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21st March 2007, 10:34 PM
Sorry for all the questions as of late, but it seems they have all come at once. As a follow up to my heat post of last week. She stopped doing the crab walk tee-tee, and she started going to the door again, so all that is back to normal. She is now peeing in her crate. For the last 3 days after her nap and when she gets up in the morning, her mat and blankets are wet. I have cleaned the crate with miracle pet, washed everything each time and put miracle pet in the water. The other thing to add is we bought her a bigger crate to sleep in for our bedroom as she was outgrowing the plastic crate she was sleeping in. This one is wire and twice the size of the other. I thought maybe it is too big. So this morning I put the divider in and made it a little smaller. She peed again during her nap. She shows no sign of having a UTI. Is this behavior from her having been in heat too? She never ever peed in her crate even as a little puppy. I don't know what else to do. h*lp

Cathy T
21st March 2007, 11:40 PM
No clue Shay. Hope someone can pop in with some advice.

Joanne M
22nd March 2007, 01:03 PM
Hey Shay,

I have no experience with a female who's just been through her heat cycle (or is still going through it). Tucker had a few accidents long after he was trained too. They were all in his crate. I used to think his were done on purpose. Each time he did it, about three times in one week, he ran to his other bed in the living room immediately after. At that time I kept a soft-sided crate with door panel up, next to my bed for Tucker to sleep in at night. He also has a little doggy bed in front of the fire place in the living room. On those nights that he peed on the bedding in his crate, it was at my bedtime, and after I got into bed he jumped up along side the bed scratching at the mattresses wanting to get in. The bed is so high up off the floor that he is unable to get in by himself. I told him "no, go lay down" and he went into his crate, peed and then ran out of the room, down the hall to his bed in the livingroom. It didn't seem accidental to me, it seemed he was in a snit about wanting to sleep with me. But what do I know I don't speak cavalier. By the way .... Tucker won the battle, eventually I gave in and he sleeps with me now. He had one accident in my bed in a year. Fortunately I noticed it immediately, washed the linens, the mattress pad protected my mattress.

Edited to add:
In reading this thread again when a new post was added to it, I re-read my own comments. I really do need to learn Cavalier lingo. Tucker uses piddle pads late night and was probably trying to convince me to let him out instead on those nights. What an ego I have, thinking he wanted to sleep with me!! With no lighting in my back yard I worry about letting him out in the dark alone, we often have skunks in my neighborhood and possums too. Because the ground is not level, I worry about stepping in a hole and twisting my ankle when I go out and can't see where I'm stepping. So the piddle pad is easier for me.

22nd March 2007, 01:48 PM
You might want to have her checked by the vet. The only time I had a female break housetraining, it was a UTI with no other symptoms. And I had a male who all of a sudden started peeing in the house and it turned out to be kidney stones. Is she drinking excessive amounts of water lately? It almost sounds like she cannot help the urination. Maybe better to have her checked at this point I think just to be on the safe side. I hope she is OK.

22nd March 2007, 02:06 PM
Shay, I second Mollys' post.....call the vet and see if you can bring her in for a urinalysis just to rule out UTI.

Hope Lily gets over this stuff soon......then in a few months, you can have her spayed. :)

22nd March 2007, 04:32 PM
I would call the vet. Maybe she has an UTI because not always they have all the symptoms.

22nd March 2007, 06:15 PM
Peeing like this IS a possible UTI symptom (I'd consider it on its own to be a strong symptom, actually!). So I'd check again with the vet if it is continuing. :thmbsup:

22nd March 2007, 09:58 PM
I agree ...... have the vet check a UA just to be sure !!!

If its not ....you might try taking out ALL of the bedding in the crate and going down to a crate size just big enough for her to stand up , turn around, lie down ect . Take her out frequently , supervize with BOTH eyes while she is out for playtime and crate whenever you cant watch her . dogs generally will not pee where they have to sleep .....and bedding absorbs it .The key is to make her not want to lie in cold wet pee ;)

22nd March 2007, 10:52 PM
Thanks ya'll. I have been doing that with the bedding and I did make the crate smaller. She slept with me last night, becasue hubby is out of town, and she did not wake up all night, no accidents. No accidents in the house, just the crate. I have been gone all day with her so she hasn't been in the crate since yesterday's nap. She had a full blood work panel, urinalysis and an x-ray right before she went in heat, because I thought she had a UTI then. All her blood work and urinalysis came back negative. That’s when he told me she had the inverted vulva, and to let her go through one cycle. He did give me some antibiotics just in case something didn’t show up. She is not showing any signs like she was when I thought she had a UTI before, like licking herself all the time, which now looking back, was probably due to her going in heat 2 weeks after I had all those tests done. I will bring her to the Vet tomorrow just to be safe. If she does not have a UTI, then I don't know what the deal is. She has just been very weird ever since she went in heat, poor baby. Again, thanks for the advice.

23rd March 2007, 12:19 AM
Have you actually seen her pee or is her bed just wet when you check it? The reason I ask, is that sometimes the first sign of a pyometra is a wet bed. Pyometra is a horrible life threatening condition where the uterus fills up with puss, and a bitch can go down very fast if it isn't attended too.

Because your girl is so young, the chances of this are pretty slim, however it is something to be aware of. The vets need to do an ultrasound of the uterus to see this, and even then it can be difficult to see.

I'd be getting a vet checkup.

More info on pyometra at


23rd March 2007, 01:41 AM
No Caraline...I have not catually seen her pee. When I get her out of her crate, her mat and blanket are wet. I am taking her tomorrow to the Vet. Thanks for the info. I am not going to take any chances.

23rd March 2007, 02:20 AM
Yeah, Shay, what everybody else says. They're beginning to sound like me!! :D

This one is a toss up - do you hope for an infection that you can treat with antibiotics (which means she's really sick) or do you hope she's just being a brat because she's in her teenage years?

I say back to the keg in the closet and pizza on the floor.

Harvey's Mum
23rd March 2007, 06:02 AM
Hi Shay

I hope Lily is going to be ok. Keep us updated, poor little might.

Anna (Mum of Harvey)

23rd March 2007, 01:46 PM
Thanks Ann...I will keep keep everyone posted.

23rd March 2007, 05:05 PM
Just got back from the Vet, but my regular Vet was not there. Her temp was normal, which does not indicate a UTI or infection. He thinks she may have a touch of vaginitis. He did give me some antibiotics, which if she does not have an infection, I'm not sure what they are for. He said, just in case????? Her breast are all very irritated looking and swollen. I have to put cold compresses on them 3x a day. He said the behaviors, (peeing in her crate, squatting several times outside), are all from her hormones, which will not be back to normal for at least another month. He said that she may be having a false pregnancy too. Which if she is, all of this could last for another 9 weeks. :yikes. I also had him go over all of her blood work with me from 6 weeks ago. Her platelets were low, which the other Vet did not tell me. He may know about the platelet issue with Cavs and wasn't alarmed. I told this Vet about the platelets issue and he was not aware. I am very relieved that it is nothing more serious :) .

Joanne M
23rd March 2007, 05:31 PM
Shay, I'm not sure is this good news or not? :sl*p: Another nine weeks of heat, a false-pregnancy.

Jeez poor Lily, poor you. But it is good news the Vet does not suspect anything serious is wrong with her. Keep us posted we love Lily.

23rd March 2007, 05:43 PM
Thanks Jo!

I know, I know. I just had a long talk with her and I said " Now Lily, you are not pregnant, o.k. girl. Mommy is done with all of that". As soon as she wakes up from her nap, we will have another little chat. :lol:

23rd March 2007, 05:59 PM
LOL Shay.. Don't know how to take the vet's news!!

I'm glad Lily is alright - it's good that your vet is being cautious with her. :)

Hope she's not going through a false pregnancy! :yikes

23rd March 2007, 06:06 PM
glad nothing is seriously wrong with her!!

23rd March 2007, 06:08 PM
Oh my, you are having quite a time with this heat - but I suppose so is poor Lily. I recommend... a drink! It will be over soon - oh how so easy to say but not so easy for you to wait for it to happen!

23rd March 2007, 06:13 PM
Thanks Lindsay and Sara.....I'm glad she is o.k. too. Just hope she is not having a false pregnancy. I don't know if I can take 9 more weeks of crazy hormones. :?

23rd March 2007, 06:15 PM
Oh my, you are having quite a time with this heat - but I suppose so is poor Lily. I recommend... a drink! It will be over soon - oh how so easy to say but not so easy for you to wait for it to happen!

I think a drink is definitely in order. Too bad poor little Lil, can't have one. :roll: . I so understand why people have their dogs spayed before they ever go in heat. This is not fun :*gh: But he did say that her vulva looks like it will now be an outtie, so it was worth it :thmbsup:.

23rd March 2007, 06:25 PM
Oh my, you are having quite a time with this heat - but I suppose so is poor Lily. I recommend... a drink! It will be over soon - oh how so easy to say but not so easy for you to wait for it to happen!

I think a drink is definitely in order. Too bad poor little Lil, can't have one. :roll: . I so understand why people have their dogs spayed before they ever go in heat. This is not fun :*gh: But he did say that her vulva looks like it will now be an outtie, so it was worth it :thmbsup:.
Well, then a drink is called for to get you through this, then one for Lily cause she cant and the third because you have to celebrate the vulva turn out (intended pun too)! Whoot to your Friday night!

But your posts have helped me. I was thinking of risking it and waiting till Kodee was about 6.5 mths. She is having a hernia repair at the same time so will most likely be kept over night. I was going to do it then instead of the planned 5.5 mths because my oldest graduates from university and I dont know what to do with her that day I am out of town. But after reading you trial and tribulations - ummm nope 5.5 mths it is - I will take her on the day trip and find a friend of my daughters down there to watch her for the ceremony who is not graduatiing!

23rd March 2007, 06:57 PM
I think you are making a good decision. Aside from all of the other stuff that we are dealing with, I was also stressed every time I took her outside to potty, and my little girl would not have had to go through all the changes she has gone through at only 6 mos old. Waiting on hubby to get back from Atlanta so we can begin our weekend :w**h**:. Shall it be a bloody mary or wine? icon_nwunsure

23rd March 2007, 06:58 PM
So glad that Lily is OK! A false pregnancy can have some very weird symptoms if it turns out to be that. Second the 3 drink idea!

23rd March 2007, 07:14 PM
Hi Shay...Glad Lily is ok...and I hope all these heat issues ends sooner rather than later for you and Lily! :flwr:

23rd March 2007, 07:22 PM
Shay, I had two Friday lunchtime Margaritas for you! I am glad that Lily will be ok...and maybe just in time for our first B'ham play date!!

23rd March 2007, 09:05 PM
I am very glad to hear that there's nothing really wrong with Lily, but it's really too bad if she's going to put you through this for weeks more on end! I hope that she doesn't actually go through a false pregnancy--for your sake! That could be a long haul

In the meantime, thank goodness it's the weekend, so...Cheers!!!!

23rd March 2007, 09:21 PM
Shall it be a bloody mary or wine? icon_nwunsure Oh Shay, YOUR BAD in an amusing way!

23rd March 2007, 09:49 PM
Thanks everybody. Just got finished putting the cold compresses on Lily and boy did she love that, NOT! Hubby is home and we are sitting on the deck having a nice cold liquid refreshment. Have a great weekend all!

23rd March 2007, 11:02 PM
Don't be too concerned about the antibiotics. They are often given prophylactically for anything that might leave them open to infection - one such case would be a dental.

Glad to hear she's okay. I went to a movie to celebrate for you. And to Sam's where I bought Marley and Me. Now it's 7:00, I've got to feed the birds and going to bed sounds pretty good right now! (Except House is on tonight - always something!)

Harvey's Mum
24th March 2007, 09:25 AM
Hi Shay

Glad to hear its not too serious. I hope its not a false pregnancy and just hormones.

I will have a drink and think of you today.

I'm the opposite my husband has gone to London this weekend to watch the first official football match at the new wembley stadium. I see a bottle of wine and a soft girly movie with my name on it. :lol: :lol:

Have a great weekend

Anna (Mum of Harvey)

24th March 2007, 01:16 PM
Shay, I'm so glad that Lily is alright. Too bad the hormones are still a-go though. Sure hope you don't have 9 more weeks of this!! :)

24th March 2007, 01:50 PM
Hi Shay!
I feel like I am working on borrowed time with Katydid....I don't want to have her spayed until she is a year old.....
Her mom and grandmom did not have their first season until they were 15 months old.
Katydid will be 10 months old on April 8th...I have the last week of April off and I am considering getting it DONE then.
I wanted to hold off because I think it is best for her body development.

But after listening to your hardships, I am seriously considering the end of April. Oh boy. :roll:

My best to your sweet Lily :flwr: !

Teddy and sweet, little Katydid

24th March 2007, 02:16 PM
Hi Anna...... hope you enjoyed your girlie night. I have those during the week when Hubby is out of town, just me a little Lil.

Thanks Zippy!!

Hi Nancy.....Maybe because Lily is so young, (don't know if that has anthing to do with it our not) she has had all of these issues. IMHO, if Lily would not have had the vulva problem, I would have had her spayed before her first heat. She has not dealt with it well, but she is still very puppy like in her personality. Other dogs probably do just fine. My Lhasa went through one cycle before I had her spayed, and she did fine with no problems what so ever. I think she was probably almost a year old when she went in heat. I guess it just depends on the doggy. Give sweet Little Katydid a hug from Lily.

24th March 2007, 02:31 PM
Shay, that sounds like quite a time! I'm really glad Lily is all right..and I hope you enjoyed a couple of Bloody Mary's or margaritas on Friday night... :D . I tell you, I will also be glad when this is over!! -Natalie :flwr:

26th March 2007, 09:55 PM
hi shay how is lily feeling after the weekend? the poor girl has had a rough time with her first heat. i think our doggies even have a tougher time than we do :(