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19th March 2007, 09:36 PM
Well we just returned from the vet for an allergy visit and my "little" Bentley is up to 20 pounds :shock: ! I have cut back on his food and added veggies to his diet but I don't think he is getting enough exercise.

How far do you normally go on walks? Problem is I think he is so over weight and out of shape that he just can't go far. We go about 3 or 4 houses down and he acts as though he is on his last breath and he is only 3! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, the vet gave me a "stern" warning about getting some weight off and soon. Thanks!!!

19th March 2007, 10:31 PM
I do about a mile or two a day as I don't have a garden, hence mine need 3-4 walks daily (each is at least 15 minutes long). At least once a week they'd get a good 2-3 mile walk in one go, out in the park. As they often will play a good 45 min of fetch that extends the exercise and distance for jaspar in particular.

A good measure is to do a *minimum* of 30 minutes a day. Break it into three 10 minute sessions then move to two at 15 minutes if you dog isn't able for 30 minutes initially. A healthy cavalier is well able for a couple of miles a day with no bother at all. But you will need to slowly increase exercise for your dog. I'd do three 10 minute sessions at a good pace for a week, then move to two 15 minute sessions for two weeks, then move to at least one session of 30 minutes a day. Good for your heart too! :)

20th March 2007, 01:24 AM
Thanks for the tips! We are going to start walking asap, I could probably use the exercise too!

Cathy T
20th March 2007, 01:26 AM
We're gradually building up our walks. Our club speaker last week was all about local hiking places...so we're gearing up for a hike! Jake is 4 and Shelby 3 and we do between 1/2 to 1 hour at least 5 times a week. We're working on increasing our time so that every couple of weeks we can do a long hike.

20th March 2007, 01:27 AM
Kosmo and I walk about an hour a day :) I don't know how much that adds up to but we take 3 20 minute walks per day :flwr:

20th March 2007, 01:40 AM
Lucky and I walk for at least an hour a day - similar to how Karlin does hers. He still has puppy energy and LOVES the walks - I swear they are the highlight of his day. :)

Once the weather warms up a bit more, I'm planning to do a much longer walk in the morning to thoroughly wear him out so he is calmer during the day while I'm working. :lol:

20th March 2007, 04:48 AM
Oh I know about that puffing, my lab got over weight each winter when she got older (her age, my hated of cold not a good mix). So each spring we would go a little farther every few days and in no time her breathing was better and I was able to go for long ones and throw her a ball again without fear of a heart attack! If he is puffing at 4 houses make him go 7 and so on. As well I would let her stop and have a good sniff every now and then to catch her breath and rest - it helped alot.

Super Princess
20th March 2007, 05:24 AM
. We go about 3 or 4 houses down and he acts as though he is on his last breath and he is only 3! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, the vet gave me a "stern" warning about getting some weight off and soon. Thanks!!!

ooh thanks for posting this, i thought of it earlier tonight and forgot..

lmao at the outa breath thing.
i take oliver out, and as soon as he poops (5 or 10 minutes into our walk) he plans his feet in the ground and wont move. he wants to go home.
however, i rub his ears and say "oliver we're not finished"
he reluctently comes along
acutally tonight, lmao..he did this..and after rubbing his ear, he started up again but soooooo slow, it was like i was leading him to the end of the world or something..paintstakeingly slow.

he forgot quickly as soon as he saw the next telephone pole;)

i take him for a 50 minute walk every night, and hes 30 pounds :shock:

Harvey's Mum
20th March 2007, 06:40 AM

I take Harvey out twice a day, if i dont i soon know about it, he has so much energy, but is keeping me fit.

On a weekend and sometimes mid week we will go on a long hike, he can just go on forever, we are very lucky that we have a lot of country lanes with hardly any traffic, so he gets to walk without a lead and he loves it.

Anna (Mum of Harvey)

20th March 2007, 06:44 AM
uuh not sure how far we walk but overall i take them for 40 minutes per day

20th March 2007, 03:27 PM
King and I go for about 1-2 walks a day that last for near .5-1....then on my day off we try to go a little longer. But we would work it up that amount we ued to go only for about 15 mins...then we got to go farther and longer

20th March 2007, 03:40 PM
We go for about four walks a day of 10-15 minutes each, and walk somewhere around 2 miles a day--some days a little more, some days a little less. We try to control Pepper's insistence on stopping to sniff something every four or five feet. We try to keep up a brisk pace, particularly after they've taken care of business, which I think is pretty important.

On good days, they are both enthusiastic and energetic walkers. If it's too cold or raining/snowing, Milly will plant her feet and refuse to move. If it's bad enough, she will refuse to do her business at all. I have literally dragged this dog (albeit gently) on her way...her brother, otoh, has never met an outing he wasn't thrilled to take part in. So it can be quite the sight on a bad weather day, when I have them both, with one dog pulling me ahead and the other one dragging behind. :lol:

Then they will chase each other around the house a few times every day, which adds a bit more exercise to their regime.

20th March 2007, 04:42 PM
I used to walk Bono half to one hour a day, and at least twice a week he got to run free on the beach or in the mountains for 1-2 hours :)