View Full Version : Depression in Dogs ?

fuzzie bear
9th March 2007, 01:48 PM
Myth or fact ??

I didn't quite believe it until the following happened :

Ruby and Bailey when I stay in my parents house (which could be 2-3 nights a week) used to sleep up in bed with me.

Then I was going through a stage where I couldn't sleep and the dogs weren't helping by snoring and licking my face all night. So I stopped them coming to bed with me.

In this time (didn't notice it then) but they started to put on a lot of weight. They weren't eating any differently so couldn't understand what it was. At one stage they went up to 15kg.....

So about 8 weeks ago as my sleeping got better, I started bringing them to bed with me again. I can't believe it - they've lost nearly all the weight they put on....

Am I imagining this ??

9th March 2007, 04:11 PM
I believe it.

When I got my cavalier last year, I was living off campus in a house with a few of my friends. My pup followed me everywhere and was my shadow. I lived there until Jan when my lease expired so I had to move into a dorm where they don't allow pets.

So my folks volunteered to take care of the little guy until May when I'm graduating. They've got a 4 year old cavalier so he's got friends. But, my mom said for the first 2 weeks he was moping around and didn't eat much. But after I visited in Feb he perked up and now is doing great. He even tries to dominate the other cav somewhat, but she puts him in his place. :)