View Full Version : Help - Anyone from Ireland please read!

26th March 2007, 06:19 PM
I am really worried - my Mum can't mind my babies when i go away for a week in two weeks and they have never stayed in kennels and I am really worried and don't know where to start looking for a place!! Please if anyone knows of any good places where someone would take good care of my babies please let me know asap!!! I am living in Gorey in Wexford at the moment but am willing to travel anywhere through wicklow or in dublin as will have to go out that way to the airport!!
I hope to hear good news!!!!

Bailey and Lily want me to find really nice people who will give them hugs and kisses - this is going to be sooooo hard guys I am already choking up about having to leave them!!!!! :(

26th March 2007, 08:54 PM
I am PMing you the name of a great kennels in Naul. It is 20 minutes beyond the airport towards Belfast and an easy drive back to long term parking. I use them all the time and they love small dogs. Mention you got their name from me as they only take dogs on personal recommendations.