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5th April 2007, 10:24 PM
Hi All,
Just had to share this!!!!!!! icon_whistling

Toby has now been with me since January, his owners have not even mentioned him going home. So its been good food and regular walkies for him.

We went to the vets to day due to a minor inch on his bum and the James was really impressed with him :jump: . He said how healthy he looked now he was with me and how bright he looked. He also suggest strongly Toby doesn't return to his other owners!!!woohoooooooo. The James was so proud of him, loads of hugs and kisses. He also said the tripe I have been feeding him has really made an improvement. We also had an episode of peeing on the sofa and lieing in it, not matter how many potty breaks we took at night which has all stopped along with the scurf.

The best part was Toby has actually lost 1 WHOLE KILO!!!!!!! I know that may not sound much but it is too us. All those walkies have really paid off. The vet said his heart sounds much better for a dog aged 9 with a slight heart murmur!!!! :mexwav:

Anyway just wanted to share that news

5th April 2007, 10:33 PM
That is so great. How wonderful.

:rah: :rah: cl*p :rah: :rah: cl*p :rah: :rah: cl*p :rah: :rah:

Lucky and I are crossing our fingers & paws that Toby stay with you a whole lot longer. :xfngr:

5th April 2007, 10:44 PM
Thanks Lani, I love your avatar.

5th April 2007, 11:22 PM
That's fantastic news! And Toby, I know just how hard it is to budge a single kilo so you go, old guy! cl*p 8) The girl cavs love slim senior fellows, you know... :luv:

5th April 2007, 11:38 PM
That's great news....losing weight is so difficult for us, must be for doggies too!

Maybe I should be going walkies with you....LOL

Congratulations Toby and Blue Star! :) :flwr:

6th April 2007, 12:15 AM

SUch good news for you!!

I am so glad to hear that he's staying with you :flwr: You love him so much and take such wonderful care of him :lotsaluv:

Cheers to many more healthy years to come for you two!!

:rah: :fool: :rah: :jmp2: :rah: :lotsaluv: :rah: :pi*no: :rah: :dogwlk: :rah:

:w**h**: :w**h**:

6th April 2007, 01:13 AM
That is most excellent news, and 1 kilo is an awesome loss for a dog. If you work that out on the percentage basis of the dogs body weight, you will be extremely proud of yourself & your dog for such a success. Well done!

6th April 2007, 05:06 AM
Wonderful news Toby. Keep up the good work.
I hope you get to keep Toby if that is your wish ? And that is where he is Happy ? :D :D

I'm a bit confused though as to why any cav owner would happily have someone else have him with no mention of return ??? Maybe I've missed some posts re Toby's gaurdianship ? Is he a rescue or something ?

6th April 2007, 11:00 AM
Hi Everyone
Thanks for your lovely comments
Karlin - I will tell Toby that when he wakes up lol, but he is more into boys than girls icon_whistling :lol: Just ask Maxx's mum.

Tobys histroy is a bit of a wierd one. He was brought for my great grandmother about 9 years ago by my nan and her two brothers. He was brought to keep her company while my great nan was at home with a 'mystery illness' which had been making her really ill. In the space of a year she had gone from a very activity lady to nothing (very diffcult to watch). The mystery illness turned out to be terminal cancer. My nan died just short of Toby being one. My aunt, uncle and their two kids lived next door and it was the natural place for Toby to go. We used to have him while they went away etc or if they went out for the day.

Anyway fast forward to about 2 years ago, Toby had a catalogue of health problems including his anal glands being removed etc. He has seriously gone down hill with excess weight gain etc and was down to me and another uncle to get him to the vets when his owners wanted him to go, but they were not really bothered. It came to a head last year when the vets told me Toby had not had any boosters since he had been going there for 5 YEARS!!!!! :yikes :yikes :yikes he had also nearly managed to bite his tail off (NO one in the house had noticed!) . After that I took it on myself to make sure my little buddy got everything he needed. He started stopping with us more and more and more. After Christmas he went back home once and has never returned. Hence he is now MY DOG.

That just gives you a short history of Toby. He seems so happy here, plus I know the vet would back me up.

Once again thanks for all your positive comments, my little man has done wonderful over the last 3 months.

6th April 2007, 11:08 AM

I've been waiting to hear from you about how he got on at the vets :roll: .

James is right, you should keep Toby as he's so much happier with you and your nan. The way he greets me now is completely different to the way he was before. He was so overweight, unwell and downright miserable, bless him. But now he is so settled, loved and happy with you two :lotsaluv:

Yes, he does seem to prefer Maxx to any other dog but then i don't think he's met Poppy yet has he? When he comes to stay I will introduce them and he and Maxx can fight for her affections - though she does only seem to have eyes for Maxx :lol:

How is Toby's botty? Is it OK?

Also, well done you too - Amy has also lost 7lbs :flwr:

6th April 2007, 11:13 AM
Hi Donna,
Have just this mintue sent you an email LOL :D

Sorry i didn't get back to you, was knackered last night, was last day at work :rah:

Tobes botty is ok, I think its more his tail. We have some cream for it morning and night. James didn't want to do steriods as he said Toby had done so well to lose the weight he didn't want to do anything to cause him to put it back on again.

Yeah Toby is totally different now, full of beans (well for about 10 mins anyway lol) :roll:
I've always said Toby thinks Maxx is his boyfriend :lol: :lol:

Looking on the internet for some new tags later on as I'm getting Toby's changed to my details.

6th April 2007, 11:45 AM
Well done Amy, I think your vet is right you should keep Toby forever. I had always wondered why you didn't always have him.

We need some pictures of the slim guy ;)

6th April 2007, 12:01 PM
Once I can get kodak to mix my 3 month old camera i will take loads for you :snap: :snap: :snap: . As mornally no one wants to fix it, it doesnt help i've lost the reciept either! Currys want the hole kit back (Including the printer which is now wired into my computer!!) Ho hum!

Barb B
6th April 2007, 04:34 PM
That is so kind of you to take over Toby's care - and now he has a wonderful home in which to be happy and healthy. Good luck with continued success! :flwr: