View Full Version : Trade Show in Atantic City this weekend!!!

2nd April 2007, 03:30 AM
There was a Pet Trade Show in Atlantic City this weekend.. My boss, another manager, and myself went to it Sat. Was very nice loads of NEW and old products coming out this year... It was a lot of repitition though, so many collars,leashes, and beds... All looked alike, but all say that theirs are better then the guy next-store...

Natural Balance is coming out wit 2 new biscuits soon: A bison and a turkey/cranberries one.. then they redid the Crunch-E-Bone and called it Bear Biscuits...kinda funny

Guys you wouldn't believe the amount of clothes, jewerly, and assoc. for dogs they had...I mean diamond plated collars, Ruby encrusted leashes, and like real suede beds...Was insane with some of the things coming out for dogs, but you know what most just came out and will only be in business for like mayb if their lucky 1 yr...too much competition.

Puppia World was there, so I decided to get King another harness. His old one was getting a little ratty. Was actually only $7.50, I bought it at cost not retail..But shhhh dont tell them about it.. :lol:

Guys one thing this guy had at his booth to sell was a new type of dog chew...get ready for this: "A Deer Antler" we couldn't believe it was so weird, but if you think about it 1/2 the stuff dogs chew on are kinda weird aren't they...

Well look out in your local pet stores over the next couple months for all the new toys, treats, and assoc. to come out