View Full Version : New Rusbridge SM newsletter/Rory's Mom donation :)

19th March 2007, 01:39 AM
Here is the current edition of 'Syringomyelia News' from researchers Clare Rusbridge and Penny Knowler:


Note that Kendall (Rory's Mom) is thanked for her fantastic donation, which actually came from many of you here, who bought the Christmas ornaments she auctioned on behalf of Clare and Penny's research work. So great job, everyone; especially Kendall who organised this project and donated her ornaments for this purpose. Such individual efforts can make a significant difference in what researchers are able to do.

I know from Penny that this was vital for them and enabled them to do scans they otherwise would not have had funding for. Penny and Clare are unusual in that they work independently from any university or research organisation as Clare is in private practice and is not in academia; this makes underwriting research far more difficult and donations are especially valuable. Despite these challenges Clare is the recognised top expert in SM in cavaliers and has produced many of the seminal insights into the condition. If interested, people can make direct donations to their work -- any amount, no matter how modest, helps our cavaliers -- easily thru www.PayPal.com by entering Penny's email address: penny.knowler@ntlworld.com . This brings up the research account.

The newsletter also contains a new document to replace 'Syringomyelia Made Simple', Clare Rusbridge's general introduction to the condition. Nicki posted that document and the newsletter on the board in the SM/MVD forum as well, and it is now downloadable as a pdf from the SM Infosite and is up there as a webpage.


For those with a strong interest in learning more about SM in cavaliers, Clare's recently published PhD thesis, which gathers together all her current work on SM in cavaliers, is available for purchase (which goes in full towards a donation to SM research).


For more information email: penny.knowler@ntlworld.com