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12th April 2007, 04:17 PM
Hello everyone,
For those of you who didn't know, we will be finally getting a cav in around 6-7 weeks. In the meantime I'm trying to absorb (and really enjoying doing so) as much information as I can!
I was wondering if anyone has any good websites with information of preparing for the pup all that kind of thing, And how to introduce existing pets to the puppy.
I'm really worried about our 8 year old cat... she's a little neurotic! She absolutely adored Jake, he was her whole world and she was devastated when he died... However she grew up with him and its been over a year since he died. She only just tolerates the rabbit... so I have no idea how she is going to cope with a puppy and I really dont want to upset her!
She gets a 6 monthly injection to help calm her down as she is a very anxious and sometimes paranoid cat... she has really settled into life with us since Jake passed and I've bonded with her greatly. I really want to make this next transition as stress free (i know thats not possible!!!) as I can. I dont want her to feel rejected!
Any advice would be great. The rabbit is really layed back and seems to enjoy meeting other animals so i'm less concerned there.
Anyway and information or help would be great!

12th April 2007, 05:26 PM
YAY!! You must be so excited about the arrival of your new baby!! :D :D

The best that I can suggest is make sure that your kitty can get away from the puppy when she has had enough. A good way to let the introductions be on her terms is by keeping the sweet puppy in an x-pen when it first comes home so the kitty can feel safe while she sniffs around the new "intruder" (;)) until she feels comfortable.

I would expect a little backlash (My cat Bacon has the lovely habit of pooping in the tub or in my closet to let me know he is pissed off about any new fosters :mad: ).But eventually the balance will reinstate iteself once kitty knows the puppy is there to stay. Good Luck!!

12th April 2007, 05:31 PM
Karlin posted some great advice in the buying and preparing for your cavalier section some time ago. Here's the link to it so you can scroll through it.. there's a thread titled "cats and cavaliers" and "supplies for your cavalier." I hope some of this information helps you :)


12th April 2007, 07:12 PM
aloha, we just brought our 8 week old pup home last week, maile is our only pet so I can't comment on your cat's reaction. I did buy a crate and an x-pen to go around it, which is a life saver when you have to do something. a great way to keep them out of trouble. my girl has managed to find every little thing that is on the floor and or outside. try to baby proof your house just likeyou would with a toddler around. when she is out of her area, I also block off rooms and hall ways with large bits of cardboard that help keep her contained yet with much more room to explore than her x-pen. enjoy your baby

12th April 2007, 07:40 PM
This is a good manual of cavalier care including tips on preparing for a puppy:


Someone offered a link already to the forum where I have a thread on Cats and Cavaliers with lots of advice and links. Have you tried using the plug in Feliway cat hormone dispensers? They REALLY calm cats down -- vets carry them or you can buy them online. There is spray too which can be useful to spray round the new puppy's crate etc as the hormones are those a cat uses to mark things it likes (when they rub against you for example). In cat rescue these are considered de rigeur for stressed cats and semi ferals and might even be an eventual replacement for the injections for you.

Check out:


For lots of great articles on bringing your new pup home.

Also see:


For great articles on same.

14th April 2007, 01:16 PM
Thankyou everyone, I was trying to access those articles before but was confused by the new format, i have since figured it out and have read through various articles! Fingers crossed when puppy comes home, things wont be too bad! Poor kittycat she doesnt like being upset, however i'm sure she'll tolerate the pup (eventually)