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28th March 2007, 04:38 AM
Im from Vancouver, BC, Canada and im looking to adopt a cavy puppy. I have talked to quite a few breeders now in BC, but either the breeders didnt have any puppies or I didnt like the sound of the breeder.

Well a few days ago I came in contact with a breeder who sounds wonderful and has a 8 week old male blenheim for adoption. He is absolutely adorable! She is very knowledgeable and said and asked all the right things. When I asked her about health checks, she told me the dam has had eyes and heart done recently but she wasnt sure how recently the sire had had his done.

Well I talked to her again and now I just found out that what she meant by eyes and heart being done is that both parents have been checked for their eyes and have the cerf thing done, but the hearts have only been checked by a vet. She told me the dam and sire's parents and grandparents have all been checked and are healthy.

She told me its very hard to get the heart checked by a cardiologist in BC, because there are none, which I know is true and that they are having a clinic for them in june and she is taking the dam then.

I have to give a deposit for the puppy if I want him....
What should i do???? THis little guy is probably the only one I can get now otherwise I have to wait until summer 08, and he seems perfect (his eyes have been cerf checked as well).

28th March 2007, 12:11 PM
Well: I would have some very serious reservations about any breeder who would ever think of breeding her dam to a sire where she didn't even check his heart clearances. That means she willingly risked condemning all her puppies to a shortened life and possible trauma of early congestive heart failure, which can be a terrible death.

There are regular club events for breeders at which they can get low-costs cardiac checks done. If someone cannot make the time to attend those events and to use sires whose owners also attend those events... well, that says a lot.

It is very easy to talk the talk of a good breeder. The proof of a good breeder is in what they actually DO to protect and nurture this breed, not what they SAY they do, or say they KNOW they should do without doing it (which in my book is even worse than just not doing it and saying it doesn't need to be done -- because it is not ignorance then but a deliberate decision to NOT cover the most basic health checks :shock: ).

What is shocking here too is that any sire influences the future of the breed by a massive degree more than a dam so it is very im[ortant only to use sires with good health clearances and of good lineage. A dam might have 3-15 puppies in her lifetime. A sire can father hundreds to thousands. Given this degree of influence, who could morally, willingly supporting some other breeder who doesn't do cardiac clearances on her sire!

Waiting for a puppy from a good breeder is part of supporting proper breeding. Poor breeders make their money off of buyers' impatience to get a puppy -- puppies are readily available when you don't take any care or only minimal care in your breeding and puppy rearing. Many of those who opt for puppies from so-so breeders, BYBs, pet shops or dubious internet sellers pay the price very quickly in vet bills -- or lose that loved dog at age 6 or 7 due to MVD. I get endless emails and PMs from those with problem puppies and adult dogs who say 'I wish I'd taken more time and got my puppy from a good breeder.' I'd recommend either waiting for the puppy who has the best chance to give you joy for many years to come -- or consider seeking breeders beyond your immediate area. I would recommend contacting Pat Barrington in the national Canadian club, tell her what you've told us here, and ask if she has any breeders she could recommend who do health test properly. Feel free to say I suggested you contact her, as well.