into the largest setting. Hope that helps.

2nd March 2007, 05:14 PM
All the info on sizes and items you will need is here:


2nd March 2007, 06:20 PM
Heather, sounds like you have a great list! I got some good ideas about the carriers from Cicero's Mummy because we also travel a bit, too. I really like the Celltei ones. You can go directly to their website at celltei.com, and they have a lot of different styles. Most are also approved for airline usage, should that be a need of yours. Good luck, I'm busy buying too, Bianca comes home March 10th! :D

5th March 2007, 08:10 AM
you should check out www.dog.com for prices. They got some really great prices compared a retail store like petsmart. For instance the crate that I am getting for my puppy at petsmart is 55-60 dollars and on dogs.com its only 35 dollars

5th March 2007, 02:53 PM
I used the Roycroft list to start out, it gives you a good idea of necessities. Between the 2 crates it mentions, I'd go with the larger 24x30 its not too large, especially for an adult cavalier (I have the smaller, its ok and I needed it because of space restrictions but if I had the room, I'd definately prefer the larger.

Collar 3/4" mentioned is good in a 10-14" adjustable and will fit (loosely) from day 1 to about 4 or 5 mths.

A 6' lead is better starting out as the 4' is a little short for walks and potty breaks.

An xpen wont scratch your floors, they are lightweight and smooth on the bottom. But if you can find a good priced plastic they are sturdier. I would definately NOT go with a softsided - yes they chew everything!

I personally got the carrier as they need to be contained in the car for all those early vet appointments and training. At that age a seatbelt allows too much freedom. For me carrying the metal crate is too much of a bother. I got Petsmate intermediate - go up a size if you want to use it past 6 or 7 mths.

Bowl I got a small flater cat dish with low sides has her neck is still short. The first 2 or 3 wks we just scattered the kibble onto a plastic tray (most puppies start out this way).

I said that about rawhide till she hit the scamper all the time stage! 100% raw hide seems ok with her system - but I pick it up and only offer it about 2x a day for 10min or so if she is worked up. I had a big time allergy problem with Dental Chews (purina due to corn oil or something in them).

Everyone told me to not waste money on a bed. It was the best investment out of everything next to the crate (I use the xpen but not much as I am home, plus she has escaped it!). The bed is next to the crate. Its the one that is sheepskin on the inside with walls (nest). Its large enough for a large adult cav - but for now, its where she chooses to take her toys and lounge and play. She loves it, I cant image not having it. She feels secure in it and doesnt demand to be held 24/7. The crate she wont fuss if I put her in and sleeps a good 9 hrs a night - but she doesnt choose it on her own - she chooses in the day to hop in her bed and play till she falls asleep.

Those are my experiences to date with a 13 wk old! I dont remember if your list had child proof gates - yup i need 3 to keep her confined to kitchen area - they are life savers and give her more freedom than being penned all the time. Plus she is more independant with me not following her about worrying. Hope it helps.

Heather Kay
13th March 2007, 04:37 PM
Thank you all for the suggestions! Kodee--your list is great. I printed yours and the information from Roycroft's site and took it with me to the pet store this past weekend.

Battie4: I have used Petedge and Dog.com to buy smaller items such as toys, vitamins, etc. Ordering larger items such as a crate or exercise pen tacks on oversize shipping charges and it ends up being the same price as if I just bought it directly from a store.