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27th March 2007, 12:20 AM
got the how to book in seven days, have the crate and will be getting an x-pen to go around it. I understand I can't really take the dog out to pee till she is 5 months old and all her shots. so in the meantime do I just lay papers down outside her crate and just clean up after her, being carefull not to praise her. then when she is old enough, that's when I start to take her out? keeping her on of a confindment schedule like the book talks about? was a bit worried about the mixed signal paper vs outside? thanks for clearing it up for me

27th March 2007, 12:35 AM
I used that book and we never got to the crate confinement part. Kodee learned because I am able to be home in the days so she got taken out often. Every hr at 8 wks and now at 16 wks she usually goes 2 or 2.5 hrs. She never has had an accident in her crate - I am just lucky, she came geared that way - it wasnt due to anything I did.

But I am confused why you dont think she can go out till her shots are done? Yes you have to be careful but Kodee was going out at the breeders starting at 6 wks - hense why I think she was a snap to train. I only let her go in our yard on a leash though. Kept her away from wet grass areas in case any wild life has been around and she attempted to drink from a puddle. But certainly I would not keep them totally inside - yes I think they would be very confused! I guess if you lived in an apartment complex and were worried about alot of dogs using the area it might be different. Hopefully someone in that scenario can offer advice - I'm not sure which I would do then.

27th March 2007, 12:46 AM
Aloha Vikki - the book is really good.

I'd reiterate the careful not to praise part - Lucky got soooo confused when we went from the going on pads inside to taking him outside. And I can't blame him - we didn't have the book when we got him and we praised him like he was a little rocket scientist every time he went on the pads ... Poor baby didn't understand the day the pads were taken away and it was no longer permissable to go in that spot :(

If you follow that book, you should be in good shape. and of course once the puppy comes home you can post when you are having issues and I'm sure you'll get lots of advise from experienced people on new things to try to improve your chances of success. :flwr:

27th March 2007, 01:08 AM
Do you live in an apartment where you'd have to walk your puppy around public areas outside to relieve herself? Otherwise you can take her out if it is in your own garden. If you need to talk her out to the street, I would just find an area where you can always take her to so that she can go. I don't have agarden but do have a small side yard area and that's where I housetrained Jaspar before his shots were complet. Five months also sounds very late for finishing shots -- most dogs are done by 12-16 weeks depending on the series. Are you sure you need to wai that long or did she just get started on her shots a little later?

I strongly recommend not training to papers or pads indoors if possible, as it just means twice the work -- you have to do the complete housetraining process twice, once to papers, than all over again to go outside and stop going inside. I never trained to papers.

27th March 2007, 05:09 AM
I do have a yard and wanted to train her straight away to go outside in the dirt or grass. but thought you didn't want them outside in case they picked up parvo. if the shots are over at 12 to 16 weeks that sounds more reasonable. (don't know why I had 5 months in my head.) is my yard safe? we have lived in this house for a year and have not had a dog in the yard. my neighbor behind me has a puppy and the side people have always had a small dog. right now at the breeders they are in a big puppy crate. one side is their bedding, the other side has papers, pee pads. when I bring her home should I put papers down at all in her play area? thanks

27th March 2007, 06:06 AM
If you work in the day you may want to put the papers down covering the majority of the play area (I believe the book explains this) and then take away one each day. The idea is to eventually figure out which corner she likes and just put a few layers of sheets there.

For me because I am home all day - I didnt bother with more than one sheet by the door incase we didnt quite make it. At 8 wks I took her out every hr while she was awake, as soon as she woke up, right before a meal and again after. With all that - no accidents happened (oh also if she really was playing and running I found she needed to go sooner - like 30min, excitement makes them need to go sooner).

12 wks - up to 1.5 hrs and now at 16 wks about every 2 hrs. Some puppies need to go more - especially if they have been going in a crate or trained on pads. They all differ - its a matter of lack of muscle control at this age not so much understanding so we have to be patient till about 16 wks when they are able to hold it a bit longer.

You are fine to take out with a leash in your own backyard area. Just dont let her near any dropping from wildlife in your backyard. Generally shots are 8wks, 12 wks and 16 wks with a rabies 2 wks later. The sequence should be 3-4 wks apart. The rabies can be done with the 3rd shots or 2 wks later.

27th March 2007, 03:33 PM
I think puppies are relatively safe after receiving 2 sets of shots. I started Faith in puppy classes after her 2 sets of shots. This is not to say I would go crazy and take her to a dog park with potentially unvaccinated dogs but I wouldn't hesitate to take her into my own back yard :flwr:

27th March 2007, 05:57 PM
thanks all, I am at home or near by most all the time. so glad I can take her out in the back yard I will keep her away from any poo we might run into. thanks, that helps my worry with her picking something up off the dirt. debbie I will print your schedule sounds like a great one. warmest aloha