View Full Version : sisters dog question?

11th April 2007, 04:22 PM
sorry people but i thought someone out there might know!! not ckcc related but a dog question. my sister has a 1 year old springer spaniel and when we go for walks it will go number 2 then keep going for them until he literally squirts water!! over about an hours walk he will squat at least three times or more during this walk every twenty minutes or so until there is nothing left. sorry for such a subject. she says its normal as he is so active but i am not so sure. she says she has spoken to the vets but i dont believe her i think its because her hubby wont change the dog food. (though i could be wrong!!) is this normal??? she did try changing his food once onto a better brand but only for a couple of weeks and said it was worse as it would start squity where as at the moment it starts ok but just gets looser etc. anyone got any ideas as to this being ok?

11th April 2007, 04:31 PM
Not a very healthy sign -- that's a dog that can't correctly evacuate its bowel. It could be food but also could be other things -- it definitely shouldn't be passing watery diarrhea at the end of every bowel movement. It definitely has nothing to do with the dog being active -- if anything, a healthy, fit active dog should be having firm poops a couple times a day. That said, some dogs do need to go a couple of times on a walk -- people will know their dogs that need to go once, twice or three times on a typical walk -- but this shouldn't get increasingly watery until it turns into liquid (it just gets increasingly annoying for the human holding the poop bags!).

Could they try a good quality food without additives for example, to see if a few weeks of a different diet helps? If it doesn't, I'd want maybe a second vet's opinion.

The dog could have chronic GI problems/irritable bowel -- and if so, would likely benefit from a fairly plain very good quality food, maybe a fish, venison or duck-based quality food. Also watch what treats the dog is getting as these are a source people forget about when doing dietary changes or seeing problems.

12th April 2007, 12:57 PM
thanks karlin. i have tried telling her this too and she told me it was because he was dehydrated!!!! i think that its all rubbish but she just wont listen. surely if a dog is dehydrated he wouldnt be peeing etc. will give it another go. have never heard of this before from other dog walkers so why wont she listen. i just feel for poor barney as im sure its not right. thanks though.