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10th March 2007, 11:06 PM
so i have an announcement to make:

indy and hubby and i are moving from dublin to atlanta in june!!! 8) i'm so excited---i'm originally from atlanta and my irish hubby and i have been planning to leave dublin for a few years and the time has come. i've really enjoyed living here, but it's time to go home and be closer to my friends and family----for a few years anyway. it will be a huge change for all of us---cormac has never lived in the usa and i'll be in reverse culture shock for a while, but we are thrilled!

before getting indy we researched quarantines and we are very lucky that as ireland doesn't have rabies, indy (who has been vaccinated anyway) will have no problems coming along with us. i'm going to cry my eyes out when i say goodbye at the airport, but he's going to have such a great time when he arrives meeing his 'grandparents' and 'uncle'. my two best friends have both gotten dogs in the past month so i can't wait for indy to meet his 'cousins.'

anyway, we will be staying with my parents for the first month or two while we get settled. this is going to be interesting. my parents love dogs, but are of the old school 'dogs belong outside' crowd and having mr. jones with his tumbleweeds in the house full time is going to take quite a bit of getting used to. we have been working very hard in the past 2 months to perfect his housetraining :shock: and i'm so proud of his progress and we are trying to train him to do or not to do a lot of things that don't bother us, but might bother my folks so i'll probably be posting a lot of training queries.

i have a few questions/concerns about moving a dog internationally and into a different climate, etc.... but i'll post those seperately. if anyone has travelled from europe to america or vice versa with their cavvie please let me know.

thanks---i've been dying to say this but haven't told work yet so it didn't feel right. couldn't hold it in any more!!!

(big exhalation) thanks for listening!

10th March 2007, 11:09 PM
Congratulations Kim. You must be so excited to see your friends and family again. I bet Indy wins your parents hearts. My parents were old school with dogs too and as soon as they lived with my cavaliers all their old rules went out the window.

10th March 2007, 11:13 PM
i am pleased for you.keep on line still wont you.is atlanta hot.

Cathy T
10th March 2007, 11:19 PM
How exciting for you all!! My mother isn't terribly fond of dogs....but she does adore Jake and Shelby. How could she not!? They are such sweet sweet dogs. And it will only be for a while. I'm sure it will all be alright as long as you accept responsibility for him and clean up after him....as I already know you will.

10th March 2007, 11:42 PM
Congratulations. I went to Atlanta last year for a conference and had a fab time. I think I had some of the best meals in my life when I was there...let me think....Atlanta fish market and Maggionis or something like that were just divine restaurants :luv:

I'm sure Indy will be fine on the journey :flwr:

10th March 2007, 11:57 PM
Atlanta is my home town, so maybe I will get to meet Indy one day!!! Cavvie play date!

11th March 2007, 01:58 AM
Yea Kim.....You will be my neighbor now, well sort of. We moved from Atlanta to Birmingham last summer. Loved Atlanta but hated the traffic. We are now back with family, which is so important. I know you can't wait to be close to your family and friends. Maybe some of us in the south can have a cavalier get together at some point That would be fun. Very happy for you, hubby and Indy.

Joanne M
11th March 2007, 02:18 AM
Congratulations and good luck Kim. No wonder you were bursting to tell, it's big news!! My mother is not a dog person. She's actually not even a pet person. But, Tucker has won her over. My rambunctious little boy that dances, runs, jumps all usually with a ball in his mouth, will lay or sit alongside his grammy on the couch, meek as a lamb whenever she visits. Indy will have them eating from his paws :)

11th March 2007, 03:09 AM
Its great your moving close to your family for a while. Wont it be fun to have 2 Cavalier Talk members so close to you too!

11th March 2007, 12:28 PM
How exciting 4 you :D Your parents will love Indy - so much they'll probably want him for themselves ;)

12th March 2007, 03:04 PM
thanks everyone!!! i'll definately stay on cavalier talk...after all i am an addict now :lol: i'm hoping that indy will win over the folks as well....bringing lots of photos when i visit and i'm even thinking of mailing my dad a weekly photo of him to warm his heart (or drive him mad....).

yes justine atlanta is quite hot and HUMID in the summer...i haven't been there in the summer since 2000 so i'm in for a shock myself but it's a welcome one!

how funny---i actually worked at the atlanta fish market for a couple of months in college....my mouth is watering just thinking about it. yes shay---i remember the traffic all too well. i think that is probably the worst thing about atlanta. i'll probably be going against the traffic at first though so it's not too bad.

how do all the southern (and continental and aussie) cavaliers handle the summer heat? are they generally ok with it? indy loves to sit in the sun so i'm hoping he'll enjoy it. i also thought that a little paddling pool could be fun for him and my parents have the old one that my brother and i used :)


12th March 2007, 03:24 PM
We live at the beach in Destin (about 5 hours south of Atlanta) As long as the boys can get in the water, which they love, they stay cool...and we go through a TON of water when they are outside.

I did cut Duncan real short last summer but I am trying to avoid it this year...we will keep you posted.

Cathy Moon
12th March 2007, 04:08 PM
How exciting for you Kim!! :)

12th March 2007, 06:15 PM
Bianca is home! (will post a thread with her pictures soon...) but anyway, I'm just responding to your thread as a fellow 'southerner", if N. Carolina counts. I think you're going to find that Indy does well, even with the hot summers. One of the reasons we moved to the mid-south from the Midwest is so we could spend more of the year outside. Bianca loved sitting in the sun with me this weekend, and then we took breaks in the shade and ate some ice cubes together. It'll be an adjustment (for all of you, I'm sure), but we do love it here. Shay, I'd love to have a "southern cavalier" get-together! Maybe we can all meet in Atlanta which is in the middle for most people.....
welcome back to the States! Now get 'yer gun! Just kidding! :D -Natalie
pS we are bringing Bianca to Montreal with us, but not until July so I won't be of much use to you for help with international travel. If Indy, though, will be traveling on board with you, I'd go ahead and reserve your 'space ' to keep him on board because they only allow one dog in first class, two in coach. Call the airline directly about that one. Delta is very accommodating as is United.

12th March 2007, 06:36 PM
That's exciting news, Kim. I'm sure it won't take long for you to re-learn your "Southern Accent"!!

We moved Wallis from KY, which has definate seasons, to FL, which has warm, hot and hotter. She has done fine with it and loves to chase the lizards. She fell into the pool her first night here and keeps her distance from it now.

But, Atlanta as you know also has 4 seasons. I don't think it would be a problem for her. I'm not sure of the climate where you are now, but Atlanta doesn't usually have drastic changes (I'm originally from a small town on the Ga/TN line) so she'll be able to adjust gradually.

We drive through Atlanta when we go to see family. I love the town but if I lived there it would have to be on the outskirts! But my family says that the traffic in Orlando is just as bad. Just takes some getting used to.

13th March 2007, 12:13 AM
How cool!!! See you soon State side ;)