View Full Version : New Yorkers - New "Trial" Small Dog Run

9th April 2007, 09:04 PM
This message is primarily for those of you (if there are any?) who live near Washington Heights / Inwood, in NYC or if you KNOW anyone who lives in that area.

I know this applies to only a very small portion of our group, but my sister asked me to let you all know about a new small dog dog run in NYC.

She has a little Chihuahua mix that gets trampled and petrified in the regular dog run and there has been no small dog run near her until just recently and it is open on only a TRIAL basis, for 2 months. If it is not used, it will be taken away.

We went there yesterday, and for the first time her little dog played with other dogs that he just met and had a really really fun time socializing and making new pup pals.

Please, if you live in NYC or know people there, get the word out about the new small dog run in Fort Tryon park.

I know there is a cutie patootie blenheim Cavalier puppy that has been going there. :-)

More info is available here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/forttryonsmalldogcoalition/