View Full Version : runny stools from fish oil?

8th March 2007, 06:24 PM
Padden has been having really soft stools and at the ends strains for awhile until some liquid comes out. It also looked like a drop of blood came out this am but I'm not possitive. She's had softer stools all week and the only thing different is that I've been giving her a concentrated fish oil for her dry skin. Which has drastically improved since sunday when we started the oil. I stopped giving her the oil yesterday when she started getting the runs. But it hasn't cleared up yet.
We also stopped all extras to her food as she's decided to be a picky eater now! But I am still giving her a small amount of pumpkin to firm up her stools.

Any ideas if this is probably caused from the oil or if it could be something else? Would giving her boiled chicken and rice help?

My boyfriend is calling the vet so I'm sure we'll be taking her in tonight after work but just wanted to get all your opinions.

Denise G.
8th March 2007, 08:10 PM
Sounds like colitis--Mia has it every once in a while. I usually give her a metronidazol (sp?) and it clears up quickly. With Mia, it's sometimes related to food, but mostly seems to occur if I've been gone for a few days or she's stressed for some reason. I give Mia fish oil every day and she's fine with it--but every dog is different. You might try just feeding her normal food without the extras and fish oil and see then when she's better try adding the fish oil back in and see if she reacts to it then.

I hope Padden feels better soon--keep us posted. :flwr:

8th March 2007, 08:13 PM
hi there

i think you're doing the right thing by calling the vet as you think you saw some blood---

is it possible that padden picked up something on a walk? indy vacuums up chewing gum and everything else when we walk him and is just recovering from a bad bout of diarreah. your vet will certainly give recommendations, but i'd also fast her for 24 hours, well at least until the vet gives instructions, to give her digestive system a rest.

hope padden feels better soon and keep us updated.


8th March 2007, 11:01 PM
we have an appointment at the vets in a few hours. I'll keep you all posted. She seems fine and didn't have any accidents while I was at work....

9th March 2007, 12:16 AM
I've been giving Lily fish oil for about a month now, and no problems. She has firm stools unless she has a stomach upset. I also give her a tablespoon of pumpkin every day, which she loves.

9th March 2007, 12:49 AM
My men have been on fish oil for 3.5 years now and I have never had any probs. At times Harry has suffered with colitis due to his different meds upsetting his tummy but I have still maintained the fish oil, 3 caps a day and never had any trouble with it clearing up.

Cathy Moon
9th March 2007, 02:05 AM
Each dog is different!

Geordie has gotten runny stools from both fish oil and from pumpkin. I have to be careful to give him small amount with his food.

Chockie, on the other hand, never gets runny stools. In fact, I give her extra fish oil so they're not too hard.

9th March 2007, 02:10 AM
Let us know how you go at the vets.

Our Beau had the runny poos with mucus & streaks of blood in it when we first got him. The blood bit scared me. I took a punt & changed his kibble (as the breeder said all the pups had runny poos) and within only 1 meal everything settled down. Now I am very careful about what I introduce into his diet.... only 1 thing at a time & if anything gives him the runs I stop it immediately, then try it several days later.

After the vet visit, I'd certainly stop the fish oil to see if it settles. You can always try it again say a week after things have returned to normal. If he gets the runs from it then you will know not to give it to him.

9th March 2007, 02:51 AM
well $113 later and the vet said it could be a number of things.

I took in the fish oil that we had been giving her and she didn't think it was from that. But we aren't giving it to her again until things harden back up. I sure hope that's not the cause because her coat is super soft and shiny and no more dandruff after 4 days! They took a fecal sample to check for parasites, but we don't have the results yet. Regardless, the vet gave as an antibiotic to kill anything in there and also something to stop the runs. So much for her NO people food. We're suppose to give her white rice and I have to cover her pills in peanut butter or she spits them out or clamps her mouth shut! Guess we'll be starting over once things clear up with the 15 minute rule.

I feel more at ease now knowing its nothing critical. Thanks for the help. I really do appreciate it.

9th March 2007, 04:36 AM
Izzy didn't tolerate the fish oil at all.....

We have now started giving them Omega vitamin tablets and they don't scratch nearly as much as they used to..

Sharon 7
9th March 2007, 10:28 PM
I read in one of the books on diet (that is recommended on this site) so it must be good :) that feeding our dogs plain yoghurt can be beneficial when they have runny poo. Has something to do with the live culture in the yoghurt.
Of course check with your vet. This book was written by a vet, that has really excellent results with doggy diet.

Cathy T
9th March 2007, 10:53 PM
Hang in there. I went through poop problems with Jake for a good 18 months before his system finally settled down. Knock on wood....it's been ages since we've had a problem. There never was a "firm" (ha ha) diagnosis.

I do give my guys a probiotic and an enzyme with their meal.

10th March 2007, 12:38 AM
Just a handy hint I have found is to hide the pills in some banana, I find it easier than peanut butter and a lot better for them aswell as not being so rich.

11th March 2007, 03:14 AM
I just went thru some major poo problems with Bentley last month....he had very soft stools, and some liquid, altho not much liquid. I fed him boiled chicken and rice, and that helped...and I also gave him about a teaspoonful of pure pumpkin with each feeding (the 100% pure canned pumpkin, not the pie filling) and that really firmed up his poo immediately. Good thing that you went to the vet thought too, because you never know.