View Full Version : Ruby won the battle of the wills

2nd March 2007, 06:49 PM
Well, Ruby has won. She is now contentedly sleeping through the night in the bed with her mommy and daddy. She starts out in the kennel, but around midnight we have to go out for a potty break, and going back in the kennel is out of the question. Oh well, she's a pretty good little snuggler!! She's doing much better with the potty training, even going to the door sometimes and whining when she needs to go...still the occasional accident if we're not watching her as well as we should. We still have the biting issue, but that's expected with her age and all. She's also doing much better with the harness and leash. She still resists sometimes, but a Charlee Bear treat (which by the way, is the BEST treat I've ever had for a dog) coaxes her along. Oh, and a question about fruits....how much do you usually give your puppy? She LOVES bananas and peaches, so I'll give her a little when I'm eating some, and she sometimes gets it mixed in with her food. I just don't want to feed her too much so she won't eat her puppy food.

2nd March 2007, 09:38 PM
this from someone who had a very bad start with feeding as i fussed sooo much with jadan that in the end he refused to eat unless it was different every time. :? i would say not to mess with her food AT ALL!!! and give her treats seperately either after or later on so that she gets the idea that her food is just that and her treats are treats. maybe others have different views on this, but its the only thing that works with jadan or he would just end up picking through his food for the yummy bits and leaving the rest. no treats unless his kibble was gone first and he has been fine ever since. tough love someone called it and it certainly was...on me! apple, carrot and flavoured ice cubes are jadans favourites. :flwr:

2nd March 2007, 10:01 PM
So glad little Ruby is doing so well. She's a real cutie. And don't you love having her in your bed?