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Barbara Nixon
18th March 2007, 03:46 PM
I've read, on several sites, of owners asking their recently passed over pets for signs and many have said that they saw rainbows.

While I was out, this afternoon, the weather was sunny after rain, ideal rainbow weather, so I asked Izzy to send a sign.

No rainbows to be seen, but a yellow ballooon suddenly appeared and blew across the road in front of me, before floating upwards.


Cathy T
18th March 2007, 03:51 PM
:flwr: I would say that is a sign!!

18th March 2007, 03:59 PM
Ahhhh....How sweet is that. Definitely a sign! *ng*l

18th March 2007, 04:04 PM
Definitely a sign, just got goosebumps :D

Harry & Heidi's mom
18th March 2007, 04:14 PM
i know yellow roses are ment to be a sign of love from the other side, maybe he just adapted it for you to a yellow balloon!!


18th March 2007, 06:21 PM
tears in my eyes. a sign for sure.

18th March 2007, 06:26 PM
oh that's lovely Barbara - I have always had Rainbows from my girls.

We also have small white feathers too - they turn up in unexpected places, and I always keep those.

I was staying with a special friend recently who has Cavaliers. The first night I slept rather fitfully, as I'm used to sharing my bed with Rupert and hubby, not sleeping on my own. I woke up about 5.30am and there was a Blen Cavalier at my feet, I rubbed her belly and then went off into a deep sleep.

When I got up I mentioned to my friend that I'd had a visitor - thinking it was one of her Cavaliers, {although I was surprised that she'd managed to open the door to let the Cavalier in and later out again without me waking up, I'm a very light sleeper...}

But my friend's Cavaliers had all been in the room with her at that time...so my visitor must have been one of our Rainbow Bridge Angels *ng*l

Joanne M
18th March 2007, 08:44 PM
:w*w: No doubt about it.

Claire L
18th March 2007, 09:24 PM
My Rudee sends me little white feathers :lotsaluv:
That's definitely a sign Barbara, I'm sure you feel easier now knowing that Izzy is close to you :lotsaluv: .


18th March 2007, 10:15 PM
Just in case people reading this thread are not aware, Barbara's much-loved Izzy died on Saturday night. Here's the thread where she shared this with us: