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2nd March 2007, 11:15 PM
The wheels seemed to be falling off every way we turned so we decided to put the trip to Chattanooga off for a couple of weeks. We'll have all the paperwork in hand by then on the van and be able to turn it over to them and not deal with it any more. (I did tell my Mom that I'm gonna drive the wheels off of it now!)

Mom is sick - I've mentioned that. Haven't talked to her today, but she was not in good shape yesterday. My memory is rattled - I think I've mentioned that she has COPD, is on oxygen, and has osteoporosis (and several broken bones that haven't mended.)

Wallis has diarrhea today. Oh joy - just what we needed! Other than that she seems to be fine. Our appointment with the specialist is at 1:00 on Monday. I don't look forward to that. Sounds like a xanax moment to me.

And the cat is sick. He's 14 and been having some issues for a while. He has a hernia and every time we board him he gets angry and refuses to poop. So they give him an enema. We have medicine we are supposed to give him but after a couple of times he sees me and runs. He doesn't have the pooping problem at home, just at the kennel. Today he pee'd on one of the beds while I watched. Of course, he ran like crazy when he got finished. I've stripped the bed then let him outside. He stays under on chair outside all day usually, although yesterday I don't think he went out of the house.

Bubba has been in bed all day with a headache (that's usually me, not him) so we've had a fairly dull day here. He decided to take off from work anyway and we were going to see Wild Hogs but he isn't able.

Looks like it's me and the TV tonight.

3rd March 2007, 12:06 AM
Just great big hugs to you from me and the boys :hug::hug::hug:

Hope Wallis is OK & gets through this latest setback, poor love. Your car sounds just like one I used to have. We always used to leave them at their 'grandparent's' house when we went away but on more than one occasion the one ended up having to have an enema at the Vets as he wouldn't poop when away from us :roll:

You've certainly got your hands full, Donna. Just remember to always take care of yourself and Bubba too. We can forget our own needs when our furbabies and our loved ones are poorly.

Hugs to you anyway

Donna, Maxx and Charlie xxxxx