View Full Version : Me, Daisy and George at Lydford! + Pic's

19th March 2007, 07:55 PM
Here are some pictures from the weekend. We were at a place called Lydford in Devon. We are currently buying a house at Lydford and found some lovely places to walk Daisy, just a minute down the road from our future house.

I think Daisy was wanting to be picked up in this picture!

Me and Daisy outside Lydford Church

My husband and Daisy

This is Lydford Castle, they say it is a Castle, but it actually used to be a notorious prison! There are lots of ghost stories to hear!

Me and Daisy

We are looking forward to moving house, we currently live in a new build, in a new housing estate in Plymouth, and fancy a house with some character... Lydford certainly has that! Plus Daisy loves it there! Although, i'm not too keen on the ghosts!!!!

19th March 2007, 09:02 PM
Oh Daisy! You precious little princess!
Mum, you take lovely photos!

Looks like a beautiful area!

Teddy and sweet, little Katydid

19th March 2007, 10:44 PM
What a beautiful family!!! :flwr:

Joanne M
19th March 2007, 11:38 PM
Those are wonderful photos. The scenery is gorgeous, especially Lydford Church. The Castle/Prison looks creepy to me. You are a lovely family.

Julie S
20th March 2007, 12:41 AM
It must be so lovely to live near all that beauty! Great pics. :)

Cathy T
20th March 2007, 01:21 AM
Oh wow...that is gorgeous!! Daisy...you are precious!! Hmmm...what was your first clue that she wants to be picked up :D Fantastic pictures!

Cathy Moon
20th March 2007, 01:57 AM
Emma, lovely photos! The scenery looks very familiar to me, as we have visited Lydford often. Have you been to Lydford Gorge? It's beautiful! I will have to dig through my photos and find a few to post. Congrats on the new house! :)

20th March 2007, 12:07 PM
Hi Cathy, yes we have been to Lydford Gorge, it is lovely. A really good walk, i am looking forward to taking Daisy there!

thanks for all the nice comments !

20th March 2007, 12:51 PM
Congrats on the new place! Looks like a nice area. Daisy is precious as always. She has one of my favorite faces on this board :luv: :luv: :luv:

Great pics of the whole fam! :flwr:

20th March 2007, 01:49 PM
Beautiful photos!

You all look so happy there.

I thinkit's funny how Daisy is just holding strong against the wind in the 3rd photo. She is like "Dad, don't let me go!"

20th March 2007, 06:26 PM
awww, Daisy has grown a lot!!!

I love the last picture, is lovely!!!! :flwr: