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13th March 2007, 09:24 PM
Not a pleasent subject I know but, Belle is 13 weeks old and since we have had her at 8 weeks her poos have been very soft, they are formed but when you try and scoop them up its not very easy!. Shes just had her second vaccinations so I asked the vet about it she said her digestive system properly doesnt like something in the food we are giving her. When she first came to us she was on Eukanuba and tinned puppy Pedigree chum, which she was loose on,I weaned her on to Junior RC, the vet has suggested James beloved which I am now beginning to wean her on, has anyone else used this food on their puppy and do you think its better than RC , I would appreciate others views on this.

13th March 2007, 09:29 PM
I had the same problem with Beau when we first got him even though I kept him on the same diet that his breeders had him on. I haven't tried any of the brands you've mentioned, but I put Beau on Hill's Science Diet for Puppies. I know many on this forum do not like it, but it fixed up his sloppy poos in just one meal.

Hope you sort it out. It isn't nice and I am sure not pleasant for the little ones either.

17th March 2007, 04:48 PM
i can honestly say that jwb worked GREAT on jadan for his loose poo!!!! (when i found out that he couldnt have the poultry ones that is) but apart from that his poos are small firm sausages thanks. Have since changed his food (goodness knows why as he did well on it but i just wanted him to want it more!! wagging tail etc) and the new food is doing well too, wainwrights salmon and rice. he loves it and still firm poos. ;) :flwr: maybe just give it a bit longer or ask your vet. :flwr: