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gramercy girl
11th April 2007, 09:35 PM
I tried doing a search on this topic, but wasn't really finding a clear cut answer. I suppose maybe there isn't one... :confused::confused::confused: ????

Well, Maggie is 14 weeks now and when she's 16 weeks, she will get her final round of shots. I was reading however, that it's best to socialize them before 16 weeks.

Should we socialize her before all her shots are done?? She has been staying inside this whole time... we walk her up and down the halls of our apt building... and when we went to the vet, she was either in her carrier or in my lap at all times.

i really can't wait to let this girl play outdoors and w/ other pups!!! But when is the right time??

What did you all do?

11th April 2007, 09:48 PM
Our puppy is 13 weeks now and we have been trying to socialize as much as possible too. Luckily we have lots of friends and family with dogs for Charlie to play with. I feel pretty safe allowing him to play with dogs that we know are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. I don't however, let him play with strange dogs or take him to parks where he may encounter lots of foreign dog poop... Just a few more weeks to go and our little pups will be ready to meet the world. :dogwlk:

Speaking of vaccinations, Charlie had his third round of shots a two weeks ago and it was horrible. He cried and moped for two days.:cry*ing: If you tried to touch him anywhere he yelped. The Vet warned us that he might have this reaction but it was worrisome just the same. Did Maggie react this way?

gramercy girl
11th April 2007, 10:15 PM
Speaking of vaccinations, Charlie had his third round of shots a two weeks ago and it was horrible. He cried and moped for two days.:cry*ing: If you tried to touch him anywhere he yelped. The Vet warned us that he might have this reaction but it was worrisome just the same. Did Maggie react this way?

eeks! sorry to hear about that!! the last shots Maggie got was w/ the breeder 2 days before she came home w/ us... she seemed okay. but really, because i wasn't there when she got the shots, i haven't seen how she reacts to them.... i'm sure someone on here can give you some feedback though.... but i know w/ babies, it's a common reaction!!

i hope it doesn't happen again w/ him... :xfngr:

thanks for your reply!

11th April 2007, 11:58 PM
we got Padden at 11 weeks and she obviously hadn't had all her shots yet. We let her socialize with other dogs in our building since it was hard to keep her away from them going up and down the elevators and down the dog walk. She did however get sick (slight respiratory infection) but the vet said it was going around, it was winter, and since she was a pup was more likely to get it.

So just be careful. Make sure you know that another dog is healthy and up to date on all their shots. Stay out of dog parks. Ask your vet & see what they say! I'll probably be way more careful if we ever get another pup someday.

12th April 2007, 03:54 AM
Depending on whether you ask a vet or a puppy school, you will get different answers to this question. The vets are more cautious whereas the puppy trainers are very keen to get the puppies socialising as early as possible. You've kind of got to weigh up the pros & cons.

Our vet told us that Beau could socialise with all & sundry 10 days after he had his second shot, ie his 12 week shot. He will get another at 16 weeks.

The puppy school I spoke too wanted me to start Beau in classes prior to this but in the end I decided to err on the safe side and have waited as the vet suggested.

Your puppy can play with other dogs if you know for sure they they have had their vaccinations (including kennel cough) and they are up to date with their boosters.

12th April 2007, 04:58 AM
Kodee started puppy socialization classes at 12 wks. She is now 17 wks. The difference those 4 classes made AND at that age development took a shy puppy towards other dogs into a friendly, playful one. BUT our classes were offered by the vets own behavioural therapist. She only does this 4 wks sessions for puppies aged 12-16. She verifies with each vet shots are up to date at the two clinics she works. Our vet felt these classes do give a puppy alot of benefit versus waiting and was comfortable with us doing it because he knows how careful the trainer is. There were held in a daycare/grooming facility with a large playroom - matted floors washed down with disinfectant an hr before class start.

After her 2nd set of shots, I did take her out to our front lawn as she watched lots of dogs and people pass. The people usually came over to pat her and friends were also over. 12-16 wks (12-14 more so) is the most important time for socialization and I worrry a puppy never exposed to cars, noises, wind, leaves blowing, grass, different looking people, seeing (but not necessarily getting close enough to sniff) bigger/smaller dogs might be a bit too sheltered.

12th April 2007, 06:45 AM
Well back when Riley was just a little pup, we took him to Puppy Socials. It was basically a place to let the puppies play and socialize with each other and other owners. It was held at a dog training facility that was always kept clean and disinfected before the pups arrived. All shot records were reviewed and no grown dogs were part of the class. I was never worried about Riley's health and he had lots of opportunity to play with other pups in a controlled environment. He was shy on his first day (at 12 weeks old) and by the end of the 5th week, he was no where near shy anymore!
Until we could take him on walks we took him around in a soft carrier with shoulder straps (like a big purse). That way he could see and hear new sounds and sights, and he was exposed to new environments from an early age. But in the carrier he was safe from exposure to possible contaminated ground or water, etc. I think all of that was great for him. Now he is so social and well adjusted, he loves everyone and everything and has virtually no fear. So that's our experience.

Barbara Nixon
12th April 2007, 01:17 PM
I took mine out the day after I got them (about 10 weeks), but carried them al the time and didn't let anyone touch them, until vaccination dates were clear.

Bruce Fogel (father of Ben who introduces Crufts on BBC), is a vet and on a tv programme, discussed the the pros and cons of risking socialisation before vaccination. Those of us with dogs already have had to let a new puppy mix with the, so ,Bruce, who had a retriever, that was people centred and didn't mix too well with dogs, decided to risk socialising his new puppy with selected healthy dogs, before his vaccinations. Bruce was unsure about the outcome, as he laughingly explained that the new boy was well socialised with dogs, but ignored people.