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6th March 2007, 10:55 AM
an elderlyish man was walking with his mother & i think purposley turned away when his dog had a poo on the grass outside my front where the kids all play.... i knew he wasnt lookinbg so i shouted '' excuse me your dogs just had a poo on the grass''.... ok he said i'll pick it up & guess what he did come out & went more or less to the area his dog had pooed.... now how did he know exactly if he hadnt seen it..... a lampost right under his nose stating a £1000 fine for dog foul... I wondered later if i should have just said nothing as loads let them around my area & sometimes i feel like taking a photo & sending it to the council. Infact i was in the council offices yesterday & a lady left her comp to get me a form & i had anosey at her comp & would you believe it was instructions to a worker of some kind to come to where i live & clean it up around the other street. Why should we pay people to shouvel other peoples s### up of their dogs......... makes me so mad as we always pick it up & even my 10 yr old son does & i can feel people watching me......

6th March 2007, 11:28 AM
Well done...I'd of done exactly the same thing although I would be really tempted to go to the council!!!

There is someone on my street who keeps letting their dog poo and they don't pick it up :swear:
This is really annoying me as it is the same person everyday - I can't wait to catch this person, if I find out who it is I am really tempted to pick the poo up and put it on their doorstep (evil I know) but it just really makes me furious when some people consistantly pick up after their dogs and then others just don't care.

6th March 2007, 11:44 AM
i agree, if everyone thought it was ok to let their dogs poo and not clean it up, the place will turn into a sewer.

At the dog parks i've been to, there are waste cans with scoopers, for people to clean up after their dogs, and people are good about doing it. No one wants to be stepping in it. And you aren't watching your dog every second so if you miss it, someone else will tell you. I've seen people picking up after other dogs too. Whether this can work or not, having a park everyone can enjoy, depends on each person doing the right thing, and being a conscience to certain other people who may need a reminder.

6th March 2007, 11:56 AM
I would of went outside, unfortunately where I live we don't have many dog parks. The one we do have is absolutely filthy and I wouldn't even take my dogs in it.

The ignorance of folk and then they complain.

We have a caravan in the country and sometimes this happens, I go outside and remind them to pick up the mess.
We are on a corner, most folk are good about it but you do get the few that are completey ignorant in this case I will pick it up and go to where their caravan is and leave it for them.

Bruce H
6th March 2007, 11:57 AM
I would do exactly the same thing. In fact, when Kris or I are at dog shows, we see people quite often let their dog poop and just walk away. We usually carry extra plastic bags, so we will many times offer them one of our bags as they are leaving. I love the embarrassed looks! These people showing dogs, of all people, should know better!

6th March 2007, 12:06 PM
if I find out who it is I am really tempted to pick the poo up and put it on their doorstep (evil I know) but it just really makes me furious when some people consistantly pick up after their dogs and then others just don't care.

A few years ago we had a neighbour who used to let her 3 huge dogs poo on our front lawn. I got fed up of asking her to clean it up and just getting a mouthful of abuse back. One day my hubby waited for her to 'walk' her dogs (usually just down to our lawn :x ) and then she went off to work. He went out and shovelled it all up then spread it all over her doorstep, knowing she wouldn't be home until it was dark. Funny thing was, she never let her dogs poo on our lawn again :lol:

6th March 2007, 12:24 PM
i did a similar thing a year ago both the fence between me & next door neighbour blew down so the neighbour newxt to her had a dog which wondered down & pooed on our lawn. Hubby picked it up 2x then i got it on a shovel & flung it back into their garden. How flamming scruffy to let your dog out to poo all over the place then let it back in. My sister is just as bad, she dosent pick it up & thinks its ok as its on an old railway line & in long grass..... :oops: shes had the people to the door once as the dog got out well on purpose ran away & the warden rang her to say we picked up your dog & he pooed so charged her to... so for all shes my big sis she deserves a fine......

Joanne M
6th March 2007, 12:56 PM
There is a dog in my neighborhood that the owners regularly let off leash. I worry it will get hit by a car. This dog has decided that my front yard is a perfect place to do his business. I regularly pick up it's poop. It's one thing to pick up after Tucker another to pick up after someone else's dog. But I do it. I have been tempted to say something to the neighbor but as yet I have not.

Your comments remind me of an old family story. I have an uncle that takes great pride in his lawn. He once got so fed up with a dog in his neighborhood constantly pooping on his lawn when it was walked by it's owner that he picked it up, and brought the plastic bag along with the poop contents to the neighbor, rang the door bell and said, "I believe you forgot something." I haven't had the courage do to what Uncle Hank did. But I've been tempted.

6th March 2007, 01:25 PM
This so annoying. I went out the other day, and several of my pansies around my mail box and a bunch of the pine straw were all laying in my driveway next to the flower bed. When I picked up the pansies to try to put them back in the ground (couldn't, they were broken at the roots) I saw a huge pile pf poop where the dug up pansies were. Owners all walk their dogs in my neighborhood, as we have a very strict leash law. I have never seen a dog run loose. This means the owner let the dog poop there and dig up my flowers too :swear: My dog goes in her back yard, and we scoop it every other day :x

Cathy T
6th March 2007, 03:37 PM
I would have done the same!! If I see someone's dog pooping and they walk away...I'll walk over and offer a bag. Like Bruce, I love the looks on their faces!! We have a large golden retriever, very elderly, that wanders our neighborhood. I was walking the guys, on leash with my supply of poop bags, and saw this dog walk up to a yard and put down a huge pile. It so irritated me! Guess these people don't ever have to worry about cleaning up their yard....since their dog just wanders the neighborhood and goes in everyone else's yard. I intend to find out where he lives and talk to them. It's just plain irresponsible. How are they going to feel when they find their dog dead in the middle of the road?! Just bugs the heck out of me!

6th March 2007, 03:51 PM
Dont even get me started on this subject. We have a grass verge outside our house which dog walkers seem to think its fine to let their dogs poo on it so my son can get out of our car and step in it. (he seems to manage to find it every time). My husband or I ALWAYS go straight out if we see anyone and call them back and offer them a poop bag. We have heard every excuse under the sun as to why they did not pick it up. We have even been threatened and told to mind our own business (did not go down well with hubby) I think the guy wished he had kept quiet!!

Cleo's Person
6th March 2007, 05:28 PM
I won't get started as if I do I won't stop. Siffice it to say if you can't/don't/won't scoop the poop, you shouldn't have a dog. Hardly anyone in our neighbourhood does. It so gross. :yuk:

7th March 2007, 01:23 AM
I can really relate to this.. I have someone who used to live in our neighborhood that brings her dogs back to my street and turns them loose to run our yards... pooping peeing you name it in all of our yards.

I saw the dog run past my front door last weekend and I opened the front door yelling for it to get out of my yard..knowing the owner must be close.

A few minutes later went out to refill firewood and saw the owner was still up there..

I yelled up ...asking if she owned the dog..she said yes
when I told her that he is running through my yard she said "oh he is just going to so and so's house for a treat" This person only comes up on the weekend ..and this was a weekday.
I just said you know it disrupts my house every time you do this. Please keep him out of my yard. I later found out they have 10 acres of land..and should have no reason to do this...

Next time..I am calling animal control and turning the dog in.
I can't believe how some people think...

7th March 2007, 01:45 AM
Yep you did the right thing.

Most people where I live pick up their dog mess on the street. I didn’t realize this till I went to my brothers for Christmas and had to dodged the dog mess when walking SiânE.. I told my brother this and he rely that most people think he is mad that he picked up this dog’s mess. :?

One thing I love is over the park is when I pick up SiânE mess and I see another dog owner announce that they had left their bags at home and look for something to pick their dog mess up with. We all known they never had the bag to begin with. icon_whistling

But I do know many dog owners who shout if someone doesn’t pick up. 8)

7th March 2007, 03:49 AM
I had a neighbor in KY who would scoop the poop from their Yorkie and 2 German Shepherds then put it into the sewer drain. My best friend lived next door to them and I always had to pass the drain to get to her house. When it reached the point that I could smell it from my driveway to hers I called the city. I think that they sent a letter to the people AND had someone pay them a visit.

The only pitfall of this was that my friend's daughter played with the offending neighbor's daughter and they stopped allowing them to play together. They assumed that it was either me or my friend who had called the city because the other neighbor there (on a cul-de-sac) was "too nice". My friend was very upset; I offered to go tell them that I had called and why but she didn't want to make things worse. (?)

I don't know about in FL, but in Lexington there are a couple of services that will come to your house and clean the poop out of your yard (for a fairly modest fee). Erin used to have this service at her house, especially when she had the Golden.

Just goes to show that generally speaking people are rude and inconsiderate or others. I've seen them stand in a vet clinic and watch their dog poop then act like they didn't know what to do about it!

7th March 2007, 04:53 AM
i also won't let the poop sit in my backyard, at all. I pick it up as soon as it happens. I don't want my neighbors to smell it, even if i don't smell it, because it never gets that much, but the neighbors are close where i live, in fact, one neighbor's bathroom window looks out on my backyard, apartment house living. i want to be a good dog neighbor and don't want to give anyone anything to complain about or be bothered by. My neighbors have been really nice about Zack, supportive, positive, and assuring me there is no bother, no noise problem, etc. Poop is a really sensitive issue and i definitely don't want to cause any problems in that department. When i walk Zack out on the streets, i always feel proud to pick up the poop. I would feel embarrassed not to. Once in a while i inadvertantly don't have a bag to pick it up with, and i come back later to get it. It's my environment too, and i don't want it to be a toilet. It's very very rare to see any left behind poop in my neighborhood. I never see stray dog without a person, ever. People that don't clean up after their dogs, especially in an urban environment (out in the country might be a different matter)--that seems low class to me, not to mention rude.

7th March 2007, 05:30 AM
I usually have a go if people don't pick up after their dogs, the rule is there for a reason and it's horrible if you are unfortunate enough to tread in it.

Only yesterday I was driving on my scooter to my mum's and right in the middle of the pavement on a busy street, there was a pile of poop, clearly from a large dog, someone had already trodden in it, you could see the footprint and of course, it had been spread further than just the spot where the dog had pooped. I managed to drive around it thankfully.

Just a few years ago, there was an oldish guy who used to walk his dog, always off the lead and never paid any attention to what it was doing, one day, his dog pooped right in the middle of the pavement in front of someone's driveway, he saw it and carried on walking. I shouted to him to pick it up and he refused so I had a go at him, there was also a guy from the building cleaning his car and he joined in too so the bloke did eventually come back and pick it up but I bet he never did again unless he was pulled up on it.

It's so annoying cos since they brought in the ruling, the streets and parks have been so much cleaner, there are dog bins provided all over the place, there really is no excuse. And why are people so reluctant to do it anyway? It's not like you even get your hands dirty (unless of course your finger makes a hole in the bag you use, yuk) and when others see you picking up after your dog, very often they will comment on how nice it is to see responsible dog owners.

I would far rather people watched me pick up my dog's poop and think I was being responsible than have people give me dirty looks or have a go at me for not doing so.

End of rant! lol!


7th March 2007, 05:56 AM
Yup we are a poop and scoop family. But it kills me how many people will let their dog walk half way up my front lawn and leave it! I guess I notice it more now than with our lab as I am fussing till Kodee is finished her shots.

But I have a complaint in the other direction about home owners. When I first got Jessie at 4 mths I took her out. In the first wk she decided to relieve herself on someones lawn. I was being careful to not let her poop till the park so she just peed. Then I heard this man when I was half way down the street screaming. I turned around and he is shaking his fist literally, yelling and carrying on... people actually came out of their backyards to see who was dying. Then I realized he was yelling at me. When he got to me I kept backing up, the poor dog was scared to death - he just wouldnt quit, on and on. I moved back he'd move up - I apologized till I was blue - I mean you cant stop a puppy from peeing on the way to the park! Never again did I ever have this happen in 15 yrs. He moved than goodness.

7th March 2007, 11:48 AM
I'm having the same problem at the moment.
Someone around where I live lets there dog poop right up my drive way. This time it was just to the side by my car so I had to be carefull when I went home. Once it was right at the top by the frount door, unforunatly I didn't see it and one night when it was raining and stepped right in it and skidded, I didn't go over but twisted my ankle in the process of trying to stay up right.

I have a feeling I know who it is but its bloody hard catching him as he walks his dog at really funny hours 1am-3am!? He was out earlier on Friday and Nan was watching him from the kitchen with the light on, he must of seen her as he didn't return on the same route.

I always have loads of bags in my pockets, if I find I haven't and we are outside I do nothing more than turn around and go back in and get some. Mine and Tobys normal walkies route is full of poop left, I just hope people don't think its me.