View Full Version : Kodee got the power - or so she thought!

9th March 2007, 03:04 PM
So Kodee came in from the cold and did her usual, zoom once round the kitchen to warm up. Then she went straight to the den and sat and whined at the couch. This is how she says, I need a cuddle before I go to sleep. OK so i sit down pick her up and she settles down in my lap and then turns fast to itch her back and gives me a dirty look - again it happens. We have learned sometimes she works up an electric charge and gives herself zaps - but she always gives me the dirty look like I did it.

Our couch is a highly stuffed leather type. Then she jumps from my lap and zooms to the other end of the couch, hits the end turns and zooms making a leap straight over my lap, goes another 2 ft, hits the high arm and leaps (with detemination - remember this is a dog who was afraid a wk ago to get off a 1ft fireplace) and jumps, sky high - landing about 1cm from a 6ft pine mirror on the wall :sl*p: She sat looked at the couch, looked at me and with a smirt trotted off to the kitchen.

She felt mighty powerful. Till she saw me get out the xpen, put a treat in it and place her in it. A large sigh was heard as I left the kitchen to go get dressed. I'm thinking if she can fire herself off a 3ft couch and land with the grace of a cat, she can get herself out the 3 steps to the backyard. Infant carrying days out to the yard are over love!

Cathy T
9th March 2007, 03:08 PM
Oh Kodee...what a crack up!!! I can just see her giving you a dirty look.

10th March 2007, 06:12 PM
:lol: Don't you know that these babies are the Kings and Queens of dirty looks and huffing? I had never heard a dog huff and puff until I got Maxx.

Now, the kids will do something like sit in his favourite seat on the sofa or something, just to hear him huff at them :roll: :lol:

10th March 2007, 10:55 PM
alfie has mad fits he will run from room to room including upstairs and all my expensive mats wii be shoved up against everything the one he really likes to kill is in front of the fire ,that one ends right up the fire place.