View Full Version : NB: Selling items via posts or PMs

17th March 2007, 11:00 PM
As we now have several people with online shops or offering private services on the board, I want to remind people that it is not acceptable to send PMs or email to board members listing items for sale unless someone has specifically asked for this information.

Sending unsolicited PMs or emails through the board, to board members, that are basically advertisements for goods, is considered spamming and this is clearly not allowed in my board guidelines.

Likewise while I am happy to have people occasionally post items of interest or new developments on their web shops here, or post links to their shops noting that new items are in, it is not OK to simply post a long list of items directly to the board.

Selling used items or items for rescue is always allowed in the Shopaholics section. :)

Thank you for respecting these guidelines.